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  1. Nasty Newt # 7365

    Shooting off center

    I do the same thing with my little finger. Remember Choctaw? He used to win Senior at EOT every year, and everywhere else he shot. I once heard him opine after a match at West End that serious shooters might as well just amputate their little finger, as all it does is get in the way. But he still had his little finger.
  2. Nasty Newt # 7365

    New Patriot - Place to Hide Guns

    I don't have one, but the idea is sensible to me. But Ramblin Gambler's concern about the reliability of a key car is for real. Who hasn't had to go back to the front desk? Big sales always scare me. Are they getting ready to fold the tent? Have warranty issues done them in? Having said all that, I may buy one.
  3. Nasty Newt # 7365

    Reloading old school - sometimes better.

    I wish I had started that way. I began reloading on a Square Deal B, and made more than a few mistakes, mostly because I didn't understand the process. Everything's cool now, but I load my rifle ammunition on a single stage Lee, and I even know why I'm doing what I do!
  4. Nasty Newt # 7365

    Boot Laces.....Can They Be Modified Safely

    Do not try it. If too short, pre-detonation will blow up your boots. If too long, dangling ends will pose a tripping hazard.
  5. Nasty Newt # 7365

    Question about 'Dreams'

    Since, like me, you are deaf as a post, maybe your brain is being kind and taking you on a trip down memory lane that can't happen when you're awake.
  6. Nasty Newt # 7365

    A great cowgirl has passed

    Very sorry to hear it.
  7. Nasty Newt # 7365


    For my pocket pistols I use black powder.
  8. Nasty Newt # 7365


    SAI: silly ass initials. Anyway, I just shot some 38S&W today. 2.3 gr Bullseye, reg'lar old 125 gr 357 bullet. Hit every target every time at CAS distance out of an Enfield (38-200). Not recommended for SD, HD, EDC, or any of that other stuff.
  9. Nasty Newt # 7365

    Tom Mix Revolver?

    Oral histories aren't worth the paper they're written on.
  10. Nasty Newt # 7365

    Battlefields of WW I. Link added

    What Irish Tom said.
  11. Nasty Newt # 7365

    Original STARR Army - any experts?

    I don't know, but that's a nice gun.
  12. Nasty Newt # 7365

    A BAR walks into a couple Germans...

    They walked in but they didn't walk out.
  13. Nasty Newt # 7365

    From a Hardee’s cashier...

    I'm done here.
  14. Nasty Newt # 7365

    Hearing Aids And Music

    I'm in the same boat, next best thing to deaf. The ability to appreciate music is over for me. I have the same experience of at some point recognizing the music and "hearing" it OK, but the audiologist says at that point I'm remembering the song, not hearing it. I played the guitar since I was eight, but that is no longer possible. It sounds completely out of tune and screwed up. When it first started happening I was buying new strings and had about decided the neck had warped or something. It was hard for me to accept that it was me. Having said all that, everybody's situation is unique, and you may be able to find some that work for you. I could play and sing while wearing hearing aids for a long time. Then it just went away.
  15. Nasty Newt # 7365

    From a Hardee’s cashier...

    Well, I'm as lost as those kids. What kind of money do you use in New Hampshire?

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