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  1. Rufus Brady

    Big Man's Stuff==price reduction

    Black boots sold SPF. Brown are still available. Good shape, just need a wiping and some polish. I kept them dusty as those were for my wrangler outfit.
  2. Arthritis is ending my SASS days. Time to liquidate, slowly but surely. First up are Durango mule ear boots. Two pairs, one oiled brown, one black. Selling new for $160, used for $100 or more. Both are size 11D. Brown ones have been worn a couple of times, I don't think the black have been worn, certainly not outside. ASKING $90.00 each pair, SHIPPED! $170.00 for both pairs, SHIPPED! Now, $75.00 Shipped for brown boots! Next up is a Rodeo King "Gus". Size is 7 3/4; 5x Felt. BLACK. Cost $130 several years ago. ASKING $100 shipped. Pristine condition, just a little dusty from storage. Prices reasonably negotiable. Boots and hat go well with a black frock coat for a "Tombstone/OK Corral" look! (I'll have one coming up==get the boots AND hat and I'll make you a deal on the coat!)==Includes hatband with Celtic conchos. Now, $75 shipped! Makes a good-looking dude, huh!
  3. Rufus Brady

    For sale: 1976 NM Super Blackhawk withdrawn

    One time drop: $475 Shipped!
  4. For sale: a PRISTINE, 1976 Ruger Super Blackhawk. Barrel marked "Made in the 200th year of American Liberty", 44 Magnum, of course. Standard barrel (7.5"). Grips are re-manufactured ivory (ivory dust in resin-as you can see, they age like ivory). State laws requires I use an FFL, so $575 SHIPPED to your FFL. Usual conditions: First PM, copy of FFL and USPS MO. Posted on other forums, so don't wait!
  5. 44 Mag, Pristine Super Blackhawk, Unconverted Old Model, faux pearl grips. $525 shipped my FFL to yours. Usual conditions: First PM, USPS Money Order, etc.
  6. Rufus Brady

    wtb .348 Win brass Found Some thanks

    Patrick: There was a guy over on the Ruger Forum who had some...........
  7. Rufus Brady

    38 S & W Model 1 1/2-withdrawn

    Additional pics as requested by several people:
  8. Rufus Brady

    38 S & W Model 1 1/2-withdrawn

    OK. Pictures in AM. Barrel is 6 1/4", Bore is strong-a little (very little) rough. Action is very tight==about 1 mm of play at the most when cocked.
  9. Rufus Brady

    38 S & W Model 1 1/2-withdrawn

    Answers, more info and more/better pictures will follow, likely Friday. Don't remember how accurate but it did "ok" at the range as to function.
  10. S& W Top break single action, 38 S & W caliber. Washington State Law is vague on this, so I will have to use my FFL to yours. Cost $375 SHIPPED to your FFL. First PM, USPS MO, etc. $300 face to face in WA State. .
  11. Rufus Brady

    Matching 38/357 Vaqueros=SPF

  12. Rufus Brady

    *FOUND WTB - Uberti 1851 Navy

    I have an 1860 Army that's antiqued.......
  13. Pair of 5.5" polished stainless 38/357 Vaqueros. Lightened trigger and hammer springs. Less than 1000 rounds. Matching elkhorn stag grips by Patrick Grashorn. First PM (time stamped)==$1600 SHIPPED my FFL to Yours. No trades. Offers considered.
  14. Rufus Brady

    Looking for 6guns

    Got just what you want but my FFL will not ship to Cali. 2 5 1/2" shiny stainless, 357 with elkhorn grips.

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