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  1. Arcadia Outlaw SASS#71385

    Youtube is not always wonderful for how to vids

    It's a good idea to read the comments below videos a lot of times folks will say "that's wrong, you should do this" or something to that effect a lot of times I will scroll to comments to see if video is worth watching AO
  2. Arcadia Outlaw SASS#71385

    WTC TO

    If nobody is touching the gun it's not sweeping anybody until somebody touches it, I have no problem going down range with a gun pointing down range as long as nobody is touching it, once a shooter is past the muzzle or in front of muzzle don't touch a gun is the best policy , that being said a stage should have stage instructions telling shooter where to point gun "safe direction " , the shooter gets a P if they don't for not following instructions
  3. Arcadia Outlaw SASS#71385

    Cody-matic questions

    Check out how the main spring screw is set, typically the screw that holds the spring in place is set a thread or two loose on purpose, typically Cody tunes the springs for lever & lifter so they can be tightened all the way, you can always try tightening before loosening for disassembly and count turns if they can be tightened AO
  4. Arcadia Outlaw SASS#71385

    POWDER FOR 12 GA AND .38

    Red Dot & Clay Dot AO
  5. Arcadia Outlaw SASS#71385

    Lucky Jake

    Lucky Jake, He put up a great fight He will be missed for sure, AO
  6. Arcadia Outlaw SASS#71385

    Whats the Call

    I can see where it can be confusing as far as minor safety goes because the rifle did not have a rd on carrier or chamber, minor safety for rd on carrier and SDQ for rd in chamber according to OP rifle had neither, my original call in my mind was two misses for unfired rds not realizing rds in magazine was minor safety as well AO
  7. Arcadia Outlaw SASS#71385

    Finding the holster

    I always tell people try different techniques see what works for you, put it on a timer as well , what feels fast may not be and vice versa. AO for me personally I kind of give a glance as I reholster,
  8. Arcadia Outlaw SASS#71385

    Please keep Angus McNasty in your thoughts......

    Yes me & Willow hope Angus has a quick recovery, a guy that looks like he's always having fun ! AO
  9. Arcadia Outlaw SASS#71385

    Vaquero prolem

    Not sure why Ruger makes the cross pin on short side, Sometimes pin will get to one side ( wrong side)in hammer and make a burr on plunger then it locks up gun, I've made my own cross pins out of drill bits and made almost full width of hammer and keep extra plungers as this is somewhat a weak link in the gun AO
  10. Arcadia Outlaw SASS#71385

    Sad News - Brucester Diamond

    Brucester Diamond was part of the Lake County Pistoleros Cowboy Committee for a long time, he put many hours at Eustis Gun Club working on SwampWater (Town Front) or getting a brand new shooter ready to start shooting or helping set up monthly matches, organizing vendors for Ides of March........., Bruce gave all he had helping out and many times could not shoot the next day because of it. RIP Bruce you will be missed. AO & Wildcard Willow
  11. Arcadia Outlaw SASS#71385

    leaving fired hull in shotgun. yea or nay?

    Leave the rule alone would be my vote, I think if a sXs shooter did not have to open & clear just lay down would be quite a advantage , I'm not sure if that's where this is headed AO
  12. Arcadia Outlaw SASS#71385

    doc martens for SASS

    You don't need to do anything to them but put them on and go shoot unless as others have said you shoot Classic Cowboy or B Western, AO
  13. Arcadia Outlaw SASS#71385

    Who won EOT shoot off ?

    Well that's great ! Congratulations to Holy Terror then AO
  14. Arcadia Outlaw SASS#71385

    Who won EOT shoot off ?

    Top 16 Shoot off results anyone ?
  15. Is the action tight on that shotgun?

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    2. Rob Banks SASS #59528

      Rob Banks SASS #59528

      if for any reason the sale falls thru please give me a call,,,, Rob Banks 714-206-6893

    3. Arcadia Outlaw SASS#71385

      Arcadia Outlaw SASS#71385

      Will do, but I believe he's going to get it 



    4. Rob Banks SASS #59528

      Rob Banks SASS #59528

      Thanks for the reply.


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