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  1. Kaw-liga

    As far as I've ever seen, Charlie Russell didn't do sculptures or wood carvings. Past experience with the Montana Historical Society has shown me they're not too interested in any new history, just preserving and exploiting what's already been discovered. Have you ever seen the Jonathan Manlove homestead cabin on the east end of East Helena? It was built in 1864, the year of the big gold strike on Last Chance Gulch, and is touted as being the oldest permanent white/non-native structure in the area. I have the remains of a cabin foundation about 300 yards from my house that pre-dates the Manlove cabin by at least 40 years, a cabin that could feasibly have been here when the Lewis & Clark expedition came through in 1805. If so, Captain Lewis would have walked within a mile of it. The historical society wasn't the least bit interested in investigating.
  2. What are these?

    The lubrisizer dies should be marked on top, or possibly the side, with the size - .312, .358, .401, .430, .452, etc. The other item has me stumped too.
  3. Gun for sale

    "Shooter Grade .38" In the first picture, you can see a small flat spot on the upper edge of the flute where it got banged against something somewhere along the years. If not for that, I would have asked a couple hundred more, and with the original grips, another couple hundred. For the price, I should think he'll be happy with it though.
  4. Kaw-liga

    When my dad was a kid, he used to spend summers working for an old man up on Hogback Mountain named Bat Smith. Old Bat was a good friend of Charlie Russell, so...
  5. Gun for sale

    It's not a Lorcin, Jennings, or Hi-Point.
  6. Kaw-liga

    This was old when I was a little kid, and no one could remember just where it came from. Pretty dense wood - 16" tall and weights 12 1/2 pounds. Too bad it doesn't say CMR on the bottom.
  7. Gun for sale

    USPS Website shows the package is "Out for delivery", so the reveal may be close at hand...
  8. More on big critter guns and loads

    I bought a M555 (.50 AE) a dozen years back, then sent it to FA to have a .500 Wyoming Express cylinder fitted, along with buying dies and brass. It's done the trick on a few deer and a couple elk.
  9. SOLD - FS 5 1/2" original model stainless .357 Vaqueros - SOLD

    Obviously I should have started at $2000.
  10. A lot of people say you can't have enough guns... I've believed that most of my life, but after six decades I've discovered you can, indeed, have too many. Here is a nice set of three large frame, lightly used .357 stainless Vaqueros, completely stock, no work done on any of them. No boxes/papers, sorry. Bleedin' Christ, there must be a pile of Ruger boxes somewhere in this country, because no one ever seems to have 'em when they sell their guns. $1600, insured & shipped. Too much? Don't be afraid to make an offer.
  11. Glock 20 detonates

    From a July 17th, 1923 article in Kalispell, MT. The incident probably took place in about 1905.
  12. Sold -- THANKS

    I'll take that deal all day long. <SOLD>
  13. Come ON, Susan Lucci...

  14. Come ON, Susan Lucci...

    ... Good grief, it's 33 and snowing... AGAIN. The temp is supposed to rise 10 degrees in the next 3 hours, continue to warm up all week, then by Friday it's supposed to be between 75 and 80.
  15. Gun for sale

    Payment and FFL should arrive today, and I'll get it out to him this afternoon or tomorrow, depending.

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