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  1. How Many Marlin Rifles Have You Owned

    I have 2 "Spur Short Stroked" Marlins in SS.. I had Spur build them fer my wife Lacey before he retired.. Main match and backup.. Only criteria I gave Spur was that I'm not building 2 different bullet lengths for his Marlins and my '66.. I shoot 38's at 1.435 OAL.. He built them.. They work.. Rance Just sayin..
  2. Are there ways to help a counter(s)to see a miss(s)

    If you "know" it's a hit.. It's a hit.. If you "think" it's a hit.. It's a hit.. If you "think" it's a miss.. It's a hit.. If you "know" it's a miss.. It's a miss.. Benefit of doubt goes to the shooter.. and yes.. Spotters need to be moving.. following the shooter and not parked on a stool.. Especially moving for black powder shooters.. Rance Just my thinkin'
  3. Shucking Shotshells & Sticking

    This is my thinkin also.. Rance Just sayin
  4. Wow.....

    Uuuhhhh... I'd Get new leather.. I'd hate ta see ya give up them there sweets... Rance Just sayin..
  5. Pistol Grip '73 Rifle

    The throw is the same I think.. Short strokes will operate the same.. I went to a pistol grip '73 from a straight stock '66.. I didn't have any problems with the change over.. What I did like?? The way the Delux pistol grip '73 came up to my cheek for sighting.. and the checkering.. Standard!! Rance Thinkin' I'm a happy camper with it!!
  6. Stretching Hats

    About 25 years back I had a black 4X Stetson.. I got it for $20.. Size 7 1/8.. I wear 7 1/4 every time I stretched it out.. it drew back up.. affter about 6 months of this (duh.. Doesn't take me long) I realized the 1 inch leather braided hatband was always drawing it back in I clipped the hat band and it didn't draw back up anymore.. The stitching on the inside sweatband gave away on its own.. Rance Just sayin..
  7. Thanks for the Memories

    Dang.. So sorry to hear of the major ailments that has ensued on your family Gold Canyon Kid.. My thoughts are with you.. Please don't forget us.. You've always had respected opinions and advice.. Don't ferget us on this ol' wire.. Your knowledge is valuable and please keep in touch.. Rance Thinkin' ya can't get rid of us that easy.. but..Good Luck to ya..
  8. New 1866 Winchester/Moruki(sp?) brass needs polishing

    Get ya a tube of "Flitz".. Use very little on a soft cloth.. It easily takes it back to a mirror finish rubbing by hand.. Brownell's carry it.. Rance Thinkin' it worked on my Yellowboy fer years
  9. How fast is fast?

    I've always known I'd never be an overall big match winner.. I don't want to put in the practice time.. My goal.. At a big match.. be in the top 25% of all the shooters.. Rance Thinkin' I might pull off a high teen stage.. but I'm not consistent there..
  10. What are used 73s, going for average

    Thinkin that's mighty fair for both party's involved.. Rance Thinkin ya done good.. Ya got rid of shipping and FFL fee's too
  11. Which shot shell press do you like?

    I started with a Mec Sizemaster back when I started reloading shotshells.. After about 3 years I kinda got tired of pullin the handle 6 times (I think) fer a shell.. I Sold it and found a used Mec Grabber for less $$.. Rance Thinkin "Happy Camper"
  12. I'm Back

    Welcome back Sarge!! Missed ya!!
  13. Help! How can we make the Wire represent SASS.

    I reckon I'll reply.. Just may not be helpful.. Me.. Like someone else posted.. seldom go to the saloon.. I'd miss a lot of stuff if it was moved over there.. I usually just click on the ol' wire.. Do I read every topic?? Nope some I have no interest in.. Off topic discussions? I think I've seen some concealed carry gun questions go on for a couple pages or more.. They weren't SASS but.. I'm ok with that.. They were interesting... AND "I trust the judgement and knowledge givin' out by my fellow cowpokes.." more than a lot of other folks.. I didn't know them from a load of hay nor they me.. but.. They've helped me out tremendously.. This ol' wire has vast knowledge to share.. There are very reputable posters on here that I trust.. Posting new members and welcoming them.. can't say I have a problem with it.. Just seems there's been a bunch lately.. That's ok.. I've skipped over some.. Sorry new members.. I reckon I didn't think anything was broke.. but maybe it is.. Don't think so tho.. But.. That's my thinkin only.. Rance Thinkin' some of us ol' farts hate change that's me.. Emoticans?? They're a good thing to use to show temperment..
  14. clubs and non sass members

    At our local club we don't require SASS membership.. We had a couple fellers always there to shoot with us fer quite a few years.. They weren't SASS members.. They were always welcomed. They were also purty darn good.. I heard them talking about going to our Illinois State match.. I mentioned to them they would have to have a SASS membership to shoot in that match.. They both signed up to enjoy the next step in this fun.. They still shoot and are still SASS members.. Rance Thinkin timing is everything sometimes..
  15. 1866 Uberti Help

    About the only difference? '73 has a separate screw to take off side plate.. edit: (lever can remain in rifle) '66 you have to take out the lever screw to take off side plate.. The trigger stays in the rifle in both.. Don't think ya need a main spring vise at all.. Rance