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  1. BLACK GOLD SHOOTOUT 2018 !!!!

    Bring TWO!
  2. Winter Range family affair.

    Sorry you weren't able to make it out here Yusta B. Would love for you to have been able to share the match with them. And, yes, yer crew made a fine showin! Congrats to them all.
  3. Congradulations to National Wild Bunch Champions , Shell Stuffer and Dusty Darryl

    Congrats to the both of ya! And you too Back 40, you ain't no slouch!
  4. Let's here for the WR Rangers!!

    I agree 110%....they worked their tails off. Wonderful job by a fine bunch of cowboys and cowgirls!
  5. Congratulations Lodan B. Fast Frontiersman National Champion

    Congrats to ya Pard! It was great seein you and your lovely sidekick again!
  6. Slick McClade 2018 B- Western National Champion

    Congrats to ya again Slick! And to the rest of your crew as well!
  7. Hair Trigger Hayes champion Duelist at winter range.

    Congrats to ya my friend!
  8. Congrats DRAGON HILL DAVE Classic Cowboy National Champ

    Good job DHD!
  9. Congrats Boaz! FC Gunfighter National Champion!

    Congrats my friend!
  10. Congrats to Shamrock Sadie

    Congrats again! It was fun spendin time with you and Knott. And now you can go back to GUNFIGHTER!
  11. Cheyenne Culpepper 2018 Sr. Gunfighter National Champ

    Congrats CC! By the way, don't turn yer back when Fannie's around....that vest just might come up missin!!
  12. Congrats Stone Creek Drifter FCD National Champ

    Congrats Stoney!
  13. BLACK GOLD SHOOTOUT 2018 !!!!

    KK, are you bein' ornery again.....I mean still! If I know IM, she's transitioning alright....from fast to faster!
  14. I am now 'Widder'

    So shorter is better......hmmmmmm. Titus(who's thinkin' he'll keep the rest of his alias) A. Gnatsass
  15. People of Cowboy Action Shooting

    SASS Alias: Fannie Kicker SASS #: 71706 Where you are from: Missouri How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: 12 years