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  1. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    Issues with a 1911

    Marshal Fire, If you want to try my Tripp mags at Agua Verde next month, let me know... <------Buzzard
  2. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    Peace in the Valley

    Posse 5 = Great Bunch Freeport Phil Gordy GW Wade Outlaw Exterminator Skid Pious Player Outlaw Gun and all the rest... Thanks! Buzzard
  3. GW, What was the company that has the Marlin ejector you were mentioning?

    1. G W Wade

      G W Wade

      Howdy Buzzard,  happy you remembered.  Ranger Point Precision makes new extracter and other parts for Marlins   Hope it fixes the problem      GW

  4. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    What work do I need done to a Savage Fox B to been ready SASS?

    I had one. And I cut the barrels down to 20" - my mistake. I should have left them 22-24" Barrel length affects both balance and how the breaks open and stays open. I did have a guy change out the springs for reduced ones. And mine had the hump (bump) that keeps the action from staying open to its widest point. I ground off the hump.
  5. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    In Search Of

    Stainless or blued?
  6. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    B Western Holsters?

    Actually same setup. Just change pistols so they sit high in the holsters and are above the belt
  7. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    B Western Holsters?

    Mine is non-buscadero and just (1/4") below the top of the gun belt. It is legal for any and all categories.
  8. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    Looking for Reclaimed Lead Shot

    The last that I bought locally a couple years ago, I got for $28.75 per bag. Virgin was $36 IIRC.
  9. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    Looking for Reclaimed Lead Shot

    That's $25 for 25 lbs times 2 plus shipping. I think that's an awesome price. Your postal packer will thank you, for sure!!!
  10. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    SOLD>NON CAS 9mm AR Pistol

    Someone is going to be getting a killer deal here...
  11. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    Federal primer issues

    If anyone has a lot number from the "offending" brick, it would be nice to have it posted so we can check ours...
  12. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    At what temperature will you not shoot?

    Rain and/or Winds are more Go/No Go than temps. I've shot when it's been below zero. And I've shot when it's been over 90.
  13. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    FS--Ajax Elk Stag grips Sold Pending Funds!

    I'll take them
  14. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    Is this a good deal for a beginner reloader?

    I always advise new shooters to NOT go with the single stage press. Opt instead for a turret press. The dies are set up once and then stay in place. You are still doing everything single stage style. But, everything speeds up because you can make adjustments with an individual or pile of rounds midstream without stopping everything and unscrewing and rescrewing. Just turn turret back or forth to next station and keep going. Mistakes are much easier to fix. Etc...
  15. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    Non SASS - AR-15 kit includes Colt Expanse upper - $350 + shipping

    I call 2nds if the deal falls through

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