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  1. Dimensions of the holes in a pistol holder rack?

    I still shoot old model Vaquero's Smoke... So I'm thinkin they'll fit.. I'm kind thinkin the outside diameter on many of the cylinders are the same.. The chamber bore inside the cylinder makes it a different cal. Yeah.. That's a simple statement.. I'm probably all wet I just don't think ya need to overthink it.. I made mine as a 4 pistol holder.. 2 sets.. I angled (turned) Each set of the 2 holes to the outside.. For easier access to a get the pistols from each side.. Rance
  2. Dimensions of the holes in a pistol holder rack?

    I've made mine like Tyrel did.. The round openings?? measure yer cylinders diameter and add a little..
  3. 66 jamming

    Charlie.. I don't think it is the recent ones only.. My first rifle was a '66 Yellowboy 38 special I bought in 2003.. It went thru 2 matches maybe.. 3rd. Match.. It broke off.. I got a feeling that it was just 38 special that had the weak loading gate tab.. Rance Thinkin ya just got lucky..
  4. The View from a President of a Club

    Great post.. Folks appreciate being thanked.. ya done good..
  5. 66 jamming

    RR.. Don't think that by bending that little back that it will stay.. It won't.. Do a search on '66 loading gate here on the wire.. You need to reinforce that little tab... Even if you get a new one.. Reinforce it with JB Weld before ya install it.. Rance Thinkin the folks that worked on yer '66 should have reinforced it before they sent it back to ya.. Just sayin.. Common problem..
  6. Aftermarket aluminum or stainless 73 magazines

    Seems there was a thread, maybe 3-4 months ago asking for the same information.. Seems, if I remember right, a well known cowpoke came on the thread and said the feller that was making them stopped.. Discontinued?? If I remember right.. Rance Thinkin that's my recollection but hey.. I'm old
  7. Need Custom Gunbelt

    I got my first one from Kirkpatrick Leather back in 2003.. I used it up until about 2012.. I have to say it held up very well.. I wanted different features it did not have.. I had enough shooting time under belt to then know what I wanted.. I then got one from Persimmon Dan.. Murphy's Custom Gun Leather.. I haven't regretted it once.. but.. He likes to take the time with YOU to personally have you try different belts, holsters, holster angles, holster positions.. etc.. Rance Thinkin' you've been supplied with many a good rig makers here
  8. stages in the life of a cowboy action shooter

    1st. year.. Shot my first match and got all my guns and gear over the winter.. Having fun.. Found a pair of comfortable boots.. 2nd. thru 6th. year.. Worked on speed, transitions.. Practice practice practice.. "I can do this" Still with the same pair of comfortable boots.. 7th. year.. Finally won my class at a major shoot.. "Wow!!" Same comfortable boots.. 8th. year.. I don't want to work (practice) this hard to win my class.. Stopped practicing.. Same boots.. 9th. year to now.. Taking it easier.. 14 years of shooting... Still with same pair of comfortable boots.. "Priceless" Rance
  9. ? about double barrel shotgun technique

    Well.. For the 7th. time... I always load two... Rance Thinkin' that's what I practice.. and I might need it..
  10. W/B and a Cowboy match at the same time

    We tried it up in this neck of the woods for a while.. It went good fer a couple matches.. But... They stopped doing it.. If'n I was you I'd keep an eye on yer cowboy shooters attendance.. They might tapered off quite a bit.. And ya wonder why.. They did up here.. I was one that " absolutely stopped" shooting cowboy matches at the local clubs when they put Wild Bunch in the same posse.. I was tired of chasing their brass out of auto's.. I never knew until I arrived if I was going to be on a WB posse.. I won't shirk the duties that need ta be done on a posse.. so I continued to shag brass.. So I quit going to those clubs.. Apparently other cowboy shooters felt the same way.. Rance Thinkin' ya need ta watch yer cowboy shooters attendance..
  11. I love this new Wire

    I can finally post pictures.. Thanks Rance
  12. Ruger Vaquero - short stroking - kit / gunsmith

    I belong to a small club.. I started shooting back on '03.. I did most of all my own gun work thru maybe 2009?? I practiced and worked my tail end off over those years.. FINALLY.. Got to be somebody to worry about stayin up with. Had a new shooter start up a few years back.... He had dollars.. Owned his own company.. Big bucks.. He started his first monthly match with stock guns.. Quality stuff.. But pure stock.. Within 2 of our monthly matches he had the premier "best you could buy" set of guns you could get... I was envious.. He didn't place any higher in our matches than previous.. He thought the guns would make the match for him.. I asked him how much he practiced.. Answer.. "Practice?? Maybe twice since I started." He gave up cowboy shootin after the first season.. Moral of this long winded story?? Like OLG said.. "The guns won't make the fast shooter.. Quality practice will.." Rance Just sayin'
  13. Spurs

    Nope.. I've scuffed the toes of my boots fer about 10-11 years now.. My spurs have a chain that goes in front of the heels to keep them down.. But.. I also have a spur ridge on my heels to keep them up.. Rance Thinking ya can add a chain but reckon ya can't add to your heels.. ya might try squeezin' them in tighter??
  14. Time To Fold My Tent??

    Reckon I'm in this camp.. 2 complaints?? And they win?? Don't think so.. Turkey Creek Red.. The offensive post is still on page 1 (Three GunCarts) It's a humorous post.. Not offensive at all. Rance Just sayin' My thinkin' only..
  15. You have Got to be Kidding.........

    I don't like getting into these posts.. But.. The original post in question was taken by me as very light heartedly .. I smiled while reading it.. it was a humorous post.. And the 5 responses posted afterwards.. Were humorous as well.. and yep.. I'm a Yankee (kinda) but .. I am as proud as heck of my fellow Southern boys.. I respect their pride of their flag. and love the way they display their feelings.. They don't hide them.. I sure hope 2 unknown complaints establishes "the rule" That would hurt my feelings.. Rance Thinkin' maybe the complainers are the pot stirrers.. Just sayin'