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  1. J Bar Binks, #47015

    .357 or .45LC

    I shoot 'em all, and don't really have a preference. Sometimes it's .32-20's with teeny-weeny bullets and a pinch of smokeless. Sometimes it's rip-roaring .45 Colts with 255 grain bullets and a compressed load of black. At our state match this weekend, it will be .38's with 155 grain bullets and a casefull of BMZ or Pinnacle (black powder subs). Kind of a "What do you want to have for lunch" thing.
  2. J Bar Binks, #47015

    looking for SAA 45ACP

    Looks like they're running about $560 - $600, new, + shipping on Gunbroker, so around $580 - $615+ w/shipping... how about $450, insured & shipped with both cylinders. The brass front sight blade was carefully set to point of aim L/R when installed, then slowly filed down to bring point of impact up to point of aim.
  3. J Bar Binks, #47015

    looking for SAA 45ACP

    I should have wiped the fingerprints off'n it before I got the camera out.
  4. J Bar Binks, #47015

    looking for SAA 45ACP

    I've got a Uberti/Cimarron .45 Colt/.45acp convertible with the old style BP frame (set screw for base pin instead of crosspin). I bought it in 2000, haven't shot it all that much and I've been thinking of selling it. It started out as a 5 1/2"er, but one day I decided I'd like it to be a 4 3/4"er, so...
  5. J Bar Binks, #47015

    Gunbroker night: You know, I think I overpaid on this but...

    "Overpaid" is subjective. "Worth" and "value" aren't the same thing.
  6. J Bar Binks, #47015

    Annealing brass...

    Yup. Like .348 to .45-75, and that's about it for me.
  7. J Bar Binks, #47015

    Help! What do I have!

    Cylinder looks fine to me. Certainly not a collector piece anymore, but if it were priced under $1000, I'd be interested in taking a closer look.
  8. J Bar Binks, #47015

    Help! What do I have!

    Numbered, but not serialed to the revolver.
  9. J Bar Binks, #47015

    Help! What do I have!

    The 2nd & 3rd style 1st gen hammer checkering is very similar, but that looks like a 3rd style from 1905-1909, serial number dates the frame to 1902, according to Colt's site. That and somebody milled & drilled the top strap for a target sight.
  10. J Bar Binks, #47015

    And I was having such a great match too...

    These were Rugers - convertible .38-40/.40 S&W. In hindsight, it may not have been a high primer, per se, but rather than a .40 S&W case that wasn't completely seated in the chamber. I normally do turn the cylinder after loading, but I either forgot this time, didn't go all the way around, or something else interfered between the loading table and the buzzer. I always shoot the left gun first, Gunfighter or Double Duelist, and that was a factor too, as it was the 2nd revolver, which normally would be my right gun... 'cept, due to circumstances, I started with the right gun. After ya get down a few places, there are several seconds between places, and the penalty plus a few seconds getting the cylinder to turn didn't cost me a place on the list - I would still have been 4th overall, even without the extra time.
  11. J Bar Binks, #47015

    Found one -- Thanks J Bar

    --- SPF to Prairie Dawg --- I've got a 20g Rossi Overland with full length 26" barrels. The biggest thing is someone carved a goofy running whitetail deer on one side of the stock. I got it as as part of a 4 gun deal where the seller wouldn't split up the set, so I had to take the shotgun too. Other than the deer, overall, it looks pretty dang good. The left lock plate has some scratches & blue wear around the hammer - it looks like someone may have used a screwdriver or somesuch to coax the hammer off...? $375, insured & shipped.
  12. J Bar Binks, #47015

    And I was having such a great match too...

    I think there was only one who initially caught it - another gunfighter, of course. I realized it about the second shot, but too late then!
  13. J Bar Binks, #47015

    And I was having such a great match too...

    FCGF, last stage, pulled both revolvers, left gun wouldn't cock due to high primer. I shot the right gun empty, holstered it, then turned the cylinder past the high primer on the left gun using both hands, and shot the left gun empty... also with my right hand... Other than that, it would have been a clean match.
  14. J Bar Binks, #47015

    WTC: SG 'squib'

    Along the same line, no shot, but a wad goes downrange and hits the target. No lead, so is it a hit or a miss? I once saw a 97 shooter experience a squib, he immediately opened the action, turned the shotgun around and looked down the muzzle for the wad, saying "It's OK because you can't sweep yourself" "Maybe... but you also just broke the 170 by a considerable margin" No call was made.
  15. J Bar Binks, #47015

    Federal 209A Primers SOLD PF

    If'n ya use 30 rounds a match, a thousand primers only lasts ~33 matches.

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