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  1. Alpo


    Red rum
  2. Alpo

    Time to clean up SPACE!

    This is the way to clean up space garbage.
  3. Alpo

    Time to clean up SPACE!

    First, they needed to call it Quark, not e.Deorbit (dumb name). Second, what they gonna do with it? Looks like, instead of there being one piece of space junk, there'll be two pieces, attached to each other by a net and a rope.
  4. Alpo


    And roll
  5. The leader of the Good Ol' Boys DID say they were, "Very late".
  6. The Gooney Birds are yeller (kinda mustard brown). Howcome? I'd expect them to be OD. I thought "camoflauge?", but the gliders they are dragging are OD, so camo don't seem to be the reason.
  7. And on the subject of POTATO. In France, the term for apple is pome. The term for potao is pome de terre - ground apple. Why? HellifIknow. They're French. Now, if you wished to order some French Fries in France - they just call them "fried potatoes" there - you would order "pommes frite". Thing is, that actually means "fried apples". They don't bring apples, though, because they KNOW you want taters. But what if you really want fried apples. They got baked apples and stewed apples so I'm sure they make fried apples. But how would you order some in Gay Puree, without the waiter fetchin' you some French Fries?
  8. Most of it made sense. The concert, though - if I loaded up and drove, even a couple miles, and paid to get in (even though it was only two dollars), and they did TWO SONGS, I would be miffed. And the ending. The entire band was in jail? Why? It was Jake and Elwood that caused all the problems. But the rest of it made sense.

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