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  1. Unique Serial Number

    I've got a set of 3 identical .38-40 revolvers, 2 with consecutive numbers and the 3rd, purchased 2 years later, only 9 numbers away.
  2. Uberti Taylors & Co Cattleman Black Powder Revolver

    No, it won't. See my post above.
  3. Something to smile about...

    1973, just before my 18th birthday.
  4. Elk

    At least seventeen, but the last ones in each group of two or three that come out all keep looking back, so there are probably more. Makes me wish I had a better camera.
  5. Kimber warranty/customer service

    No, wait... a frontal lobotomy, is what I meant.
  6. Kimber warranty/customer service

    That's actually from a bottle in front of me.
  7. Kimber warranty/customer service

    I designed a 700 grain bullet for it and had Dan Lynch of Mountain Molds in Idaho cut a mold for me. Of course, after shooting it in my 8 3/8"er, I had to try it in the 4" version...
  8. Kimber warranty/customer service

    The first time I shot the new .500 S&W, it locked up solid on the 4th shot. Hammer wouldn't cock, crane wouldn't open, key wouldn't work, so I called S&W and explained the problem. I said it would be no problem to either disassemble it to unload or pull the bullet to make it safe to send in, and they said, "ABSOLUTELY NOT!" The service rep got Herb Belin, the S&W product manager, on the phone and he said he had a field rep in Denver who would come and get it in person. So, within half an hour, the Denver guy calls me and asks if I'll be home the next day. I confirmed I would, and he said, "Great, I'll be there about 4:00 - 4:30. Sure enough, about 4:30 the next day, he drives up my road, gives me a receipt and takes possession of the revolver. Herb Belin emailed me a few days later and claimed it was the first factory documented failure of the new lock system. Who knows... they probably told everybody that. Anyway, ten or eleven days later, FedEx delivered a brand new .500 X-Frame to my front door.
  9. shooting ranges around Las Vegas Nv.

    Twenty degrees? That's about a 36 1/2% grade... Bring a snack and a bottle of water - you'll be ready for it after climbing 500 yards up a slope like that, carrying targets and whatnot. If you can take even a 20" long step going up such a grade, each step would equal nearly 7 1/2" in elevation.
  10. Any o' ya'll drive a Honda Fit?

    Honda Fit LX.
  11. Any o' ya'll drive a Honda Fit?

    I forgot to update you, Charlie - Abra-kadabra, presto-chango!
  12. Coffee and the Military

    I feel nekkid without my coffee cup in my hand. When I made E4 in the Navy, I had enough seniority to land a job running the coffee mess - got me out of the shop for a few hours every day. IIRC, it was either two joined 15 gallon tanks, or two 30 gallon tanks... I can't remember if it was 30 or 60 total... pretty sure it was a can and a half of coffee every time though... what would that have been... 4 1/2 pounds?
  13. Kimber warranty/customer service

    I do, but I was curious just what may have changed that two other relatively recently replaced handguns were shipped directly to me as a non-licensee at the time.
  14. Kimber warranty/customer service

    The previous two were also replaced with new revolvers with different serial numbers. At the time, I thought it was a bit odd that neither of them had to go through an FFL.
  15. Uberti Taylors & Co Cattleman Black Powder Revolver

    Before somebody asks, NO. Don't try it. I had, let's say "a friend" who had one of these one time, and had the bright idea of converting it to .45 Colt. The percussion firing pin is ground off-center and goes through an off-center hole in the recoil shield, specifically to prevent someone from circumventing the law, buying a C&B revolver and just installing a .45 Colt cylinder. Or so "he" thought, at the time. The flaw in this logic is the convertible cylinders on the market for every C&B revolver made today. Well, maybe not all of 'em, but you get the point. Anyway, "he" installed a centerfire firing pin, then egged out the hole in the recoil shield to the side a little so the firing pin would go through it. A Uberti .45 Colt cylinder dropped right in, so "he" put a couple rounds in, stepped out the door, thumbed the hammer back, and touched it off. Thumbed it back again, pulled the trigger... nothing...? "He" opened the loading gate and saw the head of a case with no primer...? "He" had inadvertently made a full-auto single action revolver. The hole was large enough for the primer to deform and blow back through the hole, recocking the hammer and dropping it again as long as the trigger was held back. "He" reinstalled the original cylinder and firing pin and shot it as a C&B thereafter. Probably lucky they aren't calling "him" Lucky one-eye. If a person had the knowledge and equipment, a bushing could be installed in the recoil shield or the hole welded over, re-cut, and re-tempered, but most of us don't have the skill for such a thing.