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  1. Slick, about the Comancharo, is this a stock Comanchero with Cody links or did it get sent to Cody for the Codymatic?

    Also any interest in a trade for a "Virgin"  SKB 100 with inertia single trigger and 28 inch barrel?  Real nice wood.



    1. Slick McClade

      Slick McClade

      It’s a Codymattic  built rifle. I really just need to sell it out right. How much was you asking for the SKB?

    2. Rootin Tootin

      Rootin Tootin

      Not interested in selling outright just yet. 

    3. Slick McClade

      Slick McClade

      What kind of trade was you interested in?

  2. wtb or TRADE for quality single trigger 12 ga

    GB has stevens 315 today for $235......... 1 day left for bids...........
  3. SOLD>>>>CZ Ringneck - by Johnny Meadows

    GW...I keep rotating equipment every year as I upgrade. I think I finally have the stuff I want for this year..........and have liquidated stuff I no-longer use.. Will you be at Gunsmoke this year???
  4. Very Old parts gun

    Goody, thanks for the help..........That's what I have. Guess I'll just toss parts in a box or if somebody has one they can contact me for parts. The frame I can't sell unless it goes to an FFL. Maybe somebody out there has one as a side match gun and needs parts........ Thanks again............RT
  5. Very Old parts gun

    I have a "Latest Model S&W", (stamped on the barrel) Nickle finish,. 38 short. I don't know anything about it or how old it is. It doesn't work and my gunsmith had it for over a year looking for parts, Before he took it apart the firing pin had been filed down and it would not index chambers. The serial number is 478 Don't know when it was built and don't have any reference books for help. I'm not sure it's even a Smith. The S&W might just be a notation for the shells. I would like to sell it cheap buy not sure what I have or how to ship it..... Any help would be appreciated...... Regards....RT
  6. SOLD>>>>CZ Ringneck - by Johnny Meadows

    Good socks are free to the first I'll take it.........HAHA the feet and legs an't bad either but they stay with me
  7. I've had this in my safe for awhile, since getting an SKB. I bought this 12 gauge from Johnny on GB, already set up, a couple years ago........... Great single trigger SxS. I went to an inertia firing set up on an SKB. 200E, with 3 inch chambers. This served me well.... It has 22 inch barrel, howned chambers, open wide feature, and adjusted triggers for quick response with a mechanical firing set up. Never failed and great for dry-firing practice drills... $800 shipped to your FFL
  8. SOLD 2- SS Vaquero Grip Frame, Trigger, Hammer

    I'll send them out Monday.......Thanks...RT
  9. SOLD 2- SS Vaquero Grip Frame, Trigger, Hammer

    SOLD to Cannon

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