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  1. Coffee

    Scheint eine menge interesse an eine espresso maschine fur eine tavern zu sein. MT
  2. You can't earn more than one P on a stage... or can you?

    Thanks. Sorry, missed it. My error, thanks for pointing it out. MT
  3. You can't earn more than one P on a stage... or can you?

    Why wasn't it a "Spirit of the Game" penalty? Shooter even admitted why he did it. MT
  4. Welcome Grinnin Jim

    Welcome Grinnin Jim. I read you already jumped right in, and found that the game if fun and enjoyable by watching and helping without even firing a shot. Wait till your first round goes downrange and completes the circle, (50% shooting and 50% before, during and after the match fun). Again, Welcome. MT
  5. No more grenades???

    Boot Camp isn't like it was yesterdays either. MT
  6. 17 dead in another school shooting

    Just remember, when that happens, a new "evil" gun will be announced. Odd, that all that makes a gun evil is a pistol grip on a rifle and plastic furniture. MT Not sure if this is for everyone, but this was forwarded to me yesterday just how little these politician know, but invent. Amazing how these "stupid" people ever get elected. Follow up, testing a magazine "clip" firing 30 rds in half a second.
  7. 17 dead in another school shooting

    Amazed by the map, especially Illinois. Shows how much Chicago controls the state. Thanks for posting the map. MT
  8. Watch and you will learn. What is an Assault Rifle?

    Alpo, there are many FA firearms that cannot be owned by me nor anyone else, even if they were made before 1986. Be it a Thompson made in the 20s or 30s, or other fully automatic firearm. Only FA owned privately could be transferred after that date. The FA he is holding, will never be allowed for nor available to collectors nor private citizens. Since it is in and owned by the Police Department, they can sell or transfer to different law enforcements even out of state. They can also sell or transfer it to a Class 3 Dealer, but that dealer will never be able to sell it to you or me. A confiscated FA firearm, or one that has been converted, has to be destroyed, even a Class 3 Dealer or Law Enforcement Depart cannot own it. There was turned in several years back a rare German WW2 Fully Auto firearm, very rare. It had to be destroyed but even the police department that received it was trying for a waiver from ATF. I never heard if they did. The ATF has records of every legally owned Fully Automatic firearm, even those in law enforcement hands. Also every legally owned by civilians, and dealers, and those allowed for transfer to civilian hands. The video is pretty good in explaining , but there is further information you can get from ATF explaining fully what is and not legally to own by you nor me. Please watch video fully again when explained what is available. I would also recommend contacting Ruben Mendiola in Miami, website or call. He will be glad to help you on any questions on what is, and not available to the public. He has some that he can never sell to the public also. He is considered the top FA seller, and knowledge on Class 3 firearms. MT
  9. 17 dead in another school shooting

    In many country's it took only a decade or 2, here its happening, but so slowly many are unaware. But eventually we will be under complete control and reliance of the government for our daily existence. I believe the tipping point is in a very fragile state, only we the people will be responsible for which way it tips and the future. Once the balance is gone, its gone forever and there will be no recovery. Very well said Utah. MT Add: In this case, its the Government that is to blame, warning were there, warnings were telegraphed. Yet the Government, FBI, failed us. When very well, lives may have been saved, and this discussion would not be here.
  10. First Match Today

    I remember my first match, they used a calendar to time me. Then I was moved to a sundial. Congratulations, and the fun will continue. MT
  11. OOPs

    Many times these "oops" post get more views and feedbacks. Anyone else ever notice this? MT
  12. Watch and you will learn. What is an Assault Rifle?

    WOW! Unbelievable what I'm reading. As one that has owned and still owns, many legal fully autos over decades, reading this and some afterwards, I see many do not know what actually is available to civilians in FA firearms. The officer was correct, in 2 counts, "1- you cannot just walk into a gun shop and purchase a FA, 2 -that that FA is not available for civilian because maybe of date manufactured". There are many Thompsons, BARs, M16s, M14s, etc. That are or were in police arsenals, etc. That will never, or cannot be purchased by civilians, and only be transferred between dealers, or law enforcement agencies, but never available for civilian purchase. Believe me, if you want or are interested in a FA FIREARM, you need to fully understand what you can and cannot own, what you need to do to take it to the range, or out of state, etc. Maybe this will help some understand better. MT Added: It is misconception, even on gun owners that hurt us and used by those that want to take away guns, eventually all. There's a video on You Tube that were used by 2 Sanders and Clinton taking videos at a gun show and how surprised they were that Fully Auto weapons were being sold at a gun Show and could be bought easily with not even a background check. Both used this video at talk shows, etc. It was a fast glance over the numerous as they said, Fully Autos, turns out everyone of them was a Semi-auto. But those in the audience, were shocked, and mortified that these were so readily, and easily available. Tell a lie long enough, and eventually it will turn into the truth for those that don't know better.
  13. Question for Utah

    Thanks. Realized I also have a lot of variants canteens and covers I didn't think about. Very informative. MT
  14. 17 dead in another school shooting

    To question #2, (for some reason I can't get the article to appear here). The people perceive the ARs differently because in the late 80s, an article in the NYT started using using the AR as meaning "Assault Rifle", rather then Armalite Rifle. By using just the word "assault", it stigmatized the firearm as being evil. Other reporters, writers, quickly picked up on this new term, and the word "assault". Assault Rifle is a term used by the military, but on Fully Automatic capable firearms only. By turning this onto civilian, semi-auto also, it made the those unaware as a potential fully auto dangerous firearms. Numerous times when an AR15, semi-auto is used, or consficated, reporters have just written or said an Auto assault rifle was used. Talk, write enough, and you eventually put fear into people on the ARs. MT Call up "were the term assault rifle came from" you should get a better answer and complete. Remember the days of the "Evil Saturday Night Specials"? Get them off the street and crime would drop in Chicago, (actually written in 2 of Chicagos Newspapers). As a CAS, ask yourself what if, shootings are committed by a SA. Would the press come out and turn it into a evil firearm used since its inception as a choice of killings from the Old West, to TV and movie westerns. Or what if it had been a high capacity Glock, 1911, etc. eventually they will become the "Evil firearms: and go the way of the Saturday Night Specials. Think maybe? I ask.
  15. Question for Utah

    Thanks. By the way, you going to be shooting at Ides? MT Wasn't sure if the cross flaps were P2 or 3. Or when the drain/funnel holes were also made.