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  1. Tex Jones, SASS 2263

    Wednesday at Winter-range

    Thanks for the pics.
  2. Tex Jones, SASS 2263

    Winter Range...RAIN! Ahhhhh!

    I have shot in snow and rain. Sunny and in the 70s with low humidity is better.
  3. Tex Jones, SASS 2263

    Wire Slowdown update

    Slow in Texas.
  4. Tex Jones, SASS 2263

    Winter Range...Was Hoping I Would Be Going..

    Congratulations, Grandpa. Family is more important. Sign him up SASS can use new recruits.
  5. Tex Jones, SASS 2263


    I recall seeing some families at the match two years ago accompanying shooters. They weren't following the posses around, but were in the vendor areas while there was shooting going on. I don't know if it was "officially" sanctioned, and they were not in anyone's way. They probably all came together in the same vehicle. Probably best to contact the SASS office and ask them directly. If you locate Founders Ranch on Google maps you can get an idea of the layout. Basically, it's a row of bays, either 12 or 16, behind which are some permanent buildings for vendors and an additional open area behind them for vendors' tents. Those are in the middle and left side of the bays. The main tent, as well as some other tents are on the right side. Parking is on both sides of the range. Remember, bring nasal spray to keep sinuses. wet. Very dry there.
  6. Tex Jones, SASS 2263

    Call Matt Dillon! Someone cut the wire.

    Yep, deja vu all over again.
  7. Tex Jones, SASS 2263

    The Autry Museum

    I have been to the Autry Museum a couple of times over the years. Great collections. Well worth the visit.
  8. Tex Jones, SASS 2263

    Anne Bancroft or Katherine Ross

    Probably easier to take on Sam Elliot. Brooks was a combat engineer in WWII. He doesn't mention his service much, but defusing land mines and such in combat conditions makes for a tough man.
  9. Tex Jones, SASS 2263

    Slow wire??

    Stuff happens. Running fine now.
  10. Tex Jones, SASS 2263

    Slow wire??

    Yep. Really slow.
  11. Tex Jones, SASS 2263

    Would you shoot this match?

    Where, when?
  12. Tex Jones, SASS 2263

    Sheriffs Model SAA

    Cimarron Firearms lists one on their website, under SAAs.
  13. Tex Jones, SASS 2263

    Hopalong Cassidy

    Hoppy had an interesting life; riches to rags to riches. The Western Channel used to show a documentary on him with his widow, Grace appearing in it. She had some touching and funny stories about him.
  14. Tex Jones, SASS 2263

    Hello from a new guy!

    Welcome aboard, JR
  15. Tex Jones, SASS 2263

    A Question About Your Workspace

    Unless you plan to use the chair for resting, arms are really unnecessary. I had one old chair on rollers that had arms. The rollers allowed easy movement, but the arms constantly banged into the desk. If you're going to be sitting for any length of time sewing, the arms on the chair are just going to be in the way.

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