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  1. This is sure to be controversial, one way or another. MT
  2. Marshal Dan Troop 70448

    Sub coming through the ice

  3. Marshal Dan Troop 70448

    Did you see that?

  4. Marshal Dan Troop 70448

    Rule Clarification - example needed

    He sure did. Was ready to pop some pop corn, pull in a cool one, and watch the page numbers climb. MT
  5. Marshal Dan Troop 70448

    I knew a few of those names on the wall

  6. Marshal Dan Troop 70448

    Did you see that?

    I think there are many unexplained stories out there. Because of skeptics and also when you see things that are not explained, you wonder "what did I see"? True story: In mid 70s we were working on a project at Amoco in Joliet, Il. Myself and another Engineer that lived in the same area as myself, Goose Lake, Morris, Il., decided to work over and he could call his wife and I would drive him home. We finished around 11PM and headed home, taking the turnoff off I-55, driving down the 2 lane rd, coming to he only 4 way stop sign. To the right was the Dresden Nuclear Power Plant, straight ahead was a short woods then corn fields, 3 miles further was our turn-off to our subdivision, all homes were on 5 acres, so not many homes. As we passed the woods, suddenly from the left a large glowing green lighted object just above the corn stalks came streaking across the fields, across our path on the road and continued above the corn fields on our right. We stopped and got out to watch whatever it was and it continued at slightly ground level then rode to several hundred feet, stopped a moment then streak swiftly in a westward way. Finally we no longer could see anything but a slight glow, then nothing. We got back in the car, and we both said "did you see that? what was it?". He said we better not say anything, people will say we were crazy. Next day, an hourly employee who was working with us on the project, and owned a Laundromat also, always brought a sheet which contained police blotter type info on the previous 24hrs, and weather report. He mentioned that last night a Deputy Sheriff and many residents, rural and city of Morris had called the Sheriffs office up about seeing a large Green Disc in the sky at around 11:20PM to 11:45PM. The Deputy also said he seen it and made a report on same sighting, it was all written on the sheet. We read it, but said nothing.. Go figure. MT
  7. Marshal Dan Troop 70448

    Need Some Knee Mail - UPDATE! THEY WORKED!

    BlueJeans and myself are sending prayers. MT
  8. Marshal Dan Troop 70448

    Question for Combat fans end music score

    After completing the Fugitive series, wife and myself agreed to re-watch the complete Combat series, an episode every night. The question, does anyone know the name given to the haunting music usually played at the end? Here's a clip with that music, first starts at 1:15. then played from several other episodes. I been told its called "Saunders Theme". But have not seen it anywhere else so written. MT
  9. Marshal Dan Troop 70448

    One Movie, that's sure to be controversial this year

    Good question. I also wondered the same. MT
  10. Marshal Dan Troop 70448

    Random Wednesday question

    In the US, it was mandatory for "all" non citizens. I remember the requirement very well and the ads on TV and Radio ads each Dec and January very well. You went to the post office to get the forms. Not filling these forms out, would mean deportation. MT
  11. Marshal Dan Troop 70448

    Random Wednesday question

    Wonder why and when it was no longer required? MT
  12. Marshal Dan Troop 70448

    Random Wednesday question

    Good question. My father became a citizen after his required 6 years. Mother and us children still had to every January fill out the green cards. Then mother became a citizen, but did not make us kids automatically citizens. We had to wait till we were 17 then applied. Having to still, until we became citizens keep filling every January the alien cards out. But had to register for the draft even though not citizens yet. Then when it came time, take tests, then needed 2 non-family members to go to Danville, Federal building to be sworn in. We received our papers, a flag, booklet on the History of the Founding, a copy of the Declaration and Bill of Rights for framing. Don't know what it's like today. MT I don't think aliens have to fill out cards every year anymore. It was like Taxes in April advertised on Radio, TV every year reminding non citizens to fill out the required cards.
  13. Great little clip with the Duke on the Dean Martin Show. MT
  14. Marshal Dan Troop 70448

    Question for Combat fans end music score

    Thanks. Interesting that there were words to the Theme Music. Kind of like Gunsmoke which actually had a song to go along with the music, but never used. MT
  15. Marshal Dan Troop 70448

    Seeing the future, and it doesn't look good

    Seeing todays youth, and watching on TV the marches going on here in the USA and yes, even overseas on taking our guns. Watching protest at colleges when speakers that don't agree with their way of thinking or the way they are being brainwashed by teachers and professors, riots break out and property destroyed in order to protest and keep speakers away. These youth will be our leaders of tomorrow and will dictate our Freedoms, not only the 2nd Amendments, but also our Freedom of Speech, which they already dictate who may or may not speak or say at their colleges. These youths will be our voters, and leaders in the future, and dictate our laws and changes in our amendments. I can't imagine, getting together a march of pro 2nd Amendments, as do the anti gunners have and are getting recruits for their way of thinking. We're losing, from what I see. MT
  16. Marshal Dan Troop 70448

    F/S Short Stroke Kit small Caliber __SOLD___

    Forgot I had this. Sold a 73 Rifle in January, but the buyer was not a CAS and wanted the factory parts installed back in. I probable put a couple of hundred rounds through the Rifle, was not my match rifle. This is the Standard Small Caliber Short Stroke, (I used only 38 Specials in it). Also including the Aluminum Carrier. This was a Pioneer Short Stroke set. Asking SOLD, Free shipping, MT
  17. Marshal Dan Troop 70448

    Frontier Doctor

  18. Marshal Dan Troop 70448

    Team SASS...ever go there?

    Thank you. Appreciated. Only posted because we are CAS, a part of SASS and we use and own firearms, yet restricted to were we may discuss the 2nd amendment, and those opposed to our rights. MT
  19. Marshal Dan Troop 70448

    Team SASS...ever go there?

    No. I personally believe if discussions are held to a standard were personal attacks are not there, and discussions are kept at a adult level, no need to have another Forum. I know when myself and friends get together and have discussions, we don't have special places, or rooms only were we may discuss and hold 2nd Amendments discussions. In a way, the 2nd Amendment is a matter of Freedom and Rights. Having restrictions to only discuss, voice, them in certain places, areas, is not my cup of Tea. These are my feeling, and not meant as to change were these discussions are restricted or were they maybe discussed, or held. MT Lately I'm seeing more and more posts and discussions either locked or moved. Not only here, but several other Forums I follow, sometimes because of not being PC correct. Example: One Forum a post was locked because a poster referred to the several women posters as "Females". Words flew, post was locked. Seeing my post about the future being moved there, said it all for me. Can't even hold a discussion on our future which wasn't political, nor religious. Somehow it became and moved, with no explanation of why it qualifies for the move. Any future posts will be carefully mulled over by myself.
  20. Marshal Dan Troop 70448

    NRA Ponderings

    Hesitant to answer, seems lately everything related in one way or another about firearms gets moved to TEAM SASS. Walking fine line on what is PC, Political, and anything that maybe related to the 2nd Amendment that is allowed in the Saloon. MT
  21. Marshal Dan Troop 70448

    F/S Short Stroke Kit small Caliber __SOLD___

    Its listed as Standard by Pioneer. Best to check their website for further info. MT
  22. Marshal Dan Troop 70448

    F/S Taylor 73, 38 Special, ---SOLD----

    Would like to sell only F/F Florida area. Taylor .38 Special, short stroked by Pioneer, and Roughneck Rod did additional work on it.. Has straight trigger added and slicked further by Rough Neck Rod. SOLD. MT HAD THIS SOLD, but buyer never sent payment. SOLD.
  23. Vic Morrow did several US Army Specials for "The Big Picture" TV series, always thought this was his best one. Many may not remember this series. MT
  24. Marshal Dan Troop 70448

    Those that remember who "Yukon Eric" was

    Saw this on youtube, and had to watch. Those were the days. MT
  25. Marshal Dan Troop 70448

    The Husband and the Bachelor time for a chuckle

    Good sketch. MT

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