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  1. Tex Jones, SASS 2263

    Now don’t get me wrong

    Good for laughs. It's Hollywood, what can you expect?
  2. Tex Jones, SASS 2263

    Farewell to a fine Pennsylvania SASS club

    I was at that match also. Man, that was wet. Lots of folks around then. Remember Three Fingered Jake? He fired the fastest five rounds out of one of his pistols that I ever saw.
  3. Tex Jones, SASS 2263

    WTS Two Colt New Frontiers 7 1/2” 45 LC Price Dropped

    Not all numbers are listed. I have one that isn't on web site listing. You would have to call them.
  4. Tex Jones, SASS 2263

    New to SASS and CAS

    Welcome aboard. An old friend of mine used the tag line "The Old West of your Imagination" in his ads. Figure out what type of stuff; holsters, hats, clothing that you want before you order or you'll be buying stuff right and left (not that it's a bad thing). Plenty of hat makers to choose from, from the larger ones, Stetson or Resistol to some smaller ones, like D Bar J Hats who has outfitted many SASS shooters. Good luck and have fun.
  5. Tex Jones, SASS 2263

    New to SASS and CAS, lots to learn!

    Welcome to the mix. Plenty of good advice here. Be safe, have fun.
  6. Tex Jones, SASS 2263

    Elevated lead levels in new/young(ish) shooter

    Are you wearing gloves when handling used brass, or when reloading? You might try using coated bullets, if you're using the plain lead types. Also, try wiping down hands with D-lead wipes, or the ones sold by Hoppes. Wiping down the area around the tumbler is also something to consider as the dust spreads. Maybe dumping contents of the tumbler outside is possible.
  7. Tex Jones, SASS 2263

    Trailboss 45/70 jacketed bullett load

    Probably the best way to achieve higher velocities with that bullet is to change powders. The Hodgdon recommended max load for a 405 lead bullet using Trail Boss is 13 grs, which puts the velocity at around 1,000 fps. I doubt that you can go much beyond what you are loading and get higher velocity without compressing the powder. I would contact Hodgdon and get their opinion.
  8. Tex Jones, SASS 2263

    45-70 ammo help

    Black Hills and Ultramax make "cowboy" loads in the 1,000-1,250 fps range. They will be softer recoiling than Hornady's.
  9. Tex Jones, SASS 2263

    Farewell to a fine Pennsylvania SASS club

    I was there a couple of times. Remember the Gatling Gun? The Change brothers were always a hoot. Sorry to learn the club shut down.
  10. Tex Jones, SASS 2263

    Remember when you could fall asleep anywhere?

    On top of two foot lockers, any lecture by the chaplain, who told the DIs to stand down.
  11. Tex Jones, SASS 2263

    "I Took Out Another Grenade Threw It At Them"

    A fellow I served with was an Air force brat living in Korea, when he was younger. He said the ROKs used to give the Gurkhas a wide berth when they met them on civvy street.
  12. Tex Jones, SASS 2263

    "I Took Out Another Grenade Threw It At Them"

    Who would want to mess with him?
  13. Tex Jones, SASS 2263

    The storm has passed

    It came here. Snowing on and off, but heavier to the south.
  14. Tex Jones, SASS 2263

    Yeah, an inch or two they said. But by dawn’s early light..

    September's long range forecast was a warmer than average winter up here in MN. Only a handful of days above average in November with colder weather to come. So much for forecasts.
  15. Tex Jones, SASS 2263

    What Are You Reading

    If you're into history, try "Autumn of the Black Snake: The Creation of the U.S. Army and the Invasion that Opened The West," by William Hogeland.

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