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    Cowboy shooting for sure, but before that I shot IPSC and ISHMA, and PPC. I'm a pilot, Sailing, rock climber, white water, skier, caver, diver, and anything else that looks fun.

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  1. RCBS cowboy dies vs their regular dies

    I have owned and used die's from everybody in the 50 plus years I've loaded on both single stage and progressive presses. I'll take the Dillon dies hands down for loading lead. Why, because the working part of the crimp and seating die are removable for cleaning. It's quick, it's easy and no readjustments are required.
  2. Xcoretech XTS 105 Electronic Auto Target

    Where do you get it? Gong to xcoretech.com gets some information but no prices or order stuff??
  3. Prayer Posse - Forty Rod

    Semper Fi
  4. Prayers Up For Chuckaroo

    May the good lord heal you quickly
  5. Above average western "The Quiet Gun"

    My goodness is that a double action Smith & Wesson he's got in his hand?
  6. Would you ask first?

    A tattoo is like a shirt the longer you wear it the worse it looks. Buy one shirt and wear it the rest of your life, OK with me but just a little limiting.
  7. B29 flies again

    Old Doc, and those who flew them.
  8. New Western Movie

    Good actors now all you need is a good screen writer, a good director and a great producer.
  9. Congrats to Twelve Mile Reb - Elderstatesman National Champ

    Thank you to all Winter Range is truly a great place to play with the nicest people on the planet.
  10. Generosity of our winter range vendors

    A man arrived at Jim Bowie's (cowboys and Indians) with a broken rifle. He and his children were sharing it and one set of pistols and a shotgun. Jim looked at the rifle and didnt know if he could fix it, it had been shot to pieces. Jim was touched by the story and went out and bought a 73 out of his pocket and slicked it up. He then went out to try and find a set of pistols. In the meantime TL went and got a shotgun for them the news spread and soon most of the vendors had chipped in. A great story about some great people.
  11. Congrats Bonnie MacFarlane - 2018 Jr. Girl National Champion

  12. Congrats to Shamrock Sadie

  13. Cheyenne Culpepper 2018 Sr. Gunfighter National Champ

    Congratulations Cheyenne a job well done
  14. Congrats JM Brown,Silver Senior Duelist National Champion

    high five Jim
  15. Congrats DRAGON HILL DAVE Classic Cowboy National Champ

    high five Dave