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  1. C. Sharps Boss Gun For Sale

    Yeah. You're right. Shiloh makes great guns too. I'm just partial to C. Sharps Arms. I'll edit out that snarky comment later on when I'm home.
  2. WTS Non CAS Pre-Ban COLT AR-15

    Howdy folks. Still trying to raise funds for a new Garden Tractor. Here's great example of the COLT AR-15 A2 HBAR Sporter. I got this in Ennis, MT. I trained my son and daughter in it's use and care. Both went on to shoot expert in the Marines and Navy, respectively. As you can tell, it's in great shape, but has been used. What you can't see, is the great bore, and the great accuracy. It's all original, but there is no box or papers. If you're really interested, I can send much larger filesize pics to your email so you can see every single detail. Just let me know. I am asking $1200 in hopes that it moves quickly, but I will consider other reasonable offers. Send me a pm with questions or offers. Thanks for looking.
  3. Smith & Wesson Mountain Gun For Sale

    Btt for edits
  4. C. Sharps Boss Gun For Sale

    BTT because I edited it to talk about a possible trade, and to get rid of some of my long winded rambling.
  5. Smith & Wesson Mountain Gun For Sale

    Chili Ron, I'll give my pard a call and see where he got them. He's a S&W fanatic and has contacts all over the place. Best, Judge Injury
  6. Smith & Wesson Mountain Gun For Sale

    Howdy July, Thanks, but I'm really trying to get funds for a new Garden Tractor. My old one died after 6 years of heavier use than it was intended to do. Thanks for the offer.
  7. WTB Birdshead Gunfighter Grips

    Howdy John Lee, You don't mention what kind of gun these are going on. I have a set of custom grips, made for a Ruger. I only have one pair. They are made from, I believe, spalted maple. So what you see is all natural, except of course the screw etc, and a thin coat of lacquer. Never been used. If you're interested, send me a pm. Judge Injury
  8. Smith & Wesson Mountain Gun For Sale

    Those of you that have seen my listing for a C Sharps Boss Gun know that I'm trying to replace my worn out garden tractor. For your consideration is a relatively scarce Smith & Wesson Model 625-6 Mountain Gun, in 45 Colt, 4" barrel. As the model number implies, this gun is in Stainless Steel. The pictures pretty well speak for themselves. This gun has been shot, but not a lot. Probably less than 50 rounds. I traded for it with a good friend that is a S&W fanatic. He was the original owner and didn't reload 45 colt. (?!?) You can shoot 45 ACP in it, with moon clips. I have at least one set of those that I'll send along. More if I can find them. (But you can find them on Midway, Amazon, etc.. They are cheap.) Smooth action (by Hamilton), and solid lock-up. This piece, as you can see from the pics is pre-lock. The left side of the barrel has "45 Colt" etched into it, "Mountain Gun" on the right. The etching is very crisp and complete, it doesn't show up well in the pictures because I'm a lousy photographer. But, I tell you, on the square, the etching is in great condition. It has custom made grips on it, but you can easily get the originals from Midway, eBay, etc. (Hogue) for about $30. Trust me, you'll love these grips. Comes with the original blue plastic case, but no papers. What you see, is what you get. (Plus that clip for the 45 acp's.) If you pm me your email address, I will be glad to send you much larger file size pictures that will allow very close examination. But, the only faults I could find it are a very light cylinder ring, and a scratch on the left side between the cylinder and the trigger. (See pic below) There are also the normal extremely fine scratches you get when you clean your gun after every shooting. But you can see all of these in these pictures on this post. If you search these out on Gunbroker, you will see them, if you can find them, for $1200 used, to $1400 for an LNIB. Since I'm wanting to get that tractor, I believe this gun fits comfortable in that $1200 range. I'm asking $1000, but will consider other reasonable offers. Thanks for looking, I hope these pictures tell the story. Judge Injury (aka, Eric Klotz)
  9. C. Sharps Boss Gun For Sale

    Btt with edits.
  10. C. Sharps Boss Gun For Sale

    Howdy Folks, Well, the old garden tractor finally bit the dust, and I need to get a new one. To that end, I offer up my prized C. Sharps Arms Model 1874 Boss Gun with Grade 1 engraving. It's in 45-70 and has a few accessories, including a Quigley Style Leather Gun "Case". (See pictures), and a Deluxe Long Range Sight with windage. I'll also include a desktop business card holder decorated with two cartridges and a cast metal badge with the C. Sharps emblem on it. I'll also send along the Frank Sellers book on Sharps. It's been shot, but not much. I'll be glad to take more pictures if you want. It's got a few very minor scratches on the stock which can be easily fixed if you care, and two on the Schnabel Fore end, see pic, which can be buffed out. Here's a link to C. Sharps Arms, Inc.'s page for it. http://csharpsarms.com/catalog-detail/47/Model-1874-Boss-Gun-Grade-I-Engraving.html . Here's the link to the "case"; http://csharpsarms.com/catalog-detail/135/Quigley-Style-Sharps-Rifle-Case.html , the card holder http://csharpsarms.com/catalog-detail/126/Sharps-Shooters-Business-Card-Holder.html , and the now out of print book http://csharpsarms.com/catalog-detail/76/SHARPS-FIREARMS.html . That's $350 worth of extra stuff. I'll also send along the trunk style case. But, it's been in the garage for a while and is not in 100% shape. That's another $285 value. http://csharpsarms.com/catalog-detail/265/SHARPS-TRUNK-STYLE-CANVAS-AND-LEATHER-HARD-CASES.html . To answer a couple of questions that I've received; a. The barrel measures 29 1/4" from the forcing cone. b. When I ordered this from John Schoffstall, the founder and President, at his shop in Big Timber, I asked him to put the longest No. 1 heavy barrel on it he could but keep the weight under 12 lbs., with the long range sight attached. He did so, just under. When I weighed it with him back then, it was 11lb, 15 oz. That was a few years back, and I don't have a scale capable of weighing it with precision. But I can't imagine it grew in that time. (Unlike me, but we won't go there) c. The only trade I'm interested in is a new or nearly new John Deere X590, or a X570. I will of course, add a bunch of cash to that trade. I am asking $4000, which I think is reasonable considering it cost over $5500 new. But, I will consider other reasonable offers. I am an individual, so your FFL will need to be willing to accept firearms from an individual. I ask that you pay in US Post Office Money Orders. A certified check from a bank will do, but funds will have to clear before I ship out the gun. This is a fine "Buffalo" rifle, and deserves a good home. It's the real deal, not some Italian attempt. Unlike another US manufacturer, C Sharps Arms mill the action from high quality billet steel, rather than cast the parts and mill it down. Send me a PM if you are interested. Include a phone number if you want me to call you. Include your Email if you want more pics. I still work for a living, dagnabit, so I can't check my email more than a couple times a day. Also, since I live out in the backwoods of Tennessee now, my internet connection is bad, so I can't always get onto the forums at night. I do have a phone capable of getting the instant notifications. That works marginally well out here. Finally, I'm a GOFWG and go to bed early. But, I will make every effort to get back to you in a timely manner. If we get serious about a transaction, we'll switch to the phone so that I don't have to chicken peck on this darn confuser. Best regards, Judge Injury (AKA Eric Klotz)
  11. Sixgun Shorty is on the square. In my experience, an honorable man.

  12. Judge Injury is a Pard you can ride the river with.

  13. Calico is great shot, a fair dealer, and right purdy too. She's always a pleasure to have on your posse.

  14. Poverty Bill is a square dealer and a gentleman. One heckuva pard to have in buffalo waller with you when times are hard.

  15. Gooch Hill Drifter is a man you'd want to have your back. One of the finest men I have ever known, and a helluva shot.