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  1. CASE XX Trapper

    I'll take one for $33. Send me your info. Tom
  2. WTB 44-40 brass / Thank you, got plenty now!

    A class thing to do for sure!!
  3. Sold -- THANKS

    I'll take it. Send me your info. Thanks.
  4. Rio Bravo Coat

  5. Rio Bravo Coat

  6. Rio Bravo Coat

    With all the comedians out of work, here come you guys!! I have a host of friends!!! LOL
  7. photos

    Can some one tell me how to post photos on the Classified page?? Thanks, Tom
  8. Rio Bravo Coat

    LMAO How ya been my friend??
  9. photos

    How do I post photos onto the classified?? Thanks, Tom
  10. Rio Bravo Coat

    Folks I have a River Junction Trade Co. jacket for sale. It is their Rio Bravo style. It is in excellent condition, unlined size med. If you are a 38-40 it will fit perfect. I kinda grew out of it!! $75.00 plus shipping. I will try to post photos. An email would work better.
  11. Winchester 1892

    BTT for a nice gun. I have one and yes I touched it! I even shot it!!
  12. WTB Lone Wolf conversion barrel Glock 23 to 9mm

    John look into KKM barrels. Like Norfleet said different extraction. I would not use to carry, practice or some competition. That is what I do.
  13. Sussex County Range War

    I did not but some did!!! WOW
  14. Sussex County Range War

    Folks I just attended one of the best matches put on by the Pungo Posse Club in VA. called the Sussex County Range War. It was a fun match to say the least. They had a night shoot on Friday and what a hoot it was!!! The weather forced a change in the schedule, but 9 fun stages were shot on Saturday. The folks who put this match together, Missouri Marshal and crew, deserve a big thank you. I will put this on my plans for next year!!