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  1. Porky Pine

    So --- he was making snow angels?
  2. cost of a musket compared to modern rifles

    The same reason that a box of 12 gauge ammo costs less than a box of 410 ammo, although the 12 gauge's components cost more than twice as much as the 410s. Volume. For every thousand cases of 410 they make they probably make 100 thousand cases of 12 gauge. And for every musket Pedersoli turns out, Colt makes 500 ARs.
  3. Shooting a "significantly modified" firearm?

    And now for the other opinion. Cowboy shooting has specific guns that are allowed, and specific mods that can be made to these guns. From your question, it seems that not only will these mods go outside the limits, but that you know they will go outside the limits, and you want to do it anyway. No. If you want to do Steampunk shooting, wonderful. Get you a bunch of friends and start Steampunk Action Shooting. You can quickly remove the mods with a screwdriver? I can put Crimson Trace Laser Grips on my guns, and they'll come off quickly with a screwdriver, but I'm pretty sure they would not be allowed. I haven't seen this argument in this thread (although it might be there and I missed it), but used to was someone would come up with an idea, and someone else would say it was against the rules, and a third guy would say, "Let him do it. It does not give him a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE". So what? Rules are rules - at least they are supposed to be. The guns, as you described them, would not be legal. If you shot a state with them, that would be a SDQ. If you shot a second stage with them it would be a MDQ. "Oh, but we're just out here having fun." Then how come you got a time running and keep track?
  4. Christmas present question

    Well (knock wood), the computer problem is solved, and I can stay online for more than 5 minutes twice a day. This question originally came from NCIS. Tony was a secret Santa, and check in the personnel files (although why THIS would be in there is puzzling) and discovered that when Delores was 8, and all the OTHER kids got a "Knee High Cherry Pie" doll (Strawberry Shortcake, without having to get permission), she didn't get one, so her, Delores, Merry Christmas. And this 35, 40 year old woman opens the box and there's this two-foot long doll in it, and she gets all "Oh it's so wonderful". And, that made me recall the first Santa Clause, where at the end of the movie Santa gives his exwife a Mystery Date game, and her new husband (the dork) an Oscar Meyer Weenie Whistle, and they both bust out into tears of joy. And I thought, you know, if back when I was eight I wanted a bicycle, and didn't get one, and this year someone got me a or a that might be kinda cool. But if someone bought me what I wanted, back when I was eight I'd look at that and think, "What the hell is the matter with that moron?" What, I'm gonna go ride a 20" bike with "motorcycle handlebars" and a "banana seat" around the neighborhood, in my sixties? Get real.
  5. dachshund

  6. Leave us suppose that when you was a yonker, there was a certain thing you wanted - don't matter what, bicycle, pogo stick, Strawberry Shortcake doll, Oscar Meyer Weenie Whistle - but Santa passed you by. Now, 30 or so years later, somebody gives you one. Woyld you be shedding tears of joy?
  7. Cody and the Undertaker - another Boy Scout story...

    I followed it all the way until Eddie's mother was there. I was on several camporees in my Boy Scout career, but I never saw anyone bring their mother.
  8. Charge a battery

    Nope, never heard of that one. THIS is a pretty good book. It's called "This is me, surviving". Flu pandemic, kinda like Captain Tripps in The Stand. Our heroine - Kiri - (and that's where it goes sideways, because it's told from a girl's point of view) is 16. Her parents had been building a retirement home on 40 acres near Lake City. That's near the Big Bend, in Florida. Drunk driver does a head-on into their car, kills Mama, Daddy and little brother, and she's in the hospital for almost a year. Ends up living with some third-cousin of Daddy's, in Tampa. Then comes the flu, and lots of folks die, and she decides she don't wanna live there no more. So she sets out, heading north. Going home. Most PAW stories have the Rambo-guy running around shooting Mutant Zombie Bikers. This story, from the point of view of the 16-year-old girl, is more about "How will I survive this week", and "How will I have food next summer". This is her journal, through the first year. Give it a shot. You might like it. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12506240/2/This-Is-Me-Surviving

    but not forgotten
  10. I keep seeing the signs...

    I always understood that those "slow children" signs had nothing to do with their speed. It was their mentality. It's no longer politically correct to say, "Billy's retarded", so you say, "Billy's a little slow".