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  1. WTC Round 9 on the carrier

    Ok, I am sure this has been asked and answered MANY times but the Winter has my mind less than sure. Shooter shoots the rifle as his 1st gun fires 9 rounds leaves 1 round on the carrier, lever open and goes to his second gun but does NOT touch it, RO yells "1 more" and the shooter goes back to his rifle, picks up the rifle shoots the 10th round and then proceeds to finish the stage properly. So is there a minor safety for setting the rifle down with the 10th round on the carrier or is it a no call? Wyatt Hurts
  2. Bent hammers

    I will get you some pics this weekend... see you soon pard Wyatt Hurts
  3. Bent hammers

    I have hammers done by Boomstick Jay...What I need is someone who can give me thumbs that work as fast as yours! Wyatt Hurts
  4. I am now 'Widder'

    Now is this a modification that lets you shoot even faster too
  5. SPF Marlin Phantom Trigger for sale

    It's yours pard. PM me your address
  6. Marlin 1894 Phantom trigger users

    They work well. I like the straighter trigger. I have an extra new in package one for sale in the classified if you are interested and want to save a few bucks on one. Wyatt Hurts
  7. SPF Marlin Phantom Trigger for sale

    New in package: Blue Steel, one piece trigger/sear design. This trigger system has two main functions (1) It prevents the Marlin trigger bite caused by the factory curved trigger. Because of its set back design and straighter target style trigger it also offers a better trigger feel, (2) It is mated to the sear thus eliminating the factory marlin trigger flop issue that every marlin rifle has. This is a complete drop in trigger system. $60 shipped........... they go for $66 + $5 for shipping ($71)
  8. How far do YOU go? Alias and Story

    Gee it Hurts and Oh it Hurts were already taken Wyatt Hurts
  9. Newb equipment question

    It may not be the option you pick but I am right handed and left eye dominant. I taught myself to shoot my long guns left handed and I shoot my handguns like a righty in the Isosceles stance but with my right foot slightly forward (has me in position to shoulder a long gun). Wyatt Hurts
  10. Pocket Pistols

    Nice to know there is not a need to put cash into smithing. What would you consider a reasonable price range to be on a 4th model 38 in good condition? Wyatt Hurts
  11. New style Marlin '94 extractor on the market

    Mine is option #2 and also parallel and working great. Wyatt Hurts
  12. New style Marlin '94 extractor on the market

    Wow that angle does not look right at all! Contact them at RPP, Kimberly is awesome and took VERY good care of me when I had a concern. Wyatt Hurts
  13. Pocket Pistols

    Some wonderful examples and thanks to all who were kind enough to show off their toys. Wondering what the most common problems are with guns of these vintages (what to look out for when buying and what parts are most likely to need to be replaced). Also, for those who do side matches with pocket pistol, have you had any work done by any to the great cowboy gunsmiths out there and if so by whom? Wyatt Hurts
  14. Pocket Pistols

    I know some of you are super into this side event. What are you using and how much smithing is involved and who do feel does top level work on pocket pistols? Wyatt Hurts
  15. Pocket Pistols

    Well with cabin fever in full swing I am thinking about getting a pocket pistol for side events. What do you all see as the best quality and best value....bang for the buck? Wyatt Hurts