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  1. Judge Injury, SASS #65441

    WTT Colt Sheriff BP Frame

    Thanks Y, Added caliber. 45 Colt. See what getting old does to you. Send me a pm if you want to make an offer. But, on the square, I'm really looking for a Colt SAA 44-40, so cash offers would have to enable me to get one. Thanks again, The Judge
  2. Judge Injury, SASS #65441

    WTT Colt Sheriff BP Frame

    Howdy Folks, I have a late 3rd Generation Colt Sheriff model, black powder frame, 45 Colt, in excellent condition. It comes with the original custom shop box and all the stuff that was/is in it. White sleeve is present, but bunged up. It has had perhaps 25 rounds through it. As you can see from the attached pictures, the case colors are bright and vibrant. I wish I could say the same about myself. I'm looking for a Colt SAA in 44-40. I prefer a 4 3/4", but 5 1/2" is ok. I would hope that your trade is in pretty good condition too. If you have a pair that you would rather not break up, I'm willing to add some of my safe queens to the mix. They aren't Colt SAA's, but they are pretty nice. One is a Colt Signature 1860 Army (44 caliber, of course). These are considered, by some, to be 3rd generation black powder Colts. But, that's a matter of contention. It has never been shot, however, I did have Tom Sargis at Bozeman Trail Arms (www.bozemantrailarms.com) do an action job on as I planned to, but never did, shoot black powder. No box with this one. Next is a 1860 Richards-Mason Conversion in 45 Colt. (Uberti) Last, a 1871 Flat Top. (Uberti), also in 45 Colt. Those both come with boxes, etc, but have been shot once. If you're interested, send me a PM and we can talk via the telephone. Also, I can send more pictures if you need them. Best regards, and thanks for looking. Judge Injury (AKA Eric)
  3. Judge Injury, SASS #65441


    Great price for real stag, if they fit yer pistols.
  4. Judge Injury, SASS #65441

    Gun for sale

    I don't know what J Bar has in that box, but he's a pard you ride the river with.
  5. Sixgun Shorty is on the square. In my experience, an honorable man.

  6. Judge Injury is a Pard you can ride the river with.

  7. Calico is great shot, a fair dealer, and right purdy too. She's always a pleasure to have on your posse.

  8. Poverty Bill is a square dealer and a gentleman. One heckuva pard to have in buffalo waller with you when times are hard.

  9. Gooch Hill Drifter is a man you'd want to have your back. One of the finest men I have ever known, and a helluva shot.

  10. J Bar is a true gentleman. He and his daughter, Irish Thunder, are always fun to shoot with. Just so long as he brings the right ammo. DOH!

  11. This pard, and his young'un, Kid Payback, are as good as they come.


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