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    Shooter of black powder cartridge rifles. Collector of commercial Husqvarna sporting rolling block rifles. Paddler of kayaks and canoes. Student of American pop-culture with special interest in early Atomic Age. Proponent of off-grid and green technologies for residential architecture. Walker of dogs. Shooter of pool. Master of the power nap.

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  1. Dusty Morningwood

    43 caliber Remington Rolling Block Carbine- collectable?

    Forestock not right. May have been a two banded musketoon at one time. Does the stock show signs of a cleaning rod channel? In any event, not an $800 gun. Action worth $250-300. Buttstock maybe worth $30 with the heinous carving. Go in armed with some comps and see if you can get it for $350. But .43 Egyptian is a bear to load for. It can be done, but gets kind of spendy. You can find good Argentine military rollers (made by Remington, of course) for $5-600 all day on Gunbroker. And they are .43 Spanish, which is much easier. Hope this helps.
  2. Dusty Morningwood

    Favorite Western and Lines

    My favorite line from "Big Jake." Martha McCandles: "I don't think we have any choice but to give them what they have asked for."
  3. Dusty Morningwood

    Favorite Western and Lines

    "Something to do with death."
  4. Dusty Morningwood

    1860 Henry movie scenes

    There was a "High Chaparral" episode where it was discovered that someone was selling Henrys to the Apaches. They made them sound almost mythical, when they were all armed with 73s and SAAs!
  5. Dusty Morningwood

    SOLD Swedish M67 Rolling Block Sporter

    Happy Friday!
  6. Dusty Morningwood

    SOLD Swedish M67 Rolling Block Sporter

    The original rimfire was 12.17x42R. The CF round is 12.7x44R.
  7. SOLD Chambered in 12.7 X 44R. Manufactured by Husqvarna in Sweden 1873 as the M67 military rifle. Converted for civilian use into a sporter configuration. Mounted in a good + walnut stock. Round 32 3/8” barrel with fixed front sight and adjustable rear sight retains about 75% plumb blue finish. Mechanically fine. VG bore. These are GREAT long range side match rifles for SASS and will easily ring steel at 200 yards if you do your part. It ain't a Montana Sharps, but it ain't $2000 neither! LOL. Antique ships right to your door. More pics available. SOLD.
  8. Dusty Morningwood

    SOLD Nice Swedish M67/89 Rolling Block

    Saturday Bump.
  9. Dusty Morningwood

    SOLD Nice Swedish M67 Rolling Block Sporter

  10. Dusty Morningwood

    Short Barrel Shotgun

    It'll just have to ship with its 18" barrel.
  11. Dusty Morningwood

    Short Barrel Shotgun

    OK. A follow-up question as to the "why." I have an antique rolling block shotgun barreled action. Bore is ruined. Trying to save a couple of bucks on shipping and also make it fit in mailbox. The action alone would fit in Small Flat Rate box, but My wobbly temp. work bench will not support torque needed to take barrel off. Buyer needs 5" stub on his end to remove. If I cut to O/A length of 8" and drill holes through stub, is it still considered a SBS? Or, does it being an antique make this moot?

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