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  1. Call me at(763) 878-2800 or email me [email protected] 

  2. cowrustler

    WTS- vests, trousers, Union Frock Coat

    Curley, you can't receive messages either. What kind of system does SASS have? fFor all the money they take in this should be simple, cowrustler
  3. cowrustler

    WTS- vests, trousers, Union Frock Coat

    I will take the vest for $10 and the frock coat. Hopefully you take Paypal so we can do this easily. If not we can do things slowly via usps. Thanks much, cowrustler
  4. cowrustler

    Want to buy set of 32-20 uberti's

    That's as good a price as can be found. If Larabee doesn't take them I'd be interested, cowrustler
  5. cowrustler


    I thought they looked a lot alike. Do you take Paypal? If not, I'll need an address. Thank you, cowrustler
  6. cowrustler


    Rawhide, add the other XL vest to my order. They both seem to be pinstriped but I'll take whichever one the Sheriff doesn't want. Thanks, cowrustler
  7. cowrustler


    I will take the holster. Pm where to send payment or your Paypal. Thanks much, cowrustler
  8. cowrustler


    Willie, I will take it. PM me with where to send funds and where to send ffl. Thank you, cowrustler
  9. Double, I'll take the brown leather vest and the brown suspenders. PM me where to send payment and total. Thanks, cowrustler
  10. cowrustler

    Misc. Bullet Molds rifle and pistol

    Walt, I'm told that payment has been sent. Thank you, cowrustler
  11. cowrustler

    Misc. Bullet Molds rifle and pistol

    Walt, I will take this package. PM me on payment. Thanks, cowrustler
  12. cowrustler


    Irontree, best I take this off your hands. I had one 20 years ago, a 50, that kicked like heck and I suspect this one does too. I wouldn't want anyone to get hurt. PM me your address as to where to send the funds. I've bought enough stuff from you I should have it memorized but with age, my memory is going bad. cowrustler
  13. cowrustler

    Sold -- THANKS

    Dawg, I'd best take that off your hands. PM me where to send the funds and also your e-mail address so I can have an ffl e-mailed to you. Thanks much, cowrustler
  14. cowrustler

    WTB Rossi 92 Ranch Hand .357 .38 Mare's Leg

    If I had one I bet I'd be willing to sell it. Not as accurate as a rifle, not as handy as a revolver and wish as you might, owning one won't make you Steve McQueen. :)
  15. cowrustler

    Moving / safe cleaning - Updated

    Matthew, the pictures provide a clue.

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