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  1. 2nd year

    I agree with J-Bar, most beginning and intermediate shooters will gain more speed with good transitions than they will trying to shoot faster. Read Doc Shapiro's book. Evil Roy tapes helped me along with lots of other good videos. Be careful trying to gain speed dry firing, I'm not always honest when I dry fire and have misses when I go to live fire. You can get so fixated on making a faster par time and think "I was close enough". Move on the start of the beep not the end of the beep, move fast when reaching for guns, move fast from one location to the next, don't stroll along. If possible always try to practice with someone better than you, it will make you work harder. Randy
  2. Shotgun Round Count

    Shotgun is my worst gun but I like 6 SG stages. I don't really like more than about 1 stage in a match that only has 2. I think a 50/50 mix of 4 and 6 would be good. Randy
  3. WTS-Price Reduced-Marlin CBC Widdermatic and Uberti CMS .357

    You're welcome, see you tomorrow.
  4. WTS-Price Reduced-Marlin CBC Widdermatic and Uberti CMS .357

    There was only one video. Randy
  5. WTS-Price Reduced-Marlin CBC Widdermatic and Uberti CMS .357

    This was a video? IMG_0431.MOV
  6. Another newbie question

    And remember on any Marlin you have to black out the white diamond on the rear site or turn the insert around. Randy
  7. Loading the 45 Cowboy shells

    From what I understand if you're loading 45 Cowboy Special cases you can use 45 acp load data. http://www.hodgdonreloading.com/data/pistol Randy
  8. "If you've got a Dremel....

    Some of them got their wish, I have 3, you can never have to many Dremel tools. Randy
  9. Recoil pad for Stoeger 12 ga Coach Gun, 20" BBL

    Those are extremely hot, you'll tell a huge difference if you go to the Low Noise/ Low Recoil of Federal Sub Sonic. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/2900197404/winchester-aa-low-recoil-target-ammunition-12-gauge-2-3-4-7-8-oz-8-shot https://www.midwayusa.com/product/953268336/federal-top-gun-low-recoil-subsonic-ammunition-12-gauge-2-3-4-1-1-8-oz-7-1-2-shot Randy
  10. Recoil pad for Stoeger 12 ga Coach Gun, 20" BBL

    Try some Winchester Low Noise/ Low Recoil shells, they should make a big difference. Randy
  11. r3loading equipment

    I like Dillon dies because the come apart to clean out accumulated bullet lube without changing any settings. Randy
  12. Do you think these will be SASS legal

    With a set of spurs and some fancy stitches they should be good for B-Western. Randy
  13. Reloading from bullet loops on holster

    I think it's Russian interference, it was a plot to rig the match! Randy