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  1. As I return from exile, I begin anew with an apology

    Welcome back J Mark I see 2 lessons here. MT
  2. Great shoot this weekend

    +1. MT
  3. Thanks to everyone that worked so hard to put on such an awesome match. Each year you outdo the previous match with such amazing stages. Again, Thanks for all the hard work that went into it, each and everyone worked hard, and it showed. MT
  4. Gunsmoke or Bonanza?

    Gunsmoke, especially the first 3 seasons which used many of the radio scripts and were really gritty. Also many changes to Mats costume until the one we're all familiar was worn. MT
  5. Best Video of how to shoot

    I don't ever remember since CAS, using the sights. Just look and concentrate my eyes at the center of my target and pull. MT
  6. For those of us, that are up there. "Fall Away"

    How true. Very well written. MT Many times, its "memories" that make those days seem like only yesterday. MT
  7. For those of us, that are up there. "Fall Away"

    This song reminded me at the time of mom and dad, today its me and the wife. How time passes so quickly. MT
  8. Christmas present question

    There were many things I wanted growing up, and for many reasons, never received. But always grateful for the things I did receive. Today those things were childhood wants, today I'm more grateful when I find things that enter my adult life an interest. The only thing left over from my childhood days were an interest in books. Especially those written before 1960s, be they westerns, sci-fis, or biographies. MT
  9. Been Spendin' Time With The Duke Lately

    Sons of Katy Elder is my favorite. I must watch it a dozen times a year, and never get tired of it. MT
  10. Mixed Messages

    Many of the "youth" you see today, will be the leaders of tomorrow. As much as what has eroded in the past few decades, maybe washed away and lost forever in the coming decades. Patriotism, and Freedom which the country was founded on may not exist then. Thanks to the teaching and brainwashing of their teachers and leaders of today. MT
  11. We didn't Sink the Bismark

    Now the other side of the story. MT
  12. Anyone watch this weeks NCIS episode?

    We actually watched it last night. Record and then fast forward through commercials. If you watched it and seen Gibbs pick up a small item at the antique barn and ask how much. 2 Dollars, and he said he would pay 5.00 for it. Anyone know what it was immediately? Well I did, an BlueJeans said no, it was something for a tool, etc. Made a bet and won. I just didn't tell her I had that same item. End of show, Gibbs revealed it was a part to a razor that his dad had in his foot locker. It fit into the handle, and when assembled made a complete razor. These were carried in pockets in the field. Here it is as what I have in my collection. If you find one, they are rare. MT
  13. Beware!

    I hope not. Leaving tomorrow to shoot "The Ides of March". MT
  14. Anyone watch this weeks NCIS episode?

    This is a shaving set that was sold at the PX during WW2, still has original blades wrapped. The Vet that gave it to me said that the PX gave a free comb also if the set was purchased. The comb is the original one given to the Vet when he bought the set. MT
  15. Welcome Gang US Khan!

    Welcome Gang US Khan to the best game in town. Thanks for sharing your story with us, and also your experiences with firearms, and thanks for your service. MT
  16. I keep seeing the signs...

    Here's some to enjoy. Seen these a while back. Good time to share them. MT
  17. We didn't Sink the Bismark

    One interesting event that took place during WW2 was the bombing of Oregon by a floatplane deivered by submarine. The Japanese floatplane dropped 2 incendiary bombs outside Brookings, OR. in the forest. The fire was seen and put out by Forest Rangers on duty. Its only hesecond time in History that an arial bombing took place. The other was in Arizona, Naco in 1929. MT
  18. Welcome Scotty Two Shotty!

    Well, Welcome back. MT
  19. We didn't Sink the Bismark

    There were a total of 23 Battleships that the Navy had from beginning of WW2 to the end. Only 2 were sunk, the Arizona and the Oklahoma. Although damaged and righted, the Oklahoma was to damaged to put into service, rather parts taken for rebuilding. As to Billy Mitchell's and crew showing that a plane can take out a ship, including Battleships, one must remember that no return fire was given from the captured German WW1 Battleship the Ostfriesland. She was anchored also. Yet during WW2 numerous Japanese attacks on a Battleship failed to bring down a single Battleship. The biggest losses for the US Navy duing WW2 were its Destroyers and Submarines. Torpedo Planes were far the best offense aginst Battleships, and cruiser, the heavily armed ships. There are many good books on the Japanese Battleships and their failure to make any impact, some stated here. Also the Bismarcks biggest mistake was rushing her into service when known problems should have been fixed which a trial run showed weaknesses, and problems. She was also sent out without the escorts usually given these large ships. She was powerfull yes, her gun crews were highy trained which can be check with the damages she made. But in the end, it was her weakness which were addressed during her sea trial, but were ignored and not dry docked, and rushed into service. MT Added: I'm weak on the Pacific War, and sure there are many thatcan correct me. But one thing alo, the German Navy was weak in its deployment of the Bismarck without escort ships as the other country did with its Battleships. They're thinking was that U-Boats could be deployed, and were but to late to help the Bismarck. One reason that so many lives were lost from the Bismarck. Word that U-Boats were headed to help her, and survivors of the Bismarck were left in the water after only picking a little over a 100 from the sea. I'll add, something I haven't mentioned, I had an Uncle who served aboard the Bismarck, Radar Operator Fritz Schlorff. He was lucky and picked up. A POW till 1947 when he was finally released.
  20. Here we go again. UFO's Navy release

    Heard of this on several news programs, maybe something to it. MT
  21. Order of the spur.

    Some may not be aware of this tradition. MT
  22. We didn't Sink the Bismark

    Bismarck had speed and do a hit and run, but the Japanese because of thicker armor could take substained hits. I'm sure the Bismarck as outclassed by the Japanese Yamato. MT
  23. We didn't Sink the Bismark

    As to tracking the Swordfish, in a previous encounter before this, another of its flaws besides unable to steer as most ships are capable of just using its props, which the Bismark was flawed at by design which was not considered. also previous Salvos fired by the turrets and position of its radars both fore and aft, concussion damaged their radar making them useless when tracking especially aircrafts. They actualy had very good radar, but were out of commision. The Bismark was relying on the Prinz Eugen for radar. The Bismark was rushed into the war, Items that were noted as problems, includng Radar position, and props unable to be used efficiently to steer ship in case of rudder failures were not done. Also the Bismark was to top its fuel tanks off, which again was not done. When fuel tanks were damaged, and sea water entered these tanks, the Bismark could not use its full potential of speed and almost cut in half their top speed, if topped off, may very well have gotten away, or close enough, U-Boats were already sent out, and been a different story. MT
  24. The Avenger Vic Morrow from "The Outlaw" series

    Many may not remember the series, but this is a great episode with Vic Morrow. MT