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  1. Titus A. Gnatsass, SASS #71705

    Prayers needed for a cowboy...

    Wow, don't have the words. Fannie Kicker and I offer our prayers and condolences. Hang in there pard. As many have said, your cowboy friends are there for ya. Let us know if you need anything, even just some one to talk to.
  2. Titus A. Gnatsass, SASS #71705

    BP load advice?

    Hey MGM, I'm assuming that you are using real BP with those standard lubed bullets. I, too, have never used BP lubed bullets. I've tried all the subs, yes they work fine, but I prefer real BP. Eight years now shooting almost exclusively real BP and no special lube. Yes, it requires a wee bit of attention (bore snake thru the rifle after each stage and depending on conditions, maybe a quick wipe down of the cylinder face on revolvers once during a 6 stage match) but as you said, it all becomes part of your routine.
  3. Titus A. Gnatsass, SASS #71705

    Comin at Cha

    Haven't missed one since 2009, no reason to quit now! See y'all at the Bar3.
  4. Titus A. Gnatsass, SASS #71705

    Congratulations to Stumpman

    Way to go buddy!
  5. Titus A. Gnatsass, SASS #71705

    Passing of Linda Dunnivan aka Loco Linda

    Fannie Kicker had touched base with Linda periodically over the last couple of years thru her illness. Very sweet lady, so sad to hear she has lost her battle. Prayers and condolences to Royce and the rest of her family.
  6. Titus A. Gnatsass, SASS #71705

    Anyone Heard from Ben Avery Camping?

    I requested my reservation online 7/9/18. I received an email confirmation 7/16/18. This is in the Ben Avery Clay Target Center Campground.
  7. Titus A. Gnatsass, SASS #71705

    A prayer for Mortimer Smith

    Fannie Kicker and I offer our condolences and prayers.
  8. Titus A. Gnatsass, SASS #71705

    Thank you to the Cottonwood Cowboys!

    This is a huge part of what keeps me (and I'm sure a whole bunch of other folks) loving this game. Bravo for the fine pards who helped you out this weekend! Glad to hear you got to spend some time on the range. Nuttin' like the smell of gunpowder and good comradery to help a fella bounce back.
  9. Titus A. Gnatsass, SASS #71705


    While I've donned many a costume at the Bar3(and a few other places as well) a big boob wasn't one of them. But if memory serves me correctly, that lovely cowgirl and her sidekick may have used my RV as a dressing room. Their initials are RM and BB(which doesn't stand for big boob)by the way.
  10. Titus A. Gnatsass, SASS #71705

    A Big Thank You

    Now there's a fine lookin bunch if I ever did see one! And it looks like we'll be seein most of y'all in a couple of days. Dang, Tombstone, ya even drug Ringer out!?!
  11. Titus A. Gnatsass, SASS #71705


    Ya just never know whut ole Titus is gonna have whipped up for a 'Black Gold' costume this year!
  12. Titus A. Gnatsass, SASS #71705


    60 candles! That must be one big birthday lasagna cake!
  13. Titus A. Gnatsass, SASS #71705


    Fannie says she'll fix a big salad to go with the lasagna.
  14. Titus A. Gnatsass, SASS #71705


    Yer makin lasagna for my birthday! I always knew there was sumthin' I liked about ya! Wonder whut might be on tap for dessert...maybe some APPLE PIE! Titus A.(this will be 8 years in a row spendin my birthday at Black Gold) Gnatsass
  15. Titus A. Gnatsass, SASS #71705


    Speaking of snicker-doodles has anyone heard from or about Skittles? I need to be on my guard. Skittles....aka The Sneaky Shepherd?

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