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  1. J Bar Binks, #47015

    RV downsizing...

    It's a Hokey Pokey shower - "You put your left foot in, you put your left foot out, you put your right foot in, and you shake it all about".
  2. J Bar Binks, #47015

    Weather change.

    The elk are bugling behind my house and I started the first fire in the wood stove this morning.
  3. J Bar Binks, #47015

    RV downsizing...

    OK, no immediate plans to sell my 32'er, but I came across this 14.5' Jayco on Craigslist Friday (which equates to about 11 1/2' inside) and ended up owning it a few hours later. It's a 2012, and "according to the owner", used only 5 times. Like brand new, inside and out. I checked it out, stocked it up, and left for a shoot Friday and everything seems to work just fine. It'll be a great "overnighter". About the only thing I'm going to change is to add a double propane tank rack & auto-switch regulator.
  4. J Bar Binks, #47015

    What would you rather see?

    F250 4wd with 6 cylinder Cummins and Allison transmission.
  5. J Bar Binks, #47015

    What pistol do you think isn't up to snuff....

    Here are about the worst you could get for this game - single action 1895 Nagants.
  6. J Bar Binks, #47015

    Desert Eagles

    Never had a problem with mine, but I normally shoot the .50 AE barrel. Big, heavy, clumsy, but a hoot to shoot!
  7. J Bar Binks, #47015

    2 Pair Uberti Stag 1 Piece Grips - Sold Thanks

    Extra insurance that the three pieces don't separate... kind of ugly if someone doesn't realize that and tries to take the grips off though! Ya know, I've got a pair of full-size Cattleman .32-20's those would look pretty dang good on...
  8. J Bar Binks, #47015

    2 Pair Uberti Stag 1 Piece Grips - Sold Thanks

    One piece grips with screws??
  9. J Bar Binks, #47015

    The Last WWII Quonset Hut?

    I was stationed at NAS Whidbey for three years in the '70's.
  10. J Bar Binks, #47015

    A ghost of my youth.

    About 55 years ago or more, my dad would take me with him to the fields up here in the foothills where I live now, and I'd play on this old reaper/binder while he plowed the ground all day. I always thought we were way out in the middle of nowhere and I'd never find my way home if something happened to him... we lived all of two miles away, as the crow flies.
  11. J Bar Binks, #47015

    How Long Have You Been a Cowboy?

    I was born on a working ranch early in 1956, a homestead my grandfather started in the early teens. I haven't had cattle or horses of my own around since 2001, but have pastured others up until last year. This is the first year in over a hundred years there haven't been cattle on this place.
  12. J Bar Binks, #47015

    I received my Baikal MP220 yesterday...

    ... and proceeded to do a "fluff & buff on it today, removed the safety transfer bar so it doesn't automatically engage, and modified the cocking cams so it stays open. Still a bit more to go - breaking the sharp edges on the chamber mouths, reducing the spring tension on the top snap, etc., but... ... I was sitting there thinking, "I've got a set of Baikal barrels here somewhere"... I bought a parts gun, sans receiver, many years ago, so I rummaged around and found the barrels. Dang... other than having a center lug, these look pretty much identical to the 20"ers that are on it... except for having a half extractor vs. the figure 8 extractor on the MP220. I removed the extractor and took a hacksaw & cut the lug off the back of the barrels, then a draw file to true things up. A couple hours of fitting, filing, & stoning, and now I've got a two barreled set - 20" and 28 5/8". I probably increased the value of this fine shotgun by at least tens of dollars.
  13. J Bar Binks, #47015

    Sub Designations

    And here I was thinking... American Pioneer, Pinnacle, Blackhorn 209, Pyrodex, Clear Shot, Black MZ...
  14. J Bar Binks, #47015

    I know the politically correct answer is ZERO

    My oldest daughter was killed by a drunk driver on May 4th, 1981 at the age of 21 months, so, as you can imagine, I have -0- tolerance for drunk drivers. But... what constitutes drunk driving? I have no problem having a cocktail before dinner out and driving home an hour or so later, but am I driving under the influence according to the law? Yes and no. If I held a standard Class D driver license, no. But I hold a Class A CDL, and the law states, "any detectable amount of alcohol" is "under the influence' for a commercial driver, although it doesn't specifically state whether it applies to driving my commuter vehicle as opposed to a commercial vehicle. Taking that a step further, my 2017 Honda Fit would be classified as a commercial vehicle if I had a hazmat endorsement and I were transporting, say, oxygen tanks to a home oxygen distributor somewhere, so... is it a commercial vehicle when NOT transporting the cylinders? Why wouldn't it be? I mean, a tractor/trailer rig is still a commercial vehicle even if it's empty, as is an empty school bus, so... Then again, a Class C bus with seating for 16 people or more is a commercial vehicle, but take the seats out, and it's not, go figure. Unless it says, "SCHOOL BUS" on the outside somewhere, in which case it still is... until you cover up it up or paint it over. OK, seriously, if I have a cocktail before dinner out, I have no problem driving home an hour later. If I'm at the campground after a shoot and have downed a six pack of even Bud Light - nope, I'm not driving anywhere for awhile.
  15. J Bar Binks, #47015

    Uberti Stallion Revolver

    I've had nine .38 Model P Jr's/Stallions, and still have three of 'em. I started my daughter out with 3 1/2"ers, one with a bird's head grip which she didn't like at all, so it was traded for another plow handle grip gun. She had trouble hitting the targets with the short sight radius, so I sold them and bought 5 1/2"ers for her instead. Later on, I got a great buy on a set of three new 3 1/2"ers and bought them for me, cuz they were fun little guns to shoot gunfighter with. I just sold them a couple weeks ago. Never had a problem with any of them.

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