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  1. Buckey Buckem , SASS #9064

    SOLD PENDING FUNDS Ruger single six .32 stainless LNIB

    Congratulations Oregonian nice pair of Rugers. You have been on quite a spending spree lately. Enjoy
  2. Buckey Buckem , SASS #9064

    A date that will live in Infamy

    There is a lot of history behind the USS Vestal. The most decorated non combat ship in the navy. For a more complete picture of its history go online and look up The USS Vestal. The USS Vestal : The Pearl Harbor Attack & Beyond.
  3. Buckey Buckem , SASS #9064

    A date that will live in Infamy

    Yes a day we will never forget. My grandfather was on the USS Vestal which was moored next to the USS Arizona. The Vestal was a repair ship. They were able to cut there lines and make way across the bay and run it aground so there would be no danger of it sinking in the harbor. As I was growing up he never talked about that day very much. He just said it was very bad. For all of those service members who lost there lives that day rest in peace.
  4. Buckey Buckem , SASS #9064

    F/S Colt's 3rd Gen 38-40 Pistol SOLD

    I'll take it. Send me your mailing information. Thanks Buckey
  5. Buckey Buckem , SASS #9064

    S&W new model 3

    Evil Sent you a reply back. Thanks Buckey
  6. Buckey Buckem , SASS #9064

    S&W new model 3

    Evil, sent you a pm. Thanks Buckey
  7. Buckey Buckem , SASS #9064

    New guy getting new guns needing new leather

    Howdy Mister Ricochet Welcome to this great sport. Yes the members of your club would be more then happy to share there guns and leather to new shooters. That's just the cowboy way. I understand that the Redmond Club is a newer club. There might be some one that does leather work in your area. I shoot at the Oregon Old West club in Albany , Oregon. We have a member that does great leather work, if interested pm me and I will give you his contact information. You are welcome to come to our match and see his leather work and shoot the match. I do have intentions on coming over to shoot at the Redmond cub in the future. Good Luck Buckey
  8. Would you consider 300.00 shipped to me ?

    1. Buckey Buckem , SASS #9064

      Buckey Buckem , SASS #9064

      Howdy  Thanks for the offer but I think I will hold out for awhile and see what happens.

  9. Buckey Buckem , SASS #9064

    WTB Old Model Ruger Vaquero 44-40

    Looking for a Ruger Old Model Vaquero in 44-40 Blued in a 4 5/8 barrel. Trying to locate a revolver to complete a pair for a pard starting out in CAS. Thanks for looking
  10. howdy buckey,when I bought that norinco from you..love it btw...u said u might have an extra mag for it,with ssn engraved on it? I"d like to have it if it's still around,i'll pay the postage.




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