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  1. Butch McGie, SASS#71758

    Ruger New Vaquero grips for sale

    Old model or New model?
  2. Butch McGie, SASS#71758

    Has This happened to You

    If she found them in the deep freeze, you are in trouble.....
  3. Butch McGie, SASS#71758

    New to me 1897 mfg 1906

    Is it a model C or a D?
  4. Butch McGie, SASS#71758

    12g 960FPS shotshell load info

    I don't think that SASS likes for us to post load data. Just saying.
  5. Butch McGie, SASS#71758

    30 30 brass

    Just got an email from Starline Brass. They now sell 30 30 brass. $87 per 250 post paid
  6. Butch McGie, SASS#71758

    Looking For A Few Once Fired 30-30 Brass

    Seems like remington 3030 brass stretches more than Winchester. At least IMHO.
  7. Butch McGie, SASS#71758

    cataract surgery lens options

    I had both eyes done with that option years ago. I am right eyed and it looks like my Left eye is the near vision eye. Check with the ophthalmologist. I have had no problems adjusting. Clear vision is wonderful. I can see the targets better but just as slowly.
  8. Butch McGie, SASS#71758

    I am needing some leather

    Kirkpatrick Leather makes nice holsters. Long hunter used to carry them. The ones I use allow one to pull the pistol by the front of the trigger guard instead of only by the grip handle, and have a nice slight forward cant.
  9. Butch McGie, SASS#71758

    How can I tell a new from old Vaquero?

    And the new model has the last three serial numbers engraved on the cylinder.
  10. Butch McGie, SASS#71758

    Territorial Prision Breakout Shoot

    Too bad they stopped having the Long Range. That is a good range for that.
  11. Butch McGie, SASS#71758

    Indian Wars Cavalry scouts

    Read "The Earth is Weeping" by Peter Cozzens. the best treatise I have seen on the Indian Wars. they were soldiers, civilians and fellow tribal members.
  12. Butch McGie, SASS#71758

    Starline brass life (Has anyone ever counted no. of cycles?)

    If I have a high primer, I would estimate that 90 % are old winchester brass. If I disassemble the round and run it thru again, the primer is flat. Wonder why?
  13. Butch McGie, SASS#71758

    UNOFFICIAL, Official Steampunk Cowboy / Cowgirl Guidelines

    I would wonder if some goggles might cut down on peripheral vision and be a safety hazard?
  14. Butch McGie, SASS#71758

    Found WTB Ruger Bearcat Factory grips

    I tried making some and they turned out satisfactory . The hard part is getting both the guide pin and the half circle at the top lined up.

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