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  1. Dirty Dan Dawkins

    WTB a pair of ruger 44-40.

    I might be.....
  2. Dirty Dan Dawkins

    Happy Flag Day

  3. Dirty Dan Dawkins

    JAX Leather shotgun belt

    I was completely impressed at the quality of Frisco Frankie’s work. Her work is super nice and so is she. I’ll get some pics later. I had her made a six- double loop canvas belt with 3- reload loops on my right side. She also dyed the canvas tan, like the older military belts. I’d take her belt over any other I’ve seen, any day. Quality and superb comfort. My wife and son were floored by how nice her belt and drawstring bags are. My son just loved how well my canvas belt wears. He’ll have to buy his own....
  4. Dirty Dan Dawkins

    D-Day radio broadcast and assorted etc and so forth

  5. Dirty Dan Dawkins

    D-Day radio broadcast and assorted etc and so forth

  6. Dirty Dan Dawkins

    D-Day radio broadcast and assorted etc and so forth

  7. Dirty Dan Dawkins

    D-Day radio broadcast and assorted etc and so forth

  8. Dirty Dan Dawkins

    D-Day radio broadcast and assorted etc and so forth

  9. Dirty Dan Dawkins

    Foxy pic

    I saw four and shot two last week. Been hell on my chickens. My friend lost 22 laying hens in one night a couple weeks ago.
  10. Dirty Dan Dawkins

    Polish front sight

    The capital "P" threw me off a bit.....thought it was some new product from the guy that makes the Polish cappers.... I like Never Dull.
  11. Dirty Dan Dawkins

    Update - Ford diesel Vs Ram diesel

    My cousin has worked for both Ford and Dodge on gas and diesels. He owns two trucks- a 2014 Dodge 1500 Hemi 4wd and a 93 2500 4wd with a 12 valve and manual tranny. He thinks the 6.7 PSD and 6.7 Cummins are a toss up, with the weak link being the emissions and electronics on ANY vehicle made now. What he educated me on, unless you pull all of the time, The added cost of a diesel, and the maintenance will buy a lot of gas and tires and brakes. When the emissions,turbo fails etc and so forth on these new engines , expect ridiculous repair bills. The Ford 6.2 gas engine and the 6.4 Hemi both have a higher torque rating than the early 5.9 and 7.3's. Granted, its at a higher RPM as the diesels torque curve is at a lower RPM range. And sure, the diesel, SHOULD last longer. But all of the emissions and electronics have done a lot to reduce longevity. He stated the Ford 6.2's never come back for anything. Dodge 6.4 have a higher maintenance cost largely due to the cost of the 0-40W oil they spec. Side note: My buddies '05 3500 Cummins finally crapped out at over 750,000 miles. Went through a couple of trannies and rear ends. If I were wanting a part time dedicated puller, I think I'd get an old 1 ton Chevy with a 454. They're cheap to buy and dependable. If you're towing a really heavy load, 8-10 mpg doesn't seem so bad compared to 13-15 mpg; especially if its not saddled to a $850-$1000 for 72 month payment, a $2-300 year tag and $200 month insurance. I just assume buy a dependable gas burner and pay towards somemountain land......
  12. Dirty Dan Dawkins

    It’s a boy !

    Nope born last night on the 28th at 10:09 pm. Memorial Day Baby. https://www.thefamouspeople.com/may-28th.php But it’s such a fun hobby!
  13. Dirty Dan Dawkins

    Parson Delacroix has passed over

    Fine man indeed. World has lost a fine man, but my what heaven has gained. You know it’s funny the impressions a man can leave upon you in a chance encounter.....
  14. Dirty Dan Dawkins

    It’s a boy !


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