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  1. I'm Back

    Welcome back Sarge!! Missed ya!!
  2. Help! How can we make the Wire represent SASS.

    I reckon I'll reply.. Just may not be helpful.. Me.. Like someone else posted.. seldom go to the saloon.. I'd miss a lot of stuff if it was moved over there.. I usually just click on the ol' wire.. Do I read every topic?? Nope some I have no interest in.. Off topic discussions? I think I've seen some concealed carry gun questions go on for a couple pages or more.. They weren't SASS but.. I'm ok with that.. They were interesting... AND "I trust the judgement and knowledge givin' out by my fellow cowpokes.." more than a lot of other folks.. I didn't know them from a load of hay nor they me.. but.. They've helped me out tremendously.. This ol' wire has vast knowledge to share.. There are very reputable posters on here that I trust.. Posting new members and welcoming them.. can't say I have a problem with it.. Just seems there's been a bunch lately.. That's ok.. I've skipped over some.. Sorry new members.. I reckon I didn't think anything was broke.. but maybe it is.. Don't think so tho.. But.. That's my thinkin only.. Rance Thinkin' some of us ol' farts hate change that's me.. Emoticans?? They're a good thing to use to show temperment..
  3. clubs and non sass members

    At our local club we don't require SASS membership.. We had a couple fellers always there to shoot with us fer quite a few years.. They weren't SASS members.. They were always welcomed. They were also purty darn good.. I heard them talking about going to our Illinois State match.. I mentioned to them they would have to have a SASS membership to shoot in that match.. They both signed up to enjoy the next step in this fun.. They still shoot and are still SASS members.. Rance Thinkin timing is everything sometimes..
  4. 1866 Uberti Help

    About the only difference? '73 has a separate screw to take off side plate.. edit: (lever can remain in rifle) '66 you have to take out the lever screw to take off side plate.. The trigger stays in the rifle in both.. Don't think ya need a main spring vise at all.. Rance
  5. WHO would YOU want to take lessons from?

    My instructor would be a person named "Patience " we'd have to have about 2 months together with them teachen'.. Me how to break all my bad habits to instill all the good stuff.. Rance Just me thinkin agin..
  6. Retiring from Marlin work

    Wider.. You've been a blessing on the wire... Take care.. Enjoy yer retirement.. Happy Thanksgiving!! Rance
  7. A Howdy and a noob question

    Howdy again Hardcase.. I've loaded my ammo for my Yellowboy and my '73 to OAL of 1.435 using 105 grain TC, 125 grain TC, and now 110 grain TC.. I crimp them in the crimp groove and that seems to be what theycome out at.. Seems you've done a lot of readin' and watchin' videos and seems ya want what ya want.. If ya get the Yellowboy don't ferget ta reinforce the little tab on the loading gate.. It ain't IF it breaks off as to WHEN it breaks.. Rance Just sayin' if'n yer minds made up.. Hardhead or Uuuhhhh.. Hardcase just a joke sir..
  8. A Howdy and a noob question

    Welcome to the party Hardcase.. you want a '66 Yellowboy 'cause they're purty.. Get it.. I started with a Yellowboy back in 03 'cause they were purty and I also wanted to shoot 38's.. Only thing I didn't care for was what Cliffhanger mentioned.. The drop in the stock.. Instead of putting my cheekbone down on the stock for the sight picture I had to learn to place my chin (jaw bone) against the stock for the sight picture.. About 3 years ago I switched to a '73 Deluxe pistol grip.. the stock fits my cheekbone for sighting.. I like it a lot better.. But I don't regret my Yellowboy years either.. Rance Thinkin' I didn't mind the polishing either Ya want it? Get it.. Enjoy it..
  9. Most reliable CAS rifle?

    This is what I was thinkin also.. I had a custom '73 built by a very well known gun builder a few years back.. When I ordered it I informed him my OAL was 1.435 and ask him to Please set the '73 up for that OAL.. He assured me he would.. upon receiving the '73.. It locked up immediately... I called them.. Explained the situation and they confessed they had forgotten to change the ramp angle.. That ramp angle mostly fixed the rifle.. but I also had to redo the length of my magazine spring.. Rance Just sayin' I'm Thinkin ya own one of the most reliables
  10. Shotshell load recommendations

    We are not allowed to post our loading criteria.. Maybe some cowpoke can personal message (PM) ya if yer set up for pm's.. Rance Just sayin...
  11. Gray AA hulls - worth reloading or trash?

    My partner in crime, Lacey Corsette likes her glitter shotgun shells.. I reload the gray AA's with the glitter so I can tell them apart from the rest.. Rance Thinkin' "I don't need no stinkin' glitter shells in my SxS
  12. 1873 Feed Issue

    Also check length of magazine spring while ya have it out.. With magazine cap screw out and no ammo in the tube.. magazine spring should stick out approximately 3".. seems I remember snipping my down a little at a time to about 2 5/8" before it fed correctly.. also made it easier loading the tube..

    Stoeger Coach Gun Supreme.. Dual improved cylinder chokes.. Double triggers.. same one since 2004
  14. What would you do?

    Wow.. If this is correct... I'm completely misinformed.. You're saying once the last shot is fired muzzle direction (the 170) doesn't matter?
  15. What would you do?

    Wow!! I never thought this thread would go the direction it has on some of the posts.. It wasn't about "did he" or "how could he possibly" break the 170.. but.. If I handled correctly.. AND yes... I know I didn't because I didn't call the SDQ.. The TO/RO of the club is of the +senior age also.. He follows the philosophy "It's just a local match".. Me.. I feel a shooter needs to be informed in case they should go to a BIG match or different club where the rules would be enforced.. Rance Thinkin' maybe I shouldn't have posted.. But.. exercise fer ya ta try at home.. Stand in front of your stage prop (table) Yer done shootin'.. Now yer cane, rifle and shotgun (on a sling) are laying there to be picked up.. Sling yer shotgun over yer right shoulder with yer left hand.. now bend over and pick up yer rifle with yer right hand.. and yer cane with the left hand.. turn and with a stiff leg walk to the unloading table.. Do ya really know where the muzzle of yer shotgun is pointing?? Reckon my regret is by not informing him early on in the match that he's breaking the 170 and not helping him carry his long guns.. OK.. Shame on me.. He was having a great time until I took the wind out of his sails and explaining his mistake..