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  1. Titus A. Gnatsass, SASS #71705

    I am looking for Cowboy Carty’s Contact info

    From the Shady Creek Shootist web page. I assume it's still valid. 309-299-7843 [email protected]
  2. Titus A. Gnatsass, SASS #71705

    Winter Range Swap Meet - What the Heck?

    One would hope.
  3. Titus A. Gnatsass, SASS #71705

    Outlaw Bullets

    Another +1 for Waimea and Outlaw Bullets. Great product, great service, great price and a heckofa nice fella(even if he is an Outlaw!)
  4. Titus A. Gnatsass, SASS #71705

    Ladies Champion

    Windy, it was a pleasure to posse with you and Sassy. Man, can that gal shoot!! Congrats. Titus
  5. Titus A. Gnatsass, SASS #71705

    Bordertown is in the books

    Bordertown had been on Fannie Kicker and my bucket list of shoots we wanted to try for a while now. Man, are we glad we finally made it. GREAT MATCH! Loved nearly everything about it. We were also on Tn Tombstone's posse. We have shot with him fairly regularly now for several years, so we knew going in that he runs a good posse, no surprises there. The one thing that we agree with a lot of others at this match, we too think if would be an improvement to make it a 3 day, 4 stages each day match. As TnT stated, we saw lots of folks on our posse starting to 'fade' on the last couple of stages, especially on the second day. Other than that, this was one of the most enjoyable matches we've shot. You can bet that Bordertown, even though we've checked it off our bucket list, is one we WILL come back to! Titus A.(who was simply amazed at what transpired when Windy City Red got the microphone) Gnatsass
  6. Titus A. Gnatsass, SASS #71705

    Comin At Cha pictures and videos

    Thanks for taking the time for this, RR. Fannie and I had a ball with you and 'Bad Sandy.' Lookin forward to our next chance to see y'all. Winter Range?
  7. Titus A. Gnatsass, SASS #71705

    Comin at Cha......"Done"

    Wonderful time, as always, at the Bar 3 Ranch! Great to see lots of old friends, met some new ones, put some more faces to names. RR, it was good to see you and your lovely wife again, looking forward to next time. And like your title says.....we're DUN.
  8. Titus A. Gnatsass, SASS #71705

    Prayers needed for a cowboy...

    Wow, don't have the words. Fannie Kicker and I offer our prayers and condolences. Hang in there pard. As many have said, your cowboy friends are there for ya. Let us know if you need anything, even just some one to talk to.
  9. Titus A. Gnatsass, SASS #71705

    BP load advice?

    Hey MGM, I'm assuming that you are using real BP with those standard lubed bullets. I, too, have never used BP lubed bullets. I've tried all the subs, yes they work fine, but I prefer real BP. Eight years now shooting almost exclusively real BP and no special lube. Yes, it requires a wee bit of attention (bore snake thru the rifle after each stage and depending on conditions, maybe a quick wipe down of the cylinder face on revolvers once during a 6 stage match) but as you said, it all becomes part of your routine.
  10. Titus A. Gnatsass, SASS #71705

    Comin at Cha

    Haven't missed one since 2009, no reason to quit now! See y'all at the Bar3.
  11. Titus A. Gnatsass, SASS #71705

    Congratulations to Stumpman

    Way to go buddy!
  12. Titus A. Gnatsass, SASS #71705

    Passing of Linda Dunnivan aka Loco Linda

    Fannie Kicker had touched base with Linda periodically over the last couple of years thru her illness. Very sweet lady, so sad to hear she has lost her battle. Prayers and condolences to Royce and the rest of her family.
  13. Titus A. Gnatsass, SASS #71705

    Butterfied Gulch Gang.. Presents "SEIGE AT CLARK'S STATION" 2019 **Update 7-20-18**

    Fannie and I should be back from wintering in Arizona by the first of May. We plan on bein there. Had a great time at this years match. And if I got a say in this, I know who I want to write the stages again!
  14. Titus A. Gnatsass, SASS #71705

    cataract surgery lens options

    Before having lenses implanted that correct distance in one eye and close up in the other, I would recommend having a pair of glasses made to do this. This option is not for everyone. I tried the glasses prior to having my cataract surgery a couple of years ago. I could never adjust to the different lenses for each eye. I felt disoriented, didn't have good depth perception and after about an hour of trying to adjust I developed a severe headache. I tried them several times with the same result. I'm very glad my eye dr. suggested trying the glasses first! So with that option being ruled out I opted to go with a new multifocal lens called Symfony. It gained FDA approval in July 2016 for use in the USA. It had been on the market for a couple of years prior to that in other countries. I'm pleased with these lenses. I do need 1.5 readers for very fine print, but for the most part, I'm glasses free. My surgeon discussed all of my options prior to surgery and we decided to go with the Symfony lenses to match my lifestyle. He told me that no matter which option I chose, I would most likely need readers at times due to the fact that I had had Radial Keratomy (RK) vision correction surgery years ago. RK involved making small cuts in the cornea of the eyes which reshaped the eye as it healed, thereby changing the focal point to correct your vision. This was the procedure that was used prior to Lasik. RK patients have a greater chance of needing corrective glasses after cataract surgery than those who have not had it. Overall I am very satisfied with the results. Hope all goes well for you.

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