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    Arlington, Texas. The city that loves to spend my money on sports arenas.
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    My wife, my '65 Mustang Conv, and my shooting pals & gals.

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  1. Deal Pending..... IAC Winchester 93-97 12 ga.... w/Pics

    Sam, since I am local, what sorta' deal might we be able to work out? PM me. Al
  2. Eagle Grips

    Ya might be interested to know that ALL the Ruger Bisley grip frames are the same, "Old or New" Might help sales. A good day to ya. Al
  3. Remington Model 1858 Back Up FS

    does it have a dove tail front sight or a fixed post. Al
  4. Non SASS Mags needed

    I'm in the need of magazines for a High Standard Victor .22 pistol. Prefer original factory as aftermarket ones are iffy in function. These are specific to pistol models, so they need to be for the VICTOR. Long shot, but worth a try. What'cha got?? Al
  5. Non SASS guns for sale to buy SASS guns!

    That Remmie appears to be a cart conversion. Or do my eyes deceive me? Al
  6. Marlin 45 Cowboy,12ga Stoeger, Taurus 45 Lightning

    This guy has some of the most realistic prices on his stuff I have seen in a while. Better get on them before he realizes what he has. Al
  7. All Sold

    DDD, it's only fair, you came down, I should come up a tad. Done deal!!! Send me your address and I'll get funds on the way. A very Merry CHRISTmas to you and yours. AlOvera
  8. All Sold

    DDD I'm gonna leave the Casa for family Christmas tomorrow (Thur Dec 21) and will be back on the 26th. As such I will tender an offer of 50.00 shipped for the trigger guard and blued set trigger. Thanks for considering, Merry Christmas to you and yours. Al
  9. WTB Cowboy Express Sights for Marlin

    Hey Johnny, a Marbles flat top will work as well, if not better, IMHO. Al
  10. WTB Marlin sight

    Just order one from Brownels or direct from Marble.
  11. LOOKING FOR: 1873 SHORT RIFLE or CARBINE in 44-40

    Just look up in this listing. Grumpy Grampa has several. really nice prices too.
  12. ROA is back?

    Guess these will be Neoarmies. Just makes my original ones more valuable. LOL
  13. F/S CUSTOM PAIR OF 71/2 Bisleys 45 LC SOLD P/F

    Yup, photo crap bucket don't work. Al
  14. WTT Full custom belt rig for Ruger old army

    Do you want: Stainless, 7 1/2" or 5.5" bbl, blued in same, or 7 1/2" adj sights? Prices vary according to what you want. I doubt any of the choices will come in at or under the $450.00 mark. Al