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  1. loading shotgun while moving

    Not just limited to the 'Chamber', but some clubs may have a rule against a live round anywhere inside the SG while moving. ..........Widder
  2. Tennessee Mountain Mauraders 5th Saturday Match

    I've heard stories about folks who like to have pet sheep..... ..........Widder
  3. YouTube gun instructional Videos

    All mine are still there. Lets keep our fingers crossed. Anyhow, reckon they will still have all the Pro Wrestling video's on there, OR... war seems from WWII, Korea and Vietnam. And how about the video's that show all the luneys how to make bombs..... ..........Widder
  4. Could this be the new "Code of the West" ?

    One of our movie heroes (ain't sure, but it might have been the Duke or Clint Eastwood) had a line in a movie something to the effect: "I ain't never shot a man that didn't deserve it" ...... or, "Killed a man that didn't deserve it". ..........Widder
  5. Air Rifle Question

    GOODY: Aguila makes those for Pistol only and Rifle. The rifle type will work well in the pistols but are a tad noisier. The pistol type, as you have experience, don't make it out a rifle barrel sometimes, depending on the length and tolerances. Were you using the 'pistol' type in your rifle? KIT COOL: The CCI 'Quite' work great in the Henry lever .22. Actually, they function just like a regular .22 LR round. And most Henry's will function with the .22 Short, Long and LR, but some of them are only stamped for .22 LR on the barrel. I have tested a couple of those with .22 LR on the barrel and they functioned with the short, Long and the Quiets. ..........Widder
  6. Shotgun Round Count

    Chicken George, there are some good video's on YouTube of Santa Fe River Stan and Smokestack are grabbing 3 with the left hand and 1 with the right hand technique. The 3 in the left are fed over-the-top and the right hand throws in the 4th shell. They make it look so easy..... and fast. And if its any encouragement, it is possible to grab 1 shell at a time and still shoot 4 shots in 4 seconds or less. Ya just gotta find the best technique FOR YOU and practice honing your skills. Best regards ..........Widder
  7. Air Rifle Question

    Hey Kit Cool and Outlaw Gambler, I shoot A LOT of the CCI 'Quiet' .22 out of my Henry .22 lever (Widder Softstroke) and that stuff is great in a rifle for being quiet and accurate within its intended close distances. Although I live in the county, I have neighbors above me and below me in this subdivision. But, I shoot the Quiet ammo all the time out in my back yard (I have no neighbors behind me). I even crack open the kitchen window sometimes and ambush some Starlings in my back yard and my wife can't even detect I shot it. It won't function well in a semi-auto because it is a relatively slow bullet (40 grain at about 700+ fps). But it is great stuff in the Henry .22 rifle ..........Widder
  8. Air Rifle Question

    Regardless of make or model he buys, he needs a scope that is recommended for 'Air Rifles'. Some of the good NIKON models are great for both Air Rifle and Rimfire rifles. And they have the adjustability for close focal and parallax functions. Some good rifle scopes will fail and break when used on Air Rifles because the recoil 'thumping' is reversed. ..........Widder
  9. So, who builds the best....

    TN, I think you need to get 2 of them..... that way, you can double up your excuses next time we posse up together..... p.s. - I think Slater and I are in deep trouble when you get that new rifle..... ..........Widder
  10. Marlin 1894 Magazine Loading Jam.......any suggestions?

    Hey Lumpy. Your tool may be a better tool than what I use. But it looks like we both use the same method. ..........Widder
  11. Marlin 1894 Magazine Loading Jam.......any suggestions?

    My Dremel. I take the 'chain saw' sharpening accessory and push a rubber hose over it. Then I wrap some 200 or 300 grit paper around it and secure the paper with some masking tape so it doesn't fly off while spinning. It takes a few pieces to do a good job. I normally go thru the front of the portal and angle the sanding tool to achieve what I want to do. You can also do the same work going in thru the bottom of the receiver. And you can also do the same job using a sanding wheel attachment in your Dremel but you will still need to polish up your work with 600 grit paper to help make it smooth. ..........Widder
  12. WTC

    Howdy Chief Rick. Although my call would have been the wrong call (1 miss only), I still feel like the wording of the stage was good. (my brain was still in a winter freeze mode and I just wasn't thinking..... thats my story and I'm sticking to it..... ) ..........Widder
  13. Marlin 1894 Magazine Loading Jam.......any suggestions?

    KID, there is a very good Marlin gunsmith down in Texas. His Cowboy name is Boomstick Jay. If you encounter more issues or if you just want some good tuning and slicking, he might be close by you. Another good Marlin smith is Slick McClade in Louisiana. You may run across him in your area also. Good luck. ..........Widder
  14. WTC

    YEP, he missed his 10th shot which should have been on the standing plate rack target. Actually, I personally like a stage such as this, mainly because of the reactive plate rack targets. And I don't fault the stage writer because as Chief Rick stated, it appears to me the stage instructions were very clear about the process. And in my opinion, a miss at a standing plate rack target, regardless where the bullet hits, is still a no-call unless the plate rack target(s) are still standing. And then it can only be earned as a Miss. Good topic (even if PWB chimes in and tells me I'm wrong... ) ..........Widder
  15. WTC

    I must be missing something because I can't find in the Posters comments that the TO told the shooter to place #10 on the stationary plate. Did I miss something? EDIT: and if the TO had given such instructions, that would have been some bad instructions considering one of the plate racks were still standing. ..........Widder