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  1. The SASS Texas State Cowboy Match for 2019 is again hosted by the Texican Rangers on Stieler Ranch in Comfort Texas! Comancheria Days 2019 is a premier match on a premier range on a historic ranch in the Texas Hill Country and 2019 marks the 24th consecutive year for this match. Deadline for registration is February 1, 2019! Registration is limited to the first 300 applicants so as to accommodate the banquet hall limit. Last year this match was over-subscribed and there was a waiting list. THIS year, Cowboys and Cowgirls, be early with your application, send it in, slap leather, and let’s shoot. Don’t be left in the cactus and mesquite watching your compadres and other vaqueros enjoy the match! Beat’em to the draw and fire off that registration NOW! Visit: http://texicanrangers.org/comancheria-days/ Tombstone Mary has linked: “Click HERE: Registration” on that page. Download the form to your computer, and it’s a fillable form. Move along the form using the TAB key, enter your information, (don’t forget to check Wild Bunch or Plainsman), print it. You can pay with PayPal by adding fees to your CART on the Texicans website link above. But you must mail in your registration form too, otherwise Tombstone Mary will think that you are in limbo. Or include a check with your registration form if you prefer paper payments. Kinda like wanted posters. Registration is as easy and fast as falling off a horse! Make this happen soon! To contact the club secretary Tombstone Mary or the president and Match Director A.D. Texaz, use the contact form: http://texicanrangers.org/contact-us/ The Texican Rangers were awarded a SASS Wooly award at the opening ceremonies at The End of Trails Championship this year. The award recognizes the Club Members that make up the Texican Rangers; and the Range, the Stages and the Targets. It recognizes Comancheria Days – one of the longest continuous running matches in SASS. Draw that checkbook, cowpokes, and sign up now! Be an early bird!
  2. Grouchy Spike

    New Shooter!

    Congratulations Hoss! Grandparents and Grandkids go together like peanut butter and honey - they are made for each other! Grandkids spending summers with Grandpa and Grandma is like putting icing on the cake too.
  3. Grouchy Spike

    TO/RO blamed for a shooter breaking 170

    No good deed goes unpunished!
  4. Grouchy Spike

    prayers for my daughter

    Prayers for Heather and the family!
  5. Grouchy Spike

    Wanting to get into the Sport.

    I nominate Father Kit Cool Gun Garth as the Graphics Champion for his colorful and entertaining posts!
  6. Grouchy Spike

    1911 Magazine Recommendation Wild Bunch

    Brownells sells them: $36.99. Also sells the spring and follower. Top quality magazines. These are the ones that you might want for use in defensive 1911s.
  7. Grouchy Spike

    Powder for .45-70

    There is difference in felt recoil between Trail Boss and most other powders. TB feels softer, even though it's a fast powder. I use it in all cowboy loads for 38Sp, 44Sp, 45 Cowboy Sp, and 45LC, including 45 acp; and a 45-70 trapdoor for targets at and under 100 yds. Also in 7.5x55 Swiss. For other reduced loads in other military rifles, IMR 4064 and Alliant 2400 (carefully), sometimes Red Dot. For 9mm and 40 S&W, Clays, Power Pistol, or Bullseye, some Titegroup for Super 38. Probably should have settled on Unique for pistols and may life simple (and cheaper). The collection of powder is looking like the collection of bore cleaners.
  8. Grouchy Spike

    Bad Hand has passed

    Bad Hand (aka John Fifield), 24260 Life and a member of the Texican Rangers, has passed away Monday, January 16, 2017. Ride tall, Cowboy! http://www.carolinacremation.com/obituary/john-michael-fifield-salisbury

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