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  1. How many locks?

    Next time someone says you should turn them into the police, tell them that they can buy it from you and they can turn it into the police.
  2. Copperhead Joe's, Crap Shoot !!!

    Not this year....But someday....
  3. Update: Rough Start - lead warning

    1. Go with wet tumbling 2. Go with powder coated bullets
  4. WTB My SASS wire experince in buying a part

    If the original poster has an Old Model Blackhawk, A Vaquero or New Vaquero grip frame (which are both New Models) will not work without a block being installed for the trigger return spring. You can make one out of brass with a bit of effort.
  5. My ar 15 for your ar10

    How are you set for 308 brass and mags? I've got a bunch of each...
  6. Rotary tumbler solution

    A Squirt of dish detergent and about a 38 special full of Lemishine. I use SS pins (the larger ones) and don't deprime. I find a separate depriming step un-necessary. I run for about an hour and the primer pockets are still cleaned out. When done, I sift and separate. The brass is then either put on top of the dehumidifier (summer) or in front of the heat register (winter) over-night to completely dry. I will sometimes then take the clean brass after it's dry and put into the vibratory tumbler with corn media that has Turtle Wax mixed in for about 30 minutes. This is to put a protective coating back on the brass. This helps with long term storage. Buzzard
  7. Primers Won't Ignite? Check Your Progressive Press!

    Yet another reason to go to the rotary wet tumbler system...
  8. What bullet do you reload

    120 grain TC Buzzard Boolit for Cowboy and 200 grain RNFP Buzzard Boolit for Wild Bunch
  9. We don’t need no stinkin badges....

    Just wanted Bull to know that the only badge or pin that I wear all the time, is the one I got from him a few years ago at the late U.S. Open in Sparta, IL. It is always displayed on the back of my hat... Thanks again Bull
  10. MidwayUSA has Federal SP Magnum primers on clearance sale.

    Thanks, I just ordered 5. There are currently 13 cases left...
  11. I'll take the Lee 300 BO factory crimp die.
  12. Titanium for a lifter?

    E.D. Making your own receiver is no different than buying an 80% lower and milling out the 20% and having a working AR15. It's all up to your tools and skill.
  13. SOLD

    Yep, Let Rex have them...
  14. SOLD

    free bump