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  1. Wyatt Hurts SASS#72737

    Doc Noper - great leathersmith

    I am very pleased with, and proud to have, the 1st B Western rig made by Doc. Wyatt Hurts
  2. Wyatt Hurts SASS#72737

    two revolvers out at the same time

    AS a B Western shooter, YES, YES I can. Now can I shoot faster that way well No, No I can't, well not yet.
  3. Wyatt Hurts SASS#72737

    Cowboy Shooting Paper

    Hi Kaya, As an educator I want to first tell you that you wrote a great paper. I also want to compliment you for having the courage to write about a positive, pro-gun, organization at a time when any positive remarks on this topic are seen as horrific by the left slanted views that dominate public education. In my eyes you deserve m ore that a high grade for your paper, you deserve accolades for speaking you beliefs. You show all that is good and right with SASS and the wonderful young people who are a part of it. No pressure but the future of SASS, the second amendment, and the America we all love, is depending on you and other like minded young people for its very survival! Wyatt Hurts
  4. Wyatt Hurts SASS#72737

    How far do YOU go? Alias and Story

    Gee it Hurts and Oh it Hurts were already taken Wyatt Hurts
  5. Hi Kid hope you and Emma are doing well. I keep trying to push your Marlin back to the top and want someone to buy it... I would have to put a lot additional into it with mods but it is tempting... my sister has two of them.


    Best wishes


    Wyatt Hurts

    1. Chelsea Kid, #47400

      Chelsea Kid, #47400



      Thanks for bumping it up.  We are doing well as now Emma is retired as well. Lot's of changes in our life, for the good. Look forward to seeing you over at Circle-K.



  6. PM me the details and how you wish to be paid pard.


    1. Up Range Exchange

      Up Range Exchange

      Paypal, Check or Money Order is fine with me.


      If using Paypal, please send $57.20 to [email protected]


      Check or Money Order, please make out to:

      Up Range Exchange

      13880 Louisville St. NE

      Paris, Ohio 44669


      Also send me your mailing address and I will get your shirts out to you as soon as possible.


      Thank you! Buckaroo Bubba, Up Range Exchange

    2. Up Range Exchange

      Up Range Exchange

      Just curious, did my PM that I sent last night not get to you?


      Wanted to make sure I didn't miss something. Thanks.. Bubba

  7. I got your message on email but could not answer it. No, I am not interested in selling my Spur. Thanks,


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