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  1. Blackwater 53393

    Rainy Night in Jawja

    They ain't too happy out on the plains of Alabama either!! Auburn lost to Tennessee?? Really?? 'Course me 'n' J. Mark was hoping' they'd both lose!!
  2. Blackwater 53393

    Alpo. Are you still out there son?

    Glad you're safe, Pard!!
  3. Blackwater 53393

    He done did it!!!

    Great news, Forty!! Hope me 'n' Schoolmarm get to meet 'em the next time we're out there!!
  4. Blackwater 53393

    Best brass hull length for 10 ga 1887 lever shotgun

    The action is perhaps a little more robust, but the dimensions are the same if my own comparisons are correct. I have compared my 1901 to several '87s and they match up when one is laid over the other.
  5. Typical judicial "legislation"!! A total overreach by an obviously liberal "activist" judge!!
  6. Blackwater 53393

    New Officially UNOFFICIAL Steampunk rules for 2019

    Still no Gunfighter??
  7. Blackwater 53393

    TN State Champs and Results

    Couldn't get outta' the house!! I hate that I missed it!! Looked like 201 shooters completed the match!! I bet the banquet was ROCKIN'!!!
  8. Blackwater 53393

    Best brass hull length for 10 ga 1887 lever shotgun

    I'm using 2 7/8" in my Winchester 1901, which is basically the same gun.
  9. Blackwater 53393


  10. Blackwater 53393


  11. Blackwater 53393

    Largest East Coast SASS gathering

    The Black Gold Shootout in Manchester, KY had over 200 shooters this summer!! It is by no means the biggest shoot in the Eastern Time Zone, but it is CERTAINLY the most shooter friendly and probably the most entertaining! It has been described as "The family reunion that you go to because you like the whole family!" or words to that effect. If you leave there sad, sober, or hungry, it's because you wanted to! Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee state matches have all averaged around 200 shooters for several years now, and each has its own feel, but each has that big hospitality thing in common. We want you to come, have fun, and come back again!! Land Run and CAC are big matches where you and everyone else are treated like VIPs because that's what you are!! The most important folks at a match are the ones who pay the entry fee and travel whatever distance it takes to participate!! I can honestly say that that is how we've been treated at every one of the matches mentioned here!! I know that the Southeast Regional is the same way!! I've shot and vended and entertained with those folks as well!!
  12. Blackwater 53393


  13. Blackwater 53393

    NEW JEDI's: Angie Oakley and Praire Dawg

    Congratulations!! Welcome to the ranks!!
  14. Blackwater 53393

    WTC...Shooter has two pistols shooting gunfighter...

    Shoot Josey Wales!! SIMPLE!!!! Last two shots of the rifle string and the first two shots of the pistol string, shooting Gunfighter with the four pistol calibers! Rifle and pistol strings can be switched!
  15. Blackwater 53393

    Saw a Marlin 98 the other day

    I would first question it being an actual “98”. Those are REALLY rare. The $160.00 price is way low if it is a first issue model, if it is still all there. The shortened barrel reduces its value considerably. There are a number of versions of the Marlin exposed hammer pump shotgun that were produced in subsequent issues, all of which are covered by Marlin’s blanket disclaimer. I’d be interested in a true Marlin model 1898 hammer gun! The model 42 is the ultimate Marlin hammer pump shotgun!! It can be loaded with the action open and the one I have is very smooth and quite well built and appointed!!

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