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  1. Trigger Mike

    SPF Non-CAS Auto Ordnance M1 Carbine Paratrooper

    Cleared inbox. Sent email
  2. Trigger Mike

    SPF Non-CAS Auto Ordnance M1 Carbine Paratrooper

    Is any of the ammo corrosive? Being 30 carbine I doubt it. I'll take the rifle but haven't decided about the ammo
  3. Trigger Mike

    Another bout with the Big C

    Praying for you both. I look forward to a day when the C word is no longer uttered
  4. Trigger Mike

    ported 357

    Never thought of that. I assume it is because lead splinters off ?
  5. Trigger Mike

    ported 357

    I still have a hankering for a ported pistol for some reason. Earlier the forum mentioned how a port in a semi auto 45 acp would not do much, but might do a little on a 44 special. I have found a S & W 357 revolver that is ported. One has the port in front of the front sight but part of the short barrel, and another has the port added to the 5 inch barrel. I prefer the 3 inch barrel. How much difference would a port make on a 357 revolver with a 3 inch barrel?
  6. Trigger Mike

    Anne Bancroft or Katherine Ross

    Ross forgave him but Ann turned on him. Kindness adds to a girl's beauty
  7. Trigger Mike

    .22 magnum

    What about the magnum research 22mag semi automatic rifle that uses ruger frames and mags? Are they any good at 800?
  8. Trigger Mike

    .22 magnum

    Saw a semi automatic rifle with ruger receiver etc, an A22 for 795 tonight but don't know how good it is
  9. Trigger Mike

    .22 magnum

    I'd like a ruger 10/22 in 22 mag
  10. Trigger Mike

    .22 magnum

    I read the manual for the rock island semi automatic 22 mag and it said only feed it certain ammo and don't call them about jams until 500 rounds
  11. Trigger Mike

    .22 magnum

    I love the s and w 351 pd in 22 mag. 7 shot revolver airlite and a naa mini revolver.
  12. Trigger Mike

    ruger verses S & W

    Ive tried the CHrter arms and found it more accurate than the Ruger and I liked not needing moon clips but a Charter Arms does not shoot shot shells. It jams the cylinder and when I called the company they told me it was not safe to shoot them in their pistols. I got rid of it and haven't looked back. The Ruger seems front heavy and top heavy compared to the Smith. I like the Ruger though. I can hit the letter "O" in the word "For" on a For sale by owner sign with the Smith not as well with the Ruger 9mm LCR. I can hit a 2 inch diameter Oak tree with groups with the 22 mag at 7 yards. haven't tried it with the Ruger but will
  13. Trigger Mike

    You ever tried this?

    just last night I went to put a tea bag in a cup under the Kuerig and hit the hot water button and upon dispensing I realized i had forgotten to make sure no one left a kuerig coffee cup in the top so I had tea made with coffee. It turned out OK. I hope to not do it again though
  14. Trigger Mike

    my review of the S & W

    SO I tried out the S & W 22 mag Airlite revolver. Smooth. The double action trigger is not that bad. I used a For Sale by Owner sign for a target and aimed at the letter "O" in the word For. Initially my shots were mostly left with the double action trigger but fairly tight with Winchester soft lead hollow point . once I switched to Hornady Critical Defense bullet holes were touching and once in a while a round would go to the right and I figure that was due to jerking the trigger. Most guns always shoot low and right consistently for me. the group were still hair left . I once tried out a Ruger LCR in 9mm. for comparison sake for those familiar with Ruger, the smith fit my hand better and was more comfortable. the trigger seemed better and plus the hammer on the Smith helped some too verses the no hammer Ruger. The fiber optic sight on the Smith is better than the white stripe on the Ruger. I also once tried a Rock Island snub nosed 38 and the Smith has a better trigger and grip. All go bang but the Smith is clearly better all around. I'd say the Rock Island might be fine for putting in the tool box on the tractor just in case due to its cheap price and seemingly sturdy finish, and either a Ruger or Smith on your person, but the Smith is better. I once carried a Smith 642 AIrweight 38 in my back pocket as a second back up to my NAA 22 mag back when I was an officer and the new 22mag has a smoother trigger than that did, although I wonder if Smith has improved the 38 trigger on the newer models. My 9 year old also tried it and the recoil was light even for him, he did struggle with the double action trigger but he does with everything.
  15. Trigger Mike

    S & W 351 PD 22 mag

    I don't know how it happened but I am minus an extra NAA 22 mag as it disappeared today and a S & W showed up in my wife's car in its place. I will keep the one I carried on duty for sentimental reasons.

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