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    Cowboy shooting for sure, but before that I shot IPSC and ISHMA, and PPC. I'm a pilot, Sailing, rock climber, white water, skier, caver, diver, and anything else that looks fun.

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  1. twelve mile REB

    3 Californias in the future?

    How about trading the Canadians California for British Columbia. Then deport all the former Californians that moved and started trying to remake Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Alaska into California.
  2. twelve mile REB


    I'll help Monday and Tuesday but shooting Cortez Saturday and Sunday
  3. twelve mile REB

    The start of something GREAT

    He's done a lot of work and his enthusiasm just grows. Thanks Wolf !!!!
  4. twelve mile REB

    Lee vs Dillon

    Most of the presses available since who knows when will make serviceable ammunition most of the time. So there is little argument if a Lee or any of the others available today will make ammo, of course they will. Does the Dillon make better cartridges than a Lee or any other? All things being equal probably not however all things are rarely equal. Hoss said he loaded 22k on his Lee but had problems, all machines will have problems at some point. Some problems are operator induced and others are the result of poor design or wear. The real question is when does the overall design/wear start to affect the quality of the product. I'm lucky to have been shooting in some sort of a shooting sport since the early 1970's PPC, ISMHA, IPSC, Steel Challenge and others. Consequently I've loaded a lot of pistol rounds to feed this habit. Although I haven't kept count its going to go over the 20k mark per year for the last half century. I was lucky enough to get an early 650 in 1992 it still sits on my bench producing quality ammunition that wins matches. Coupled with quality dies, I prefer Dillon dies because they are easier to clean and maintain, it continues to spit them out. Over time I've learned the 650's language because it will tell you when things are starting to go south. Cleaning and lubricating is an important operator skill that helps your machine live longer and produce better cartridges whether its a Dillon or a Lee. The Dillon is a quality machine that will outlive you but like any quality tool it is the operator that makes the difference.
  5. twelve mile REB

    WTC spent cap in nipple

    A cap and ball revolver is NOT loaded until capped. An expended cap even if whole would not constitute a loaded chamber or a hazard. A piece of brass that has been rendered unserviceable by separating also renders the firearm unserviceable. A leaded barrel is not a loaded gun but does have a piece of lead in the barrel all are safe enough to leave the unloading table although may need further service to be useable at a later date. (common sense 101 )
  6. twelve mile REB

    Looks like Medicare is going bust sooner.............

    The bill " no stinking bills in California"
  7. twelve mile REB

    The thing I don’t like about Basil Hayden bourbon

    The MAJOR problem with Basil Hayden is that the bottles always leak some thing awful.
  8. twelve mile REB


    Yes it is Mohawk, hope you can come.
  9. twelve mile REB


    Ok fellas and gals I don't know how many times I have read here of the desire to ride a real steam powered 19th century passenger train in full wild west regalia. Well here's the chance. The Wahsatch Desperados (a Utah club) Match Sept. 20 - 22 highlight will be 90 fun filled minutes aboard the Heber Creeper the real deal. On September 21st after a catered sit down dinner at the passenger depot we all will board the train pulled by either a Baldwin 0-6-0 or a Baldwin 2-8-0 with three coaches full of cowboys. So get your buttons and bows and come join us information on the Wahsatch Desperados wweb site.
  10. twelve mile REB

    Hell On Wheels 2018

    Plus if you really want some bang for your buck get 25% more shooting by going to Boise, ID the next weekend for the Idaho State. Put on by Gem Hunter and Belinda Belle would be a fitting end to a month of great shooting. Or, if your really Skookum come with 12 Mile and shoot. End of Road May 25th-27th in Twin Falls Id., drop down to Ghost Towns at Big Salty May31- June2 in Salt Lake City. Roundup June 9th-10th in Logan UT( not listed on sass wire), Revenge June15th- 17th Cortez CO., EOT, HOW, then Renegade in Boise July 5-6. a few short miles North East and the Montana State July 11th-13th, shoot down south and shoot the Utah State July 19th - 21st. Now that's an itinerary for some shooting.
  11. twelve mile REB

    Ruger Old Army adjustable sights

    Any age based
  12. twelve mile REB

    What Would You Do?

    Never pass up an opportunity to play!!!
  13. twelve mile REB

    Congratulations to Robyn DaVault, 4 Corners Regional Champion!

    Salute, to a great shooter and a nice guy must run in the family congratulations to you and your mom Addie Rose
  14. twelve mile REB

    Winchester 73 carbine

    It really depends on you. If you intend to be contending for the top prize in your category in the near future, then it needs all the help that any other 73 needs. If not then its a good mid level rifle that will serve you well for years to come.
  15. twelve mile REB

    If you were writing a stage how would you describe this sweep.

    Just the numbers will work best. Not a bad sweep, just takes a few moments to figure it out. It's harder with the revolver than the rifle but that's true with a lot of sweeps.

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