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  1. .45 lead bullets LOWER PRICE!!

    Back 40- personal message sent. Sorry for the delay; payment will go in the mail tomorrow, cowrustler
  2. Hello Cowrustler,   Please send me your shipping information.   I'll get the shipping rate this afternoon.   

    My address is:


    Mel Gajewski

    102 North Scheller Lane

    Scheller, Il.   62883                           THANKS!!

    1. cowrustler


      Mel, sorry about this- it just slipped my mind. It's Bill Curran, Box 75, Edgemont, SD, 57735

  3. .45 lead bullets LOWER PRICE!!

    I will take these if they can be shipped for the price of a medium flat rate box (around $15), cowrustler
  4. Inquiring minds want to know

    Harman, if the nickel is original I would guess $4000- $5000. If it was a pre-1898 Colt it'd be a lot more. Look at Gunbroker completed auctions, cowrustler
  5. To anyone with an interest in this rifle, I have bought several guns from John and his dealings are above reproach- very fair, very honest, a good citizen all around, cowrustler
  6. ISO/WTB 2 BBL Percussion Rifle

    Cabelas had one of these available back in the 90s; don't know who made it. I killed a mouse with one in 1993 up in Ontario. Not an attractive rifle but deadly, cowrustler
  7. S&W Safety Hammerless, nickel 4"--NICE! SPF

    Bad, I'd best take that off your hands. Send me payment details, cowrustler
  8. WTB - Remington Rolling Block

    Dusty, I'm just using an eclectic mix of commercial brass in all 3 rifles and I've had no problems. I really do like the little 7x57 carbine. I just did't want the Kid to pass up a 7x57 rb, cowrustler
  9. WTB - Remington Rolling Block

    Squirrelly 7mm? Dusty, I load for 2 rolling blocks and a 1916 Mauser in that caliber and find it a very easy round to load. What problems have you had? i wouldn't want the Kid to shy away from that one which is a fun shooter and a good deer cartridge to boot, cowrustler.
  10. SASS Wire Classifide

    I will take it, cowrustler Shipping and insurance will be more than $30

    The best book I've found is Texas Ranger Tales by Mike Cox. It starts back in the 1830s and goes all the way forward- well researched and a good read. I got my copy from E Hamilton Booksellers- a great source for history books, cowrustler
  12. Hair on Hide Child's or Display Bat Wing Chaps Sold Thanks

    Kid, what kind of hide is it? Thanks, cowrustler
  13. 50/70 Gemmer style Trapdoor rifle "SPF"

    I don't think this rifle is a Curio and Relic- it's a plain old antique made before 1899 and can be shipped to anyone. Availability of "factory" ammunition doesn't enter into the discussion. The age of the barrel and the stock don't mean anything. While I hate to give encouragement on a gun I'm interested in as well, Irontree's rifle deserves a fair shake.
  14. All Sold/Traded

    PM sent. I will take the Pocketlite, cowrustler
  15. I will take it. PM sent, cowrustler

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