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  1. What's on Your Head? Wool Hat Cleaning and ReShaping

    Crazy Crow has some beaded hat bands. Tandy leather has some webbing that looks like beads - called "1/2 " hitched webbing". Or you can take up loom beading and make your own. You need around 21" of what ever you choose to use.
  2. WTS Browning BSS 12ga sxs

    Did you make the three leg stool in the photo?
  3. .38 Special Handloads

    Polymer coated bullets keep your guns cleaner, and if you check Cheycast or Missouri bullets, as an example, they are just a few cents more.
  4. Dry firing

    I feel like transitions are the big time eaters. If you have a timer, place it where it will hear the first click of what ever gun you are using. And then just practice that one shot for a while. You will be amazed.
  5. Recovering From Rotator Cuff Surgery

    Had both done 6 and 4 yrs ago. Seems like it was 3 or 4 mo. Most important is PT starting as soon as your surgeon says. I found that the left repair( I am R handed) was the most painful as far as returning to shooting. Recoil , esp the SG, with the outstretched arm was painful. Hardly noticed it with the R side repair.
  6. 1873 Leather wrap

    It is not that hard to make your own pattern with a piece of white paper and a pen and a pair of scissors. One problem using someone else's pattern is the thickness of the leather, and the softness. then decide if you want the lacing on the bottom or which side - I have done it all ways and it doesn't matter. Each of our long guns has a different butt wrap. Make sure you are not putting the cut edge of the leather where your cheek rests on the stock. After I get the leather the size I want, I like to wet mold it prior to punching the lacing holes or drilling the sewing holes. If you screw up, start over. I made one that covers the crescent butt of my high wall. I had to wet mold that several times to get it to fit as a one piece wrap.
  7. Leather!

    Looks nice. Those brass spots aren't going to hurt your cheek with recoil, are they?
  8. I am needing some leather

    Kirkpatrick Leather makes nice holsters. Long hunter used to carry them. The ones I use allow one to pull the pistol by the front of the trigger guard instead of only by the grip handle, and have a nice slight forward cant.
  9. How can I tell a new from old Vaquero?

    And the new model has the last three serial numbers engraved on the cylinder.
  10. 2017 Kansas State Championship.. "THE BATTLE AT BUTTERFIELD" **Update 8-15-17**

    Is long range part of the state SASS match?
  11. Territorial Prision Breakout Shoot

    Too bad they stopped having the Long Range. That is a good range for that.
  12. Indian Wars Cavalry scouts

    Read "The Earth is Weeping" by Peter Cozzens. the best treatise I have seen on the Indian Wars. they were soldiers, civilians and fellow tribal members.
  13. Starline brass life (Has anyone ever counted no. of cycles?)

    If I have a high primer, I would estimate that 90 % are old winchester brass. If I disassemble the round and run it thru again, the primer is flat. Wonder why?
  14. UNOFFICIAL, Official Steampunk Cowboy / Cowgirl Guidelines

    I would wonder if some goggles might cut down on peripheral vision and be a safety hazard?