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  1. 1866 in 44sp SPF

    If you want to have fun with one of these, install the carrier that will feed .44 Russian! That is what I have in my .44 Spl. 66. Heck, I like it even more than the Henry I had that shot .44 Russian.
  2. WTS .32 Winchester Special Reloading

  3. My "New" 28 Guage Rolling Block Rifle

    Yep. Many Gauge Guns were intended to shoot round balls or stubby conicals.
  4. My "New" 28 Guage Rolling Block Rifle

    I plan to medicate when I get home from work.
  5. My "New" 28 Guage Rolling Block Rifle

    The bore has an odd number of lands and grooves (7) with a 1:66 twist. Best I can tell from chamber and muzzle casts, the grooves are +/- .560. My original Number 4 Husqvarna 20 gauge rifle was designed for round balls, so I plan on following that route first. Maybe a minie' later.
  6. My "New" 28 Guage Rolling Block Rifle

    Picked up this nicely sporterized 28 gauge rolling block. The stocks just screamed to turn it into a rifle. Sent it to a smith and had the bore rifled. Approx. 55 caliber. Need to order brass, wads and balls soon. It will need a new rear sight. Had the smith put a tall front sight on it that can be filed down. The receiver pins and screws were rough, so ordered new ones. Still working on a firing pin.
  7. Remington gunsmith conversion pistol SPF

    That ... is ... way ... cool! Good catch, Wolfgang!
  8. SPF Winchester 1897 trench gun w/ bayonet

    Yep! I have a built up Stevens 520-30 with bayo. A heart-stopper for any house creep.
  9. WTS .32 Winchester Special Reloading

    Grabbed some out of each sorted bag. All .32 Win. Spl. Thanks.
  10. WTS .32 Winchester Special Reloading

    Not at home, but pretty sure it is all headstamped .32 Win. Spl. or .32 WS and maker. None of it appears to be blown out .30-30, but I will do a spot check when I get home.