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  1. 38 S & W Model 1 1/2

    Additional pics as requested by several people:
  2. 38 S & W Model 1 1/2

    OK. Pictures in AM. Barrel is 6 1/4", Bore is strong-a little (very little) rough. Action is very tight==about 1 mm of play at the most when cocked.
  3. 38 S & W Model 1 1/2

    Answers, more info and more/better pictures will follow, likely Friday. Don't remember how accurate but it did "ok" at the range as to function.
  4. 38 S & W Model 1 1/2

    S& W Top break single action, 38 S & W caliber. Washington State Law is vague on this, so I will have to use my FFL to yours. Cost $375 SHIPPED to your FFL. First PM, USPS MO, etc. $300 face to face in WA State. .
  5. Matching 38/357 Vaqueros=SPF

  6. *FOUND WTB - Uberti 1851 Navy

    I have an 1860 Army that's antiqued.......
  7. Pair of 5.5" polished stainless 38/357 Vaqueros. Lightened trigger and hammer springs. Less than 1000 rounds. Matching elkhorn stag grips by Patrick Grashorn. First PM (time stamped)==$1600 SHIPPED my FFL to Yours. No trades. Offers considered.
  8. Looking for 6guns

    Got just what you want but my FFL will not ship to Cali. 2 5 1/2" shiny stainless, 357 with elkhorn grips.
  9. WTB Pair of .357/.38 Revolvers

    Sorry you're in Cali. My FFL won't ship there. Got two shiny stainless, 5 1/2" Vaqueros coming up for sale. Stag grips
  10. Bowies for sale--withdrawn

    Everyone was clamoring for me to sell this separately from my ROA, so here it is! Damascus blade (I don't remember the maker!) with antler or bone handle, scrimshawed with a buffalo or wildebeest skull. $350 shipped. Offers considered. As always, first PM. Here's a Mike Leach (Serial # 50) Bowie with a hippo tusk handle. Check out E-bay==Mike Leache Bowies START about $1000. Asking $700 shipped to your door. Last picture shows the Bowie with a Colt Signature Series Walker. I can make a deal with the Walker and knife, if you like! Offers considered.
  11. ROA, Bowie & Slim Jim: WITHDRAWN

    Takes a while to get everything posted. Gotta do pictures one at a time. Selling a package of Bowie, holster, and one of the ROAs with matching belt. Holster will fit a 7.5" Colt SAA, also.
  12. Ruger Old Army, Blued 7.5" barrel. Great Condition. Also, a Damascus Bowie. Both pistol and Bowie have Moose Horn handles/grips. Pistol grips are from Patrick Grashorn (cost $250). Hand-made Slim Jim Holster with copper conchos (Pictured with an Uberti 1860 Army). Belt has 45 caliber cartridge loops and is about a size 52 (easily cut down--I can trim if you want and send me your size). $700 for all, shipped.
  13. WTB heel based bullets

    The old man at GADs can be hard to reach but I ordered 500 for my 41 and he got them to me ASAP! (Once I talked to him!) He can be cantankerous but he's good!
  14. WTB heel based bullets

    Try GADS==I get my 41 Colt's there.