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  1. J Bar Binks, #47015

    B Western Leather question

    More of a cavalry twist-draw rig, but I suppose a person could cross-draw them - Wild Bill Elliot must have, or he switched hands after the draw. Interesting - I never thought a cross-draw was legal in B-Western, nor have I ever seen it.
  2. J Bar Binks, #47015

    B Western Leather question

    Giving this some further thought, since the defining feature of a Buscadero rig is the holsters hang from slots on the belt or a short drop-skirt, I suppose a cross-draw holster could feasibly be worn in such a manner. I've never seen such a thing, and I can't find any pictures of one on Google Images or anywhere else, but this is close. (edit) dang, ya beat me to the draw, PaleWolf.
  3. J Bar Binks, #47015

    B Western Leather question

    Interesting. As long as both holsters carry the gun completely below the belt, the rule pertaining to shooting duelist/double duelist style overrides the B-Western rule stating, "Buscadero holster rigs or drop holster rigs are required", as long as the shooter chooses to shoot the match entirely as a Duelist/Double Duelist, correct...? If a shooter shoots gunfighter or two-handed (one gun, both hands), then the B-Western rule pertaining to Buscadero or drop holsters takes precedence...? So, as long as a B-Western competitor shoots at least one stage duelist or double-duelist style, a crossdraw style rig is legal...? Or would he have to switch rigs on the next stage if he chooses to shoot a different style...? .
  4. J Bar Binks, #47015

    B Western Leather question

    Referring to the above rig, the right holster would be legal for B-Western, as it carries the gun entirely below the belt, but both holsters must be drop or Buscadero style - crossdraw is not allowed. In Classic Cowboy, part of the gun must be above the belt, which disqualifies the right holster. I think a crossdraw holster is legal in CC, as long as part of the gun is above the belt.
  5. J Bar Binks, #47015

    Any Beretta 92 fans here?

    Big Brother - 96 INOX
  6. J Bar Binks, #47015

    B Western Leather question

  7. J Bar Binks, #47015

    44 Russian and IMR Red

    I just received 500 .44 Russian cases from Starline this afternoon. I've seen IMR Red on the shelf, but have never used it. I'm trying .44 Russian to save on BP. I would think Red would work as well as any of the other standards.
  8. J Bar Binks, #47015

    What are "western spurs"?

    The spur shank will be cut by about 1 1/2", a new hole drilled for the axle, and the shank re-contoured slightly to expose more of the rowel top & bottom. Similar to this when completed.
  9. J Bar Binks, #47015

    What are "western spurs"?

    All clothing and equipment must be worn appropriately and how it was intended, or how it would have been in the Old West or as seen on B-Western movies and television. Didn't that language come about due to someone wearing their spurs on their gunbelt or somesuch...? These will definitely be on my boot heels - I might even dress 'em up with some brass diamonds or dots or something. Probably won't be as purty as the store-bought version, but a bit nicer than the vintage version.
  10. J Bar Binks, #47015

    What are "western spurs"?

    When I finish these up tomorrow, they will be much more "trip proof" for my size 13 duck-footed gait. I gotta buy a mill someday, things like this are a PITA with a hacksaw and a file.
  11. J Bar Binks, #47015

    Anybody shooting full length shotgun?

    Mine is 27 1/2" Here are three of my oddest shotguns. 12g Darne on top, 12g Davenport "Central Hung Hammer Double", and at the bottom a 10g "Fox Patent Sideswing". The stock on the Davenport was damaged beyond repair (before I bought it, not in shipment), so it's got a modified Baikal stock fitted to it with a higher comb screwed & glued on top and a coat of brown spray paint.
  12. J Bar Binks, #47015

    Ending a sentence with "just saying..."

    I've got a friend who ends a lot of sentences with, "and stuff like that" or "and all that kind of stuff". "We need to stop for gas and stuff like that" "I need to load some 12 gauge and all that kind of stuff" "We're up on Red Mountain getting firewood and all that kind of stuff" "I'm almost out of Unique and stuff like that"
  13. J Bar Binks, #47015

    Ending a sentence with "just saying..."

    ... because "dumb-ass" is considered offensive, and no longer appropriate.
  14. J Bar Binks, #47015

    Anybody shooting full length shotgun?

    Of 31 SASS-legal main match shotguns, 18 have been cut or came from the factory as "coach guns" and 13 are "full-length". I usually shoot a short barrel in CAS, but have several 10's that are still full length that are real crowd-pleasers with BP, and a 12g Darne that goes along now and then for the style points.
  15. J Bar Binks, #47015

    Reloading Horror Stories

    And Noah Cash is Member #2! Glad you came out of it OK.

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