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  1. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    Live Round on Carrier, Action Open

    The whole "benefit goes to the shooter" mantra that we hear about a million times a year, really gets on my nerves. Can't tell you how many times after someone has clearly had a rules violation, another person tries to negate the penalty by citing "benefit goes to the shooter."
  2. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    Lee bullet mold for 38-40?

    When I had my 38-40's, I was using the second mold, the 175TC. A good crimp and life was good. Sadly, because of Ruffcutt and Mary Mudd, I'm out of the 38WCF game...
  3. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    Wheel Weights For Casting?

    Zinc melts about 80 degrees hotter than lead and lead alloy. Keep your temps under control and it's a non issue. You don't need to pay foundry prices. I used to spend 2 or 3 days throughout the year smelting. On the other hand, I found a gentleman that smelts hundreds of lbs at a time. So, I just get mine from him now. Costs more, but I save 3 days time that is better spent casting...
  4. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    do new model Rugers get 'ruger ring' ?

    I have Old Model Rugers that have NO ring on them. I have a pair of 1950's Flattops that are my main match guns and have almost no ring with thousands of round thru them. The secret is to ALWAYS take to full cock before letting the hammer down. The 50's and early 60's Rugers were timed correctly. Because the transfer bars in the New Models and Old Models with the "safety conversion" required a lot more work at the factory to time correctly, Ruger opted to have the cylinder lock drop early. Hence the Ruger ring.
  5. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    Winchester model 12s

    Might have been their slug guns. Here in Minnesota, only slugs for most of the state.
  6. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    Thinking about B-Western..

    Petty easy to add some conchos to your belt and boots. You'll be good there.The Shooters Book, "All belt and holster rigs must be embellished (fancy stitching, conchos, spots, or tooling" is an "or" requirement. Not an "and" one. As for shirts, e-Bay is a good place to find shirts without paying $70 for a new Scully. Just type in Western shirt pearl snaps. Most of the time you can find shirts for under $30 shipped if you are patient.
  7. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    Do Good'r get a hold of you . . . .

    I have his e-mail if you need it...
  8. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    SPF to NUMA JM Marlin 1894 Cowboy Limited in 45 Colt

    BTT with another price reduction
  9. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    SPF to NUMA JM Marlin 1894 Cowboy Limited in 45 Colt

    BTT with price reduction
  10. Sold Pending Funds to Numa. I have for sale a JM Marlin 1894 Cowboy Limited in 45 Colt with a 24" barrel. Serial number dates it to 1996 (22 years old). Original cowboy has passed and his widow has decided to sell some of his collection. Fairly smooth action for stock. Shot very little, as the loading gate shows. All the sharp edges around the hammer, bolt, trigger, lever, etc are still there. Most of the marks are safe dings. Shipped from me (individual) to your FFL for $850. Buzzard
  11. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    Gunsmoke winner

    She was on my posse (2). She had 11 of the 12 stages in the teens. Well Done!!!
  12. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    Once-fired 12 ga Hulls

    I've got some AA's that I've been going to list. Just haven't gotten around to it. I think the last go around, I had them for $45/ LFRB (USPS) shipped.
  13. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    The countdown to Gunsmoke almost over

    G.W., you'll need to check out the front of my gun cart next weekend...
  14. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    Yearly critique video

    I disagree with "Tugboat", we will still laugh behind his back. Even IF he gets a new hat...
  15. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    Real Colts for less than $1000.00

    How about this Colt Army Special in 32-20 from 1918 that I got for $175 shipped? Yes, it's a reblue.

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