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  1. Jailhouse Jim, SASS #13104

    .45 Cowboy Special on Lee single stage

    You are very welcome.
  2. Jailhouse Jim, SASS #13104

    .45 Cowboy Special on Lee single stage

    When using a taper crimp die, over crimping can result in this issue. Taper crimps are supposed to have between .001-.002 crimp measured at the mouth of the case. If you crimp more than this, you can squeeze the bullet with the case and actually resize it. The brass will actually relax slightly and the bullet will spin in the case.
  3. Jailhouse Jim, SASS #13104

    Shooting off center

    What you are doing is over gripping, that is, gripping the handgun too tight. As you press the trigger, subconsciously you are tightening your grip even more which will push the muzzle towards the support side. You are likely doing the same thing with a two-handed grip but are able to compensate with your support hand. The remedy is to lighten your grip to have control but not a death grip. Use the pad of your trigger finger to press the trigger steadily until the discharge. Concentrate on your sights as they come back on target while keeping the trigger fully depressed. Release the trigger as you cock the hammer. Dry fire practice and ball and dummy drills help to gain control of an engrained bad habit. Another good drill is to hold a retractable pen between your thumb, middle, and fourth finger while pressing the button as if it were a trigger without increasing pressure with your gripping digits. Remember, gripping tighter, especially one-handed, will make it worse. Some folks benefit from using the first joint of your trigger finger to help compensate for over-, gripping.
  4. Jailhouse Jim, SASS #13104

    Advice from a new shooter

    No offense taken at all. The main thing is to get out and enjoy the sport with whatever gear you find that works for YOU. There really isn't a right or wrong way to do it IMO.
  5. Jailhouse Jim, SASS #13104

    Advice from a new shooter

    I don't see the problem either. I started with a Winchester M94 Trails End in 45 Colt with the big loop. Still have it, shoot it on JW's birthday and night shoots. While not fast, it is 100% reliable. My SG was a 1889 Remington with fluid steel barrels. Still have it, still shoot it (BP only). Original Vaqueros in 45 Colt. My go to rifle now is a Chaparral '73 in 38WCF. The revolvers are '51 Navies in .36 with 4 5/8" barrels and Manhattan mods. TTN shotgun. I guess I don't have any of the right guns either
  6. Jailhouse Jim, SASS #13104


    I was a spotter
  7. Jailhouse Jim, SASS #13104


    So, I witnessed this a couple of weeks ago with a DD. Both revolvers staged. Shooter picks up and begins shooting LH gun while picking up RH gun keeping the lower edge of the muzzle in contact with prop. Technically this is not in hand based on the definition but clearly an advantage. Where does breaking contact with the prop apply? I called a P.
  8. Jailhouse Jim, SASS #13104

    Hang Fire vs. Light Hammer Strike

    We had hangfire training in my first firearms class in 1972 and for some years afterward but once a full investigation of the Newhall Shootout in California (1970) was completed, range training and felony stop training as we knew it then began to change for the better. Some departments were stuck in their training regiment and kept to the old curriculum for years afterward for perceived liability reasons. One of the elements that had to be overcome was making range training as realistic as possible since we shoot as we train. In the Newhall Shootout, one of the dead Highway Patrolman had empty cases in his hand and/or his pocket, clearly a poor range tactic. We have gone away from catching a loaded round in hand when clearing a slide gun. Empty magazines and cases, loaded or empty, always hit the dirt. We train to get back into battery as a mindset instinct, not as an afterthought under rangemaster direction. The main element that must be remembered with light loads in SASS is that if you, or anyone else, hear the primer pop, you likely have a squib and less likely you could have a hangfire. We have the luxury, and obligation, to stop at that point and should be disciplined enough to do it. It is also common with light springs to have a click, no pop, situation where you continue around for another primer strike. Again, this is a trained response to auditory input.
  9. Jailhouse Jim, SASS #13104

    Hang Fire vs. Light Hammer Strike

    We don't teach that any longer since it's more important to get back into battery. An unsupported round going off is far less dangerous than a perp shooting at you. We shot thousands of rounds a month during training and there were a lot of duds with factory rounds from major brands but no hangfires. The rule now is if the gun goes click, Tap, Rack, and continue to fire. I've seen one hangfire in a SASS match with a really old BP shotgun round. Went off after being shucked and just spun around on the floor of the stage.
  10. Jailhouse Jim, SASS #13104

    Who-Tuning a set of SS 2nd gen 1860 COLT Armies

    Jarad at Longhunter's is putting out good work too.
  11. Jailhouse Jim, SASS #13104

    Need to buy some .44-40 cartridges 200-300, who has the best price?

    Yes that's true when you reload but $13-14 of it is brass. 38WCF is even more using virtually the same case. The last 38 Special I saw at Walmart was $21/50 so this isn't too out of line for a major manufacturer considering the caliber. All the other manufacturers from Cheaper than Dirt run $36-$45/50 so that seems the going price for new ammunition.
  12. Jailhouse Jim, SASS #13104

    Uberti Burgess rifle worth buying or hard no

    Might get a hold of Nate Kiowa Jones and get it fixed. Probably never cause you problems again.
  13. Jailhouse Jim, SASS #13104

    Chamber modifications.

    Ya know folks, there was some piling on of the poor guy like a junkyard dog on a three-legged cat but he did create some of the feedback by his attitude. What really disturbs me is that any reputable gunsmith would suggest the modification that was done when he had the new barrel to do the job right. Even worse is that the gunsmith convinced him it was a safe and effective mod. I think at this point he deserves a break because he is actively hunting for the correct ammunition for his firearms.
  14. Jailhouse Jim, SASS #13104

    jags, patches, and other cleaning tools

    I use brass jags in assorted sizes do to the variety of calibers I employ and an aluminum jag for the 12ga on a one piece Tipton rod. I'm not picky as to brand of jags or patches. Being a BP guy almost exclusively, I use wet paper towels in the 12ga to push the snake out, a dry paper towel to get the bore dry, then a bore snake before running an oiled rag through it. On the R/P's, I use 2 1/2" patches from wherever or cut my own from old tee shirts with the appropriate brass jag. Once most of the fouling is gone, I use a bronze brush to get into the corners of the grooves then dry patch. My final pass is with a Thompson Center Cleaning/Seasoning patch to lube/season the bore. I use a .410 bore mop on the cylinders.
  15. Jailhouse Jim, SASS #13104

    Colt 1851 Navy FS

    Might want to put this in the classifieds

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