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  1. New Shotgun

    It felt like a Henry. Pretty smooth for a hunting gun!
  2. New Shotgun

    I handle one last week. Pretty heavy.
  3. What's for supper?

    Dang, Forty, we've been hearing how old you are for years......Say, what does mastodon taste like? Chicken?
  4. Not to hijack the other B52 thread

  5. Not to hijack the other B52 thread

  6. What's for supper?

    So, your on death row. Your execution is scheduled for tomorrow morning. Whats for supper?
  7. No shipping, local pickup only, cash only. Glock 30- I got this new, direct from Glock about 4 years ago. Comes with two mags, box, case, mag loader, brush, paperwork, test case, lock. Blackhawk paddle holster. 40 rounds Hornady 200 grain hollow point and 10 rounds of Atlanta Arms 185 hollow point. This gun has been fired 70 times, by me. $600. In excellent 99% condition. Glock 17- Gen 3. With three mags, box , brush, loader, 2 single mag holders 350 rounds of Federal Independence 115 grain FMJ. Fobus paddle holster. In excellent condition, but I do no know the round count. I took this on a trade as used. $500.
  8. My Ship Came In

    The one thing I did conclude form this letter is that the Bureau of Diplomatic Security is a bunch of a**holes.
  9. Uberti Taylors & Co Cattleman Black Powder Revolver

    Notice the cut outs on the cylinders and the nipples there.....
  10. Uberti Taylors & Co Cattleman Black Powder Revolver

    Neither....its a cap and ball gun.
  11. BuBye

    I stand corrected. I thought production ceased.
  12. BuBye

    Yeah, they gave up on the SAA too soon, and the Colt Python. They could have sold a butt-load of Pythons to the Walking Dead crowd. Heck, they could have sold a butt-load of authentic certificated non-firing Python replicas to the Walking Dead/Dragon-Con crowd.
  13. BuBye

    They gave up on the Rolling Block too soon.
  14. Rainy day in Ga.

    I am a shotgun.... https://www.zoo.com/quiz/what-type-gun-are-you