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  1. Howdy, Rufus,

    I'll get the ffl info together and head it your way.

    And the pesos, too.

    See you down the trail,

    Brazos John

    [email protected]

    John Agnor

    12118 Gray Oak Place

    The Woodlands, Texas  77380

    1. Rufus Brady
    2. Brazos John

      Brazos John

      Howdy, Rufus,

      I put a postal money order in the mail today.

      My ffl said that he contacted you.

      Is that everything, until you get the m.o.?



    3. Rufus Brady

      Rufus Brady

      all cool.  FFL was e-mailed.  Just waiting on MO.

  2. Rufus Brady

    Rossi Overland for sale=price reduced

    SPF=PM sent with particulars
  3. Rufus Brady

    Rossi Overland for sale=price reduced

    Reduced to $325.00 Shipped.
  4. Title says it all. Thought it was sold but buyer hasn't responded, so it's up for grabs. $375.00 SHIPPED my FFL to yours. 18 1/2 ", 12 gauge, 3". Bought used but my wife has only shot it a couple of times=one was a match.
  5. I have 100, unfired 12 ga Brass shotshells (Magtech), 2 plastic shell boxes (25 ea), a set of RCBS reloading dies, and a 12 ga shellholder for a RCBS press, all unused!. Value, new, is almost $200. Will sell for $100, including shipping. Also size 11, mule ear boots (see my previous post) for $75 shipped. Thank you everyone!
  6. Rufus Brady

    Big Man's Stuff==price reduction

    Withdrawn==going to be reposted with new prices.
  7. Rufus Brady

    Big Man's Stuff==price reduction

    Black boots sold SPF. Brown are still available. Good shape, just need a wiping and some polish. I kept them dusty as those were for my wrangler outfit.
  8. Arthritis is ending my SASS days. Time to liquidate, slowly but surely. First up are Durango mule ear boots. Two pairs, one oiled brown, one black. Selling new for $160, used for $100 or more. Both are size 11D. Brown ones have been worn a couple of times, I don't think the black have been worn, certainly not outside. ASKING $90.00 each pair, SHIPPED! $170.00 for both pairs, SHIPPED! Now, $75.00 Shipped for brown boots! Next up is a Rodeo King "Gus". Size is 7 3/4; 5x Felt. BLACK. Cost $130 several years ago. ASKING $100 shipped. Pristine condition, just a little dusty from storage. Prices reasonably negotiable. Boots and hat go well with a black frock coat for a "Tombstone/OK Corral" look! (I'll have one coming up==get the boots AND hat and I'll make you a deal on the coat!)==Includes hatband with Celtic conchos. Now, $75 shipped! Makes a good-looking dude, huh!
  9. Rufus you list the price at $875 with case shipped and the next post is $975 without case which is correct? Am interested but confused. Email is [email protected] have C&R. I f $875 mark it sold let me know and I will respond to post.

  10. I have received the grips and they are beautiful.


  11. Check got here today. I'll ask my wife to get the grips out as soon as she can.

  12. Hi Greg

    Just checking to see if you got my check or not please let me know.

    Ct. Yankee


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