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  1. SKB 100 Stock What's a fair price

    Thanks Mudflat, I want to be fair to the guy so I was trying to get a feel for a price range
  2. SKB 100 Stock What's a fair price

    Thank you that's a good piece of information to know. I will keep you in mind too. Would your stocks need to be finished or is that already done by you? Thanks
  3. SKB 100 Stock What's a fair price

    I have a chance to buy an original SKB 100 stock no cracks no dings. Not a fancy grade wood but nice. The guy wants me to make him an offer. What is a fair price? Thanks Wyatt Hurts
  4. PM me the details and how you wish to be paid pard.


    1. Up Range Exchange

      Up Range Exchange

      Paypal, Check or Money Order is fine with me.


      If using Paypal, please send $57.20 to [email protected]


      Check or Money Order, please make out to:

      Up Range Exchange

      13880 Louisville St. NE

      Paris, Ohio 44669


      Also send me your mailing address and I will get your shirts out to you as soon as possible.


      Thank you! Buckaroo Bubba, Up Range Exchange

    2. Up Range Exchange

      Up Range Exchange

      Just curious, did my PM that I sent last night not get to you?


      Wanted to make sure I didn't miss something. Thanks.. Bubba

  5. The Showdown Vlll

    I want to send my thanks also to Dusty and Vic and thank the RO's. This is a great 3 day match and I am already working on wardrobe choices for next year Wyatt Hurts
  6. WTC

    Not to put the TO in a bad light but the TO went with the shooter down range and did not see the rifle was staged horizontally until the completion of the stage. So then, what is the penalty? SDQ? a P? Does it matter if only the shooter went in front of the muzzle
  7. WTC

    Rifle and shot gun are staged at the same position. Shooter is to shoot the rifle string then restage the rifle vertically and move forward with the shotgun. The shooter instead restages the rifle horizontally and walks in front of the muzzle in the act of completing the stage. What is the call? What is the call if the TO walks in front of that improperly staged rifle? Is there a difference if it is the shooter or the TO who walk in front of said muzzle? Wyatt Hurts 72737
  8. Slick McClade- B-Western World Champion

    Congratulations Slick... Wyatt Hurts
  9. Shamrock Sadie - Lady Gunfighter World Champion

    Congratulations Cowgirl... great shooting! Wyatt Hurts
  10. Rowdy Bill - Cattle Baron World Champion

    Awesome Bill, congratulations!!! Wyatt Hurts
  11. Stuff for free!

    Hi Renegade, As soon as I can find her, she will be on the way to you. Enjoy Pard. Wyatt
  12. Stuff for free!

    Hi Pit Bull Tex, I would be grateful if you could send me some empty 12 gauge dummy shells. I think I have a new in package leather SASS badge holder I can offer up to anyone who has a need. Thanks much, Wyatt Hurts
  13. Stuff for free!

    Hi Rev, Send me your mailing address and it is yours and welcome to SASS
  14. Stuff for free!

    Carved Brown Leather gun belt. Has the old spelling of my alias on it but that can be hidden easy if you put extra rounds into the 38 Cal. loops on the back. Belt should fit 32 to 36 inch waist.
  15. I got your message on email but could not answer it. No, I am not interested in selling my Spur. Thanks,