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  1. Grouchy Spike

    0608-0610 OK State Wild Bunch Championship

    Round count has been published and it's a bunch!: https://www.sassnet.com/wildbunch/forum/index.php?topic=2504.msg17301#new
  2. Grouchy Spike

    prayers for my daughter

    Prayers for Heather and the family!
  3. Grouchy Spike

    Wanting to get into the Sport.

    I nominate Father Kit Cool Gun Garth as the Graphics Champion for his colorful and entertaining posts!
  4. Grouchy Spike

    BAMM rifles

    The Mausers - FR7 and FR8 - rechambered for 7.62x51 used a 7.62 CETME cartridge, less powerful than Nato 7.62 or .308 Win. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FR8 I had both, rear sight adjustments were not very precise, maybe best used inside 50 yards (or meters). The FR7 in particular should not be fired with modern 7.62 or 308 factory loads.
  5. Grouchy Spike

    Travelin Jones has ridden off into the eternal sunset...

    Peace be unto Travelin Jones.
  6. Grouchy Spike

    BAMM rifles

    Paisano, The rifle must be unmodified externally,. Including the caliber, stock, and sights. Look for one that has good mechanicals, particularly the condition of the bore. Dark is not necessarily bad, but pits may be bad and eroded rifling and muzzle are bad. Many military cartridges had some corrosive primers early on. Here's a couple of observations: For older eyes, the rear peep sight (03A3, M1917, etc)is easier to use than an open notch particularly at longer target distance (100+ yds). For me, a bolt that cocks on closing is much easier to use than a cock on opening. YMMV. Mausers are extremely popular, and those versions that copy the 98 Mauser construction are stronger. Swedish Mausers are 6.5x55, soft shooters and usually accurate. Mosin Nagants (7.62x54R) are usually the least expensive bolts to purchase. Quality of the bore varies from good to bad. Apparently the Russians weren't keen on maintenance, but the Finns did a better job on their MNs. The K31 Swiss (7.5x55) is probably the fastest action with a straight-pull bolt, and every K31 I've seen has an excellent bore. The Lee Enfields (.303 British) are plentiful, has a bit clunky stripper clip. Before you buy a rifle, check the availability of brass, dies, and bullets. Norm Purcella is a good source for bullets 575-625-2825. Check Collectors Firearms in Houston for a good selection, although not cheap you can see the rifle before you buy. Once you begin shooting BAMM, you'll probably want join more matches. Thunder River Renegades host some BAMM action, as do Willow Hole Cowboys, Green Mountain Regulators, and the Texican Rangers. There's about 23 shooters in the southeast quadrant of the Great State of Texas (extending from Austin) who participate in BAMM, plus a bunch in North Texas/Oklahoma, and a couple from Butterfield Trail Regulators. A couple or three clubs offer a Doughboy Category, using a BAM rifle instead of the lever rifle in WB matches, shooting 5 or six shots at Cody Dixon Targets. Reloading advice is available. BAMM is growing in popularity!
  7. Grouchy Spike

    Oklahoma State Wild Bunch Championship.

    I'm signed up, so has Judge Hangin Knott.
  8. Grouchy Spike


    Ah well, it was the 'spirit' of the Government Model! Good action movie. It's the only movie that I've watched several times.
  9. Grouchy Spike

    4/28 Tex is going home from the hospital today!!

    Prayers for Tex and Cat!
  10. Grouchy Spike

    .45 Cowboy Special. Load Data

    Is this the manual ? http://www.survivorlibrary.com/library/hodgdon_2002_blackpowder_reloaders_manual.pdf
  11. Grouchy Spike

    Texas State match

    More scores are posted: http://texicanrangers.org/comancheria-days/
  12. Grouchy Spike

    Texas State match

    Some scores have been posted: http://texicanrangers.org/comancheria-days/
  13. Grouchy Spike

    1911 Magazine Recommendation Wild Bunch

    Brownells sells them: $36.99. Also sells the spring and follower. Top quality magazines. These are the ones that you might want for use in defensive 1911s.
  14. Grouchy Spike

    Texas State match

    Scores have been posted for Cowboy Main Match at: http://texicanrangers.org/comancheria-days/ Thanks to all of the participants for making this another successful Comancheria Days - hope to see all of y'all (that's plural) next year!
  15. Grouchy Spike

    Texas State Cowboy Championship - Comancheria Days 2018

    Tombstone Mary has published the Posse Lists: http://texicanrangers.org/uploads/Events/Comancheria Days/Posse Report.pdf

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