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Judge Injury, SASS #65441

Territorial Governors
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    Tennessee Backwoods

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    65441 L
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    Honorable Road Agent Shooting Society - Ennis, M.T. , and The Gallatin Valley Regulators in Logan M.T.

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  1. Sixgun Shorty is on the square. In my experience, an honorable man.

  2. Judge Injury is a Pard you can ride the river with.

  3. Calico is great shot, a fair dealer, and right purdy too. She's always a pleasure to have on your posse.

  4. Poverty Bill is a square dealer and a gentleman. One heckuva pard to have in buffalo waller with you when times are hard.

  5. Gooch Hill Drifter is a man you'd want to have your back. One of the finest men I have ever known, and a helluva shot.

  6. J Bar is a true gentleman. He and his daughter, Irish Thunder, are always fun to shoot with. Just so long as he brings the right ammo. DOH!

  7. This pard, and his young'un, Kid Payback, are as good as they come.


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