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  1. Gun belt recommendations

    Doc Noper or Rod Kibbler
  2. Ruger vaquero base pins?

    Any opinions on the after market pins, Power Custom or Belt Mt any advantage to one over the other? Wyatt Hurts
  3. Hi Kid hope you and Emma are doing well. I keep trying to push your Marlin back to the top and want someone to buy it... I would have to put a lot additional into it with mods but it is tempting... my sister has two of them.


    Best wishes


    Wyatt Hurts

    1. Chelsea Kid, #47400

      Chelsea Kid, #47400



      Thanks for bumping it up.  We are doing well as now Emma is retired as well. Lot's of changes in our life, for the good. Look forward to seeing you over at Circle-K.



  4. Marlin 1894 32 H&R

    Someone needs to snatch this rifle up! Look how pristine it is and I can tell you that you are dealing with good pards here. Wyatt Hurts
  5. Marlin 1894 32 H&R

    Smiles, wish I could add it to my collection but if I buy another Marlin I will have to change my initials to JM... someone BIY this take the temptation away
  6. New style Marlin '94 extractor on the market

    RPP are good people; their R and D guy Adam and I are going to do a little telephone diagnosis in the near future.... stay tuned ... Wyatt Hurts
  7. Marlin 1894 32 H&R

    Mighty pretty lil JM there pard... WAY too tempting Wyatt Hurts
  8. New style Marlin '94 extractor on the market

    Hi OLG. Yes I am sure it was the right one of the 3 options. There might be a Pard in TN who could fill you in on the details. Wyatt Hurts
  9. New style Marlin '94 extractor on the market

    I too bought one a while back. It is VERY smooth but in my JM 38 Marlin the ejections were not consistent. After sending her to a well known Marlin Guru that we all know and love, he noticed that case rim thickness was an issue. He was able to get more consistent ejections using a tuned extractor of traditional design. YMMV Wyatt Hurts
  10. Retiring from Marlin work

    How can I say thank you enough for ALL of your help Widder. You are not just a great gunsmith, you are one of those special people who make SASS what it is. Once the holidays are over we can talk about that darn lever plunger spring...You earned the right to step away from those gremlins that hide deep in some of our Marlins. hope you don't wear out those 97's too fast with all that extra practice time Wyatt Hurts
  11. SKB 100 Stock What's a fair price

    Thanks Mudflat, I want to be fair to the guy so I was trying to get a feel for a price range
  12. SKB 100 Stock What's a fair price

    Thank you that's a good piece of information to know. I will keep you in mind too. Would your stocks need to be finished or is that already done by you? Thanks
  13. SKB 100 Stock What's a fair price

    I have a chance to buy an original SKB 100 stock no cracks no dings. Not a fancy grade wood but nice. The guy wants me to make him an offer. What is a fair price? Thanks Wyatt Hurts
  14. PM me the details and how you wish to be paid pard.


    1. Up Range Exchange

      Up Range Exchange

      Paypal, Check or Money Order is fine with me.


      If using Paypal, please send $57.20 to [email protected]


      Check or Money Order, please make out to:

      Up Range Exchange

      13880 Louisville St. NE

      Paris, Ohio 44669


      Also send me your mailing address and I will get your shirts out to you as soon as possible.


      Thank you! Buckaroo Bubba, Up Range Exchange

    2. Up Range Exchange

      Up Range Exchange

      Just curious, did my PM that I sent last night not get to you?


      Wanted to make sure I didn't miss something. Thanks.. Bubba

  15. The Showdown Vlll

    I want to send my thanks also to Dusty and Vic and thank the RO's. This is a great 3 day match and I am already working on wardrobe choices for next year Wyatt Hurts