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  1. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    Gunsmoke winner

    She was on my posse (2). She had 11 of the 12 stages in the teens. Well Done!!!
  2. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    Once-fired 12 ga Hulls

    I've got some AA's that I've been going to list. Just haven't gotten around to it. I think the last go around, I had them for $45/ LFRB (USPS) shipped.
  3. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    The countdown to Gunsmoke almost over

    G.W., you'll need to check out the front of my gun cart next weekend...
  4. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    Yearly critique video

    I disagree with "Tugboat", we will still laugh behind his back. Even IF he gets a new hat...
  5. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    Real Colts for less than $1000.00

    How about this Colt Army Special in 32-20 from 1918 that I got for $175 shipped? Yes, it's a reblue.
  6. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    SOLD Ruger Old Army's SS 2 ea

    Actually only the seller is required to be a member.
  7. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    WTB Ruger Vaquero (old model) Birds Head

    The factory ivorex bird's head grips from the original Vaqueros are bringing in the $100-150 range.
  8. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    WTB Ruger Vaquero (old model) Birds Head

    Just an FYI, Those Ivorex bird's head grips are now bringing a premium.
  9. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    POWDER FOR 12 GA AND .38

    Promo - Basically the same as Red Dot. Only $20 cheaper per 8# keg.
  10. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    Hornady lnl and federal primers

    I think the whole "Federal primer" issue came about many years ago. IIRC Richard Lee and Federal had some kind of a disagreement. After that Lee added an "Except Federal" disclaimer to their manuals and documentation.
  11. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    Ruger Old Army 5.5" Stainless Fixed sight (SPF)

    Ruger only made 45's (the ones marked 44 are in fact 45 caliber also.)
  12. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    Oops! You forgot to Renew your SASS Membership!

    I got the same e-mail and then 2 hours later an Oops e-mail. I think we need to access SASS HQ a "P" penalty...
  13. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    Blood lead level

    Buy a case of baby wipes from Walmart. Keep them in your cart, automobile, reloading bench, casting area, etc. Use after every stage. Before eating. After casting or reloading. Any time handling ammo, etc. Wiped down your reloading handles, supplies, steering wheel, gun cart, etc. Might want to invest in filter masks too. They are about $15/100. Any time you have melted lead, wear them.
  14. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    Wisconsin State Wild Bunch Match AWESOME!!

    YES!!! Great fun! The weather was great. The food was great. The atmosphere was relaxed even though we were all competing. Plenty of good natured ribbing. Stages required just a bit of extra concentration at times. But overall were not overly difficult. As has been stated, Doc and Forrest put on a great match. Will be back next year, for sure!!! As a side note: Shell Stuffer was our only clean shooter....Well Done!
  15. Bramble Mountain Buzzard

    WTB rotary tumbler

    Hoss, get the larger pins. The smaller ones can get jammed in the flash holes. The larger ones don't.

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