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  1. This Made Me Think Of Utah Bob.....

    Teacher wasn't happy with Bobby the day that picture was taken!!

    hoarse horse??
  3. Flyover freeze

    Might hit 37 this afternoon here!! Won't melt off much of the frozen stuff. Maybe 41 tomorrow afternoon. 50s this weekend!! 15 here right now.
  4. Cimarron pistolero hammer

    Boomstick did a fabulous job on a pair of '75 Remingtons for me!! I recommend him highly!!
  5. Remington 1858 Colt 51 Navy crossbread?

    That might be a neat project. Remington actually did that back in 1875, but they made a suppository shooter out of it too!!
  6. New to C&B. Questions?

    I never mix Black Powder and smokeless when shooting a match. I DO use a couple of smokeless shells behind a thorough spray of Windex after a day’s stages to clean the barrel/s of my shotgun. The smokeless shell takes all of the fouling and Black Powder residue out and down range without any scrubbing and then I just wipe down the gun and it’s good to go the next day. I completely disassemble and clean all my guns when I get home, a day or two after the match! I only shoot real Black Powder! Most of the substitutes are either corrosive or they just don’t shoot like the real thing!!
  7. New to C&B. Questions?

    At a two or three day match, I spray Balistol or Q Maxx BLU on the actions after removing the cylinders and wipe the cylinders down with a cloth soaked in the same cleaner. A quick look at the nipples and run a brush down barrels. I run my bore snake down the rifle barrel and spray and wipe the action with the same cleaner as with the pistols. If I’m using a SxS shotgun I spray a little Windex down the bores and shoot a couple of smokeless rounds and wipe down the gun. If I’m shooting a ‘97 (shooting Outlaw) or my lever action 10 ga. I’ll spray some Windex down the barrel, fire a round of smokeless, open the action and soak it down with one of cleaners mentioned above, then blow it out with some canned air and wipe it down. I’m done in fifteen minutes and ready for the next day. Save the heavy cleaning for when you get home.

    The Real Thing

    Gen Xers
  10. Cop Killer Parole Alert

    Done! My father was a Nashville Sheriffs Deputy, a criminal court officer, assistant supervisor of the Metro Jail, and a court officer in the Tennessee State Supreme Court. He still held a commission when he died. I remember that he mourned the loss of every officer, especially those lost in the line of duty!!!
  11. Safety Meeting

    Well then!! You COULD call it a scouting expedition!!

  13. OL Jake

    Noz is right!! There's also Cody Conager, Lasiter, and Willy McCoy that come to mind!!
  14. Why, the special interest in C & B Revolvers ?

    AWWWW Willie!!! Where's your sense of adventure???
  15. Safety Meeting

    And you know me!!! Forty!! you need to make a trip out here to Black Gold!! You could combine it with a visit to your kinfolks over in Nawth Calinah!!