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  1. One piece firing pin

    I believe Snake Oil George in Oklahoma does...I'll have to hunt down contact info....Maybe soome good pard can fill in this info... TR

    BTT for a Great Pard.....I was first owner of these pistols (44's)....Smooth and Sweet....If you are a Duelist Shooter should be Looking Hard a These!!!..Just Saying Texas Red Mighta Got by that Arizona Ranger....if I had these Then..
  3. Come sit by the fire and warm yourself.....We'll fix ya nice cup of camp coffee...tell you good cowboy stories....we're a pretty good bunch of hands....We're asking nice, for you to ride with Brand.... Texas Red
  4. 45-60 brass source lost

    PM'ed You....... TR
  5. Which Way????

    OLG, Many Thanks...Worked Great Regards TR
  6. 45-60 brass source lost

    Doc, PM me, might be able to help you some... Regards Texas Red
  7. Which Way????

    To the Fire, Changing out front and barrel sights on Uberti 1866 rifle. CRS attacked....which direction do I remove and install????? Regards Texas Red
  8. Uberti 66 straight trigger

    Goody, Snake Oil George Manuf and installed Octagon Barrrels with Great Big Brass sight on my Rugers,,,,,Just Great Workmanship...Absolutely Great to Work with, all both projects.... Regards TR
  9. Uberti 66 straight trigger

    Goody, A little background......recently installed the one piece firing pin modification manuf and sold by Snake Oil George and family out of the Tulsa area.....Early indications are, I'm going to Love function.....Snake Oil George Highly spoke very highly of Straight Trigger mod....to go with his Firing Pin Mod.... Hope that Helps Regards Texas Red
  10. A Big Iron on his Hip

    Just couldn't get by that Arizona Ranger.... Texas Red
  11. Happy Birthday, Devil Dogs!

    JHQ, Happy 242 years of bliss....Happy BD Brothers.....Quantico was alittle different than MCRD... TR
  12. Bugler, Go to Marine Shop...search Campaign Cover Straps they have what you need Regards TR
  13. Finished my cart

    Looks like you'll be able to get at least 100,000 miles out of her.....Nice Job TR
  14. SOLD Browning BSS 12ga Range Ready

    Yes the Browning is SOLD....as per the posting SPF...........
  15. Branson Triple Clssic

    Any News on BTC or Scores??? Texas Red