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  1. SOLD

    SPF. Thanks for looking.
  2. SOLD

    That is my understanding. If it's important to you, I'll verify it. I understand that he is semi-retired. But, highly regarded in certain circles.
  3. SOLD

    Chili Ron, Per my pard, the grips were d one by Hamilton when he did the cylinder and action work.
  4. Sold - Non CAS Pre-Ban COLT AR-15

    Sold at local gun show. Thanks everyone.
  5. SOLD

  6. Sold - Non CAS Pre-Ban COLT AR-15

    BTT with more stuff and less words.
  7. Sold - Non CAS Pre-Ban COLT AR-15

  8. SOLD

    BTT for changes
  9. Hate Copperheads

    About 25 years ago, I was cutting the weeds (aka my lawn) and got down off the tractor to move some deadfall. I squatted down to lift the log, and must have scared a young Copperhead. Frankly, (I'd be scared if I saw that big rear-end of mine coming at me.) Needless to say, he bit me in a very tender spot. I got back to the house, and went in and layed down for a while since I didn't seem to be feeling sick or anything, just a little sore. Woke up after my nap, and didn't give it another thought. Next morning (Sunday), I woke up and just about couldn't get out of bed. The pain was pretty sharp. I went to the closest doc in a box, and he gave me some wide sprectrum antibiotics, and sent me on my way. Next morning, I woke up, and couldn't get out of bed. My wife had to help me. We got into my regular doc pretty quick. He took one look at the wound site, and sent us to the hospital. I ended up staying there for two weeks. The durned snake had given me a flesh mortifying virus. I had to spend another 2 weeks at home after that with a home health nurse coming by to administer IV antibiotics. (Vancomyicin). Needless to say, I no longer have a live and let live attitude when it comes to poisonous snakes.
  10. Sold - C. Sharps Boss Gun For Sale

    Howdy Nimble Fingers. Yes, sorry, it's already sold, pending funds. That means that someone has already agreed to buy it, but we have not yet finished the transaction. That's why the message is stripped down to just the basics. Have a great day, Judge Injury
  11. Sold - C. Sharps Boss Gun For Sale

    Thanks Kingair. Congrats to the buyer too.
  12. Sold - C. Sharps Boss Gun For Sale

    BTT for price adjustment
  13. Sold - Non CAS Pre-Ban COLT AR-15

    BLS Sent you one back. Best, JI
  14. Sold - C. Sharps Boss Gun For Sale

    Yeah. You're right. Shiloh makes great guns too. I'm just partial to C. Sharps Arms. I'll edit out that snarky comment later on when I'm home.
  15. Sold - Non CAS Pre-Ban COLT AR-15

    Thanks for looking.