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  1. Dirty Dan Dawkins

    Traditional haystacks

    I saw some fields with traditional haystacks near Hulett Wy this summer. Any advantage, or reason, for this? I know there are some Mennonite farms in Wy. Is this just for the sake of traditional farming practices?
  2. Dirty Dan Dawkins

    Re-kindling a old wire debate.

    I still enjoy those heated discussions over the merits of the Events page. But hey, y’all are missing out on the KY Jelly thread in the saloon, if ya just hang around here.
  3. Dirty Dan Dawkins

    Re-kindling a old wire debate.

    I am!
  4. Dirty Dan Dawkins

    K Y Jelly

    And being a horny young teen, I was captivated by her descriptions. Obviously, she was eager to get home, and lubricate her door knob. Ya know, if I knew in my 20s, what I know now about women in their 30’s... I’d never made it to my 40’s.
  5. Dirty Dan Dawkins

    K Y Jelly

    Every time KY comes up, I recollect being 16 yo working at Kroger late one night and a rather attractive mid 30s lady, kids in tow, asking me where the KY was, and hadn’t a clue what she was talking about. She proceeded to explain.....
  6. Dirty Dan Dawkins

    Re-kindling a old wire debate.

    This thread should be moved to the saloon. Beans
  7. Dirty Dan Dawkins

    Best brawls

  8. Dirty Dan Dawkins

    Best brawls

  9. Dirty Dan Dawkins


    I get lost with explanations more than 3-4 sentences.
  10. Dirty Dan Dawkins

    Blast from Atlanta's past

  11. Dirty Dan Dawkins

    Hornady Pro 7

    Especially if the old press was given to you.
  12. Dirty Dan Dawkins

    Montana trip in January or February

    We got caught in a hailstorm last month near Chadron Nebraska. That was a sight. Everybody pulled over.
  13. Dirty Dan Dawkins

    Montana trip in January or February

    We don't really get snow as much as slush and freezing rain. What we usually get is 1-2" of snow/slush on ground temps above 40. Snow melts. If it snows at near night or a cold front comes in, and it dips below freezing, we end up with 1/4- 1/2" of ice. That's what happened several years back to shut I-20 from Atlanta to Birmingham. Most folks just stay home. There are no snow or studded tires down here. In the blizzard of '93 down here, my Ford Mustang was up to the hood in snow. The highway in front of our house was 18-20" in places. There's about a 4-500 acre cow pasture behind the house, surrounded by hardwoods. In spots the wind would swirl in pockets. I remember going back there and the snow being 4' deep. This is about 20 miles below I-20. One of the few real snows I ever saw in Georgia, except for a 1 day storm in 2002 when I was building my house. Still that was 4-5" deep and hard ice formed under the snow on the ground. That didn't melt off for 3 days, the ice pretty much shut everybody down. Around 08-09 we had a bad bad ice storm that shut much of the area down.
  14. Dirty Dan Dawkins

    Montana trip in January or February

    I spent all day today on asphalt in Atlanta Georgia. Summer here makes me and my wife want to leave the South. Pretty much below Macon Ga is where my tolerance of the heat and sun kicks in. So is all of Mississippi, and Texas, and Az, and NM, and Utah and Nevada. Florida, forget it. It was right nice in WY, SD, and MT last month when we went there.
  15. Dirty Dan Dawkins

    Montana trip in January or February

    Hey, ya only live once........ memories last longer than things......

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