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  1. The author is British, so I presume it's an English term. He's talking about the bathroom door locks. "Privacy locks with an outside coin turn, so the children don't accidentally lock themselves in." I'm visualizing a deadbolt, but on the outside, instead of a keyhole, a curved slot on, that you could use a quarter as a screwdriver to unlock it. That's what I'm THINKING it is. Does anyone know for sure?
  2. Alpo

    You'll Never Hear That Song Without Seeing This

    There was a novelty Christmas song, maybe 15 years ago. Hamsters, instead of chipmunks. It was called Holy S___, It's Christmas. One of the verses mentioned Santa's nuts roasting on the open fire.
  3. Alpo

    Hot Dang, a Christmas movie marathon!

    Know what REALLY killed Godzilla? Lung cancer.
  4. Alpo

    Serial number location

    http://www.shootingtimes.com/editorial/handgun_reviews_st_bustamontehate_200903/99245 People that write their names on guns. Arrrgghhhhh!?
  5. Alpo

    CA politician arrested for spanking daughter

    That's generally where people get spanked
  6. Alpo

    The Chipmunk Song

  7. Alpo

    Parachutes Don't Help - A Scientific Fact

    Okay. But still nobody got hurt in either group because the plane wasn't in the air?
  8. Alpo

    The Chipmunk Song

    When I saw the title, I sang it. I then whistled it three times while reading other stuff, before opening this thread. It is stuck in my head. I owe you one, now.
  9. Alpo

    Parachutes Don't Help - A Scientific Fact

    I have trouble with legalese, bureaucratese and scientific mumbo jumbo, so I may have gotten the wrong information from that. They had 23 jump out of a plane wearing parachutes? And another 69 jumped out WITHOUT parachutes? And there was no difference in the injuries accrued between the two groups? Because the plane was on the ground when they jumped out?
  10. Alpo

    CA politician arrested for spanking daughter

    What was the teacher doing looking at the little girl's bare butt?
  11. Alpo

    Can a fuse jump?

    The fuse on Thunder Bay appeared to be ciated. The burn seemed to be inside a tube. Waterproof? Tonight, on The Private Navy of Sgt. O'Farrell, the fuse was burning on the outside.
  12. Alpo

    Can a fuse jump?

    You don't have the free time to watch a movie around 8 or 9 at night? I suggest you either get dee-vorced or ree-tired, or both. Them maybe you'll havecsome free time.
  13. Alpo

    Can a fuse jump?

    In the movies they run the fuse straight, so they can be far away frombthe explosion. Last night, however (Thunder Bay, Jimmy Stewart) he'd weapped the fuse in a coil around his hand, to carry it, and lit it like that. Got me wondering. Let's say there's five coils of the fuse, lying touching each other. Would it be possible for fire from coil one to jump to coil three, and cut twenty seconds off the burn time?
  14. Alpo

    Mans best friend.....

  15. Alpo


    Joe's link starts https://https:// I betcha that's the problem.

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