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    Arlington, Texas. The city that loves to spend my money on sports arenas.
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    My wife, my '65 Mustang Conv, and my shooting pals & gals.

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  1. Al OVERA, SASS#26238 Life

    All Sold PF - Grip Panels for Ruger Bisley

    Hey Preacher Man, if these come with the correct screws, I'll take the hard rubber sets. (2 pairs for 2 guns, right?) PM me with details. Al
  2. Al OVERA, SASS#26238 Life

    WTB Coyote Cap 93/97

    Steel Hunter, you have a PM Al
  3. Al OVERA, SASS#26238 Life


    PM sent. Stock is yours. Al M. W couldn't use it after all. Still available for shipping. Al
  4. Al OVERA, SASS#26238 Life


    I have up for grabs a really short '97 stock. This was on a gun I traded for and would be great for a small person or youth. Original stock. No cracks, no butt plate. Wood measures 10 & 1/2 in long from butt to receiver. Yours for shipping. Should fit in a med one rate box. Al
  5. Al OVERA, SASS#26238 Life

    SPF: Coyote Cap 1897 Shotgun. Latest version, Like new

    Just what I've been lookin' for. Went outta town and missed it. DARN!!! Al
  6. Al OVERA, SASS#26238 Life

    Looking to buy REAL Cap '97

    Free Bird, Heck'ofa good offer, but I need it for SASS. Wild Bunch is only Cowboy with a 1911. LOL. Al
  7. Al OVERA, SASS#26238 Life

    Marlin rebounding hammer question

    And what, exactly is his gripe? The action is so fast one can't discern it even working. MHO looking to solve a non problem by throwing money after it. Al
  8. Al OVERA, SASS#26238 Life

    Looking to buy REAL Cap '97

    BTT one time. Got a lead, need more. Al
  9. Al OVERA, SASS#26238 Life

    Looking to buy REAL Cap '97

    SOLD OUT!!
  10. Al OVERA, SASS#26238 Life

    Looking to buy REAL Cap '97

    A while back I purchased a Coyote Cap ,97 from the wire. Was assured it was the real thing. Paid the price + shipping and FFL fees, only to find it was a stock (at best) IAC that someone has electric pen etched Caps name on the receiver. Seller promptly went AWOL, I got burned. Lesson learned. Anyway, since then I have gone thru several '97s, original and IAC, but still would like the real thing. Anyone got one that they would let go that won't break my bank? I'd really like to do a FTF in Dallas, Ft Worth area so as to see what I'm getting this time. If not in this area, I'd like to see paper from Cap. Best to Y'all Al
  11. Al OVERA, SASS#26238 Life

    1873 Lube Tricks

    If you're shooting in cold weather, get rid of any grease. It will stiffen and slow the action. In hot weather it's OK, but in cold I use Starret machine oil. Thin and slick. Al
  12. Al OVERA, SASS#26238 Life

    WTB 1887 Shotgun***FOUND***Please Close

    Hate to bust yer bubble, but I believe ALL of them are Chineese made, regardless of the name on them.
  13. I have several competition  ready , all take down matching number Winchester 97' shotguns , cut to 20" & beaded , they all hold 6 rds. , with original length stocks  or shortened . $575.00 - $750.00 

    1. Al OVERA, SASS#26238 Life

      Al OVERA, SASS#26238 Life

      Thanks for the reply, but, priced well out of my price range.


    2. Splitthumb


      The one for $750.00 was my backup gun forever but only shot about 20 rds. , this one is a very nice shot gun , when I buy a better  97' ,  it goes in the safe and I cut the barrel down of the lesser nice shotgun . Most of my guns will close the action by just shaking it with one hand forward , they are that smooth , so , you get what you pay for , just like having your 73' short stroked .










  14. Do you ever shoot around San Antonio

    1. Al OVERA, SASS#26238 Life

      Al OVERA, SASS#26238 Life

      No, too far to go for a weekend shoot.  Nice place to visit tho.  Always enjoy the riverwalk area and, of course, a visit to the Alamo.


  15. You can contact Bo Diddley's widow she has a Dillon balance beam. I don't recall price.


    Email [email protected]  

    Tell  her I sent ya.



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