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  1. howdy...do you still have that Husky RB???


    TO Curly Jim


  2. This is a Swedish M85 Engineers Carbine chambered in 12.7x44R. These evolved from the M64 breechloader to the M68 Rolling Block to the M85 Carbine. Its 17” barrel retains approx. 80% blue. Receiver on the right side is dated 1874. On the left side has the s/n. Some rust and pitting in the bore, which is common with this model which saw long use in several configurations. Missing front sling swivel. Would make a great Hog Gun for the stout of heart! Antique. Payment by USPS Money Order only. $550 shipped.
  3. WTS Swedish Rolling Block Rifle

    Bumpity, bump!

    BTT W/different rifle!

    BTT w/lower price.
  6. WTS Swedish Rolling Block Rifle

  7. Just want to say how much I love the new way we can post and delete photos here. Good job.
  8. WTS Swedish Rolling Block Rifle

    This is a sporterized Swedish M67 rolling block chambered in 12.7x44R Center fire . Its 32 5/8” barrel retains about 90% blue with a very good bore. Matching numbers. The blued action marked on the right side with H over 1872, left side with s/n. The barrel is marked on top with H over inspection initials, left side with s/n. Varnished forearm has a scratch on the right side, the left side has wear to varnish near the action. Stock, right side has medallion marked, VAPEN-DEPOTEN FALUN which was a large Swedish sporting goods company that did the modifications. $385 SHIPPED to your door. Payment by USPS Money Order only. More photos on request. PM me your email addy.
  9. Husqvarna Model 45 Single Shot .45-70

  10. SPF Nice Swedish Rolling Block

    SPF to Kougarok George.
  11. Did you see my 
    I"ll take it post from Saturday?


  12. The Husqvarna single shot rifle Model 45 was produced beginning in 1912 and ended in 1932. This model was called the "Älgstudsare" or Moose rifle. The bolt action system of the Model 45 is based on the 1871 Mauser system, with a flat bolt head. The octagonal barrel is 68 cm long (approx. 27 inch) and has a Good + bore. It is chambered for the .45-70 cartridge. The caliber is marked on top of the barrel "Husqvarna Vapenfabriks AB, Kal .45-70." It retains aprox. 70% plumb blue with some minor speckling. The sight is a flip sight for 2 distances; 60 m and 120 m. The front sight has a German silver inlay and is fixed with a screw on the barrel. The stock is made of walnut and has a pistol grip with checkering and is in VG condition. Since this uses the M71 action, it is "technically" a period single shot and could be used in side matches. Payment by USPS Money Order only. Asking $625 SHIPPED to a C&R or FFL.
  13. SPF Nice Swedish Rolling Block

  14. WTS COMPLETE Rolling Block Action

  15. WTS COMPLETE Rolling Block Action