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    Layton, Utah
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    Cowboy shooting for sure, but before that I shot IPSC and ISHMA, and PPC. I'm a pilot, Sailing, rock climber, white water, skier, caver, diver, and anything else that looks fun.

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  1. twelve mile REB

    Thought So

    Man I'll bet that log has some interesting grain patterns. Properly stored, seasoned and cut it might make some really neat stuff. Again, maybe not but I might take the chance the way they have it secured someone else thinks so too.. The Great Salt Lake had a railroad trestle about 15 miles long when that wood was salvaged it was magnificent. In the 80 or so years it stood it had absorbed minerals and the high salt content had preserved it. Sold for more than I could afford at the time but I wish now that I would have tried harder to afford it.
  2. twelve mile REB

    Winter Range Filling Fast

    Hey TL hope to see ya this year
  3. twelve mile REB

    NM pards will understand

    Questions asked by tourists departing a Cruise ship in Skagway AK What language do you speak here? What is the exchange rate on USD? Is it safe to drink the water? Today is the 4th of July its a holiday for us. Do you have any holidays?
  4. twelve mile REB

    Three Wives

    Yes, and I married the sweetest Irish girl you ever met. We married on September 6th and I laid the law down to her on September 15th on our way home from our honeymoon. The Doctor said I should be released from the Hospital by Christmas, Winter Range for sure.
  5. twelve mile REB

    Earthquake in Anchorage

    Alaska is very, very shaky state more quakes by far than any other state. They are thanks to the 1964 quake well prepared. All my kids and grandkids live near the epicenter one daughter right on top of it. The worse they got was the daughter on the epicenter lost most of her grandmothers (my mother) china irreplaceable and terrible but just a thing. No one dead few injured if that would have happened in California, well, lets don't even think of it. I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrows SASS match still happens.
  6. twelve mile REB

    Clays pistol loads .38 sp

    When you get into the 3.0 zone with Clays, Clay Dot or Trail Boss a mag primer will help keep all your shots nearer the same velocities. Rather than BANG, BANG, bang, BANG.
  7. twelve mile REB

    A bittersweet moment

    As such its a bittersweet moment for many of us as well.. I am sorry to see you step down but happy the some of the load will be lifted from your poor old sagging shoulders. Your shoes will be hard to fill. Enjoy your rest hope to see you soon. 12
  8. twelve mile REB


    Truly fine shooting a testament to good components and a shooters patience.
  9. twelve mile REB

    Pioneer Coil mainspring conversion

    To each their own, I have had several coil springs by different manufactures in several of my 73's. They were very nicely manufactured and worked but didn't seem to like going as fast as a flat spring. So basically it probably boils down to personal preference when getting your times down into the low .2's or below. I shoot an awful lot and have never had problems with a properly tuned flat spring. I start with a "Cowboys and Indians" spring steel spring then cut it down and polish all the tool marks off. Never have broken one though i have wore the spring out of a few. Your mileage may vary. 12
  10. twelve mile REB

    Lever Action for self-defense

    Linn is perfectly correct, armed with anything is better than being unarmed and being armed with something you use regularly is better yet. I really like the 1911 and I'm very well armed with it inside 50 yds. A zone hits are normal with a few in the B. A shotgun is a great house gun powerful yet easy to handle, an ounce of shot more or less at 20 feet will discourage even the most dedicated evil doer. However, without a commitment to practice and shooting an organized sport is great practice your choice of weapons is mostly rhetoric and will have little impact on the results.
  11. twelve mile REB

    Sight recommendations...? [Edited]

    Use both the MVA and the Smith on lever guns a very good choice. You can always switch sights according to your needs.
  12. twelve mile REB

    Expressed regrets

    I don't often add comment to threads like this, however after about fifteen or so years of reading the "wire" I will state my opinion. Over the years I have seen too many personalities pushed, run, insulted or otherwise demeaned off the wire. Opinions are like *ss *oles everyone but a few have one and all but a very few are not very pretty. In response to the *ss *oles of his time a pretty good guy said "let him without sin cast the first stone". Perhaps we should practice that more.
  13. twelve mile REB

    What One Thing Decreased Your Time?

    Hits- clean matches-practice
  14. twelve mile REB

    Watch Carefully, Son

    OK mom, but do I have to eat it?
  15. twelve mile REB

    RAMPAGE 2018 was a SUCCESS

    Congratulations Wolf, a great time was had by all as you can see by the smiles on all the ladies. I'm sorry that the rest of you poor souls missed the party but OH WELL.

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