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  1. Red Dirt Rampage to be featured on Outdoor Channel

    Many of you may have noticed Michael Bane floating around with a camera crew during last years Red Dirt Rampage. Well, he was filming for an episode of Shooting Gallery that is about to air on the Outdoor Channel. Please see the episode information below. It should be a great a show and you might even see yourself on television. "In 2017, SASS celebrated their 30th anniversary, and SHOOTING GALLERY went to Oklahoma City for their South West Regional Match called Red Dirt Rampage. The match is organized by Oklahoma Territorial Marshals, host of one of the oldest – and most scenic – cowboy matches." Season 18 – Episode 11. Air times on Outdoor Channel: Wed Mar 14: 7:00PM ET | Wed Mar 14: 10:00PM ET | Thu Mar 15: 2:00AM ET | Thu Mar 15: 5:00AM ET | Thu Mar 15: 11:00AM ET. On Shooting Gallery: Single Action Shooting Society; Red Dirt Rampage, OK
  2. No longer need STS Gold hulls - Bought some green

  3. People of Cowboy Action Shooting

    SASS Alias: Tame Bill SASS # 30699 Kansas Shooting for 18 years
  4. Container(s) to haul gear to the range?

  5. CapitalCity Cowboys T-Town Shootout

    What is the web site address?
  6. Loness Wigger, Jr.

    Met Lt. Col Wigger many years ago while attending a meeting of the Cherry Creek Gun Club in Denver, CO. A true gentleman and inspiration!
  7. Gun belt recommendations

    +3 Mernickle
  8. 2-Double Duelist Questions

    I agree with friend Billy Boots, hand to hand revolver transfers and the ensuing holstering eats up valuable time. Time that can be better used in transitioning to the next gun. If I remember correctly Billy, you and I switched to double duelist about the same time (8 years ago +/-). Back then we estimated we picked up ¾ to 1 second a stage minimum.
  9. Well I did it. Bring on the pain!

  10. Bowie Knife Maker

    +1 Bill Bagwell...Hell's Belle Bowie
  11. Prayers needed for Parson Delacroix

    Prayers up!
  12. Hollywood

    +1 Thell Reed
  13. Congrats to Cobra Cat and Jade Star on their engagement

    BRAVO !!!
  14. Look I Bent My Hammers

    I just received my latest brace of '51 conversions fresh from engraving by Kelly Laster. Check out the engraved hammers!
  15. Look I Bent My Hammers

    PM sent