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  1. Dirty Low Down sass 23492

    Budget Leather Options

    Not to side track ya post Col. but another option is I got several really good to great beautiful-almost new double rigs that we could do some dealing on---some of em every time he's in Memphis -Randy St. Eagle drools all over the place when he sees em!!--Hee Hee---They are all for old model Vaqueros & cart. belts for up to 40 in.-----
  2. Dirty Low Down sass 23492

    WTB 44 Mag 44 Spec Brass

    Stan-----sending ya a P.M.----just sold my .44 mags---got lots o reloading stuff!!!!
  3. Dirty Low Down sass 23492

    Favorite Long Range Rifles?

    Marlins and .38/55 seem to be my addiction-------336 cowboy in .38/55----H&R 1871 single shot .38/55----94 cowboy in .45 colt & 94 c in .357----never had any complaints about any of em----they shoot better than I'm able too!
  4. Dirty Low Down sass 23492

    Its a bad day when

    Ouch that pic hurts to look at------glad we don't got them here---got lots o white tail deer tho & about every 5 or 6 weeks theres one laying on side of road real near my house--done got hit by a car--sometimes car badly damaged----(game laws say ya supposed to call game warden to dispose o deer---but almost never happens)---My younger brother hit an Elk over in mountain area of N.W. Ark.----Elk flipped into air & hit on top of the van he was driving-------totaled van but THANK GOD no one in van got hurt!!
  5. Dirty Low Down sass 23492

    It's official!

    O'K' Guys-----lets all get together & sing J-Bar a little song---I'll start it out------THE OLD GREY MARE _SHE AIN'T WHAT SHE USE TO BE-------
  6. Dirty Low Down sass 23492

    what is it with 10 anyway

    Really agree with the idea outland said----about retail products packaging----it's all about increasing the price of things without the ordinary shopper realizing it----------5 lb bag o sugar-now 4 lb--------pound o bacon is now 12 oz.----I use my empty plastic coffee cans in my reloading room----same size container that's several yrs old vs new one----label says older one had 6 oz. more coffee in it---------it's happened to all kinds of products!!!!!
  7. Dirty Low Down sass 23492

    .45 lead bullets LOWER PRICE!!

    Back 40----what diam. do the labels say they are??? Been curious bout trying some .454 diam.---Dirty
  8. Dirty Low Down sass 23492

    Nice to talk to folks that have lived here a while

    Oh---just in case ya didn't find paper tax forms-----public libraries are one o the few places that still carry em!!
  9. Dirty Low Down sass 23492

    Where is Troy Landry

    Few years back my younger brother was at Air Force base in Homestead Fla.-----he went fishing on some of the ponds & lakes on base areas---left his tackle box on bank while he went to opposite side of pond----hour or so later he came back to get box----laying in sun next to tackle box was a VERY big salt water crocodile----it took him 2 days to get up enough nerve to go get his box!!
  10. Dirty Low Down sass 23492

    WTB Older Lee Press

    Had to get a few parts for 1 of my Lee presses a few years back------big ole surprise they furnished parts & shipping FOR FREE----nice people to do business with!!
  11. Dirty Low Down sass 23492

    Long range rifle shooting

    Sweet &Sassy----Ya postings cause me to laugh---NOT AT YA but with ya----we got 6 or 7 ladies that have joined our cowboy long range shooting-(200 yds)----in last 10 yrs or so--------EVERYONE of them started out pretty much not knowing which end of rifle to point down range-----after a while ALL of them can outshoot the men big time!!----It's quite common for them to win the matches or at worse place 2nd.--------Do ya think it's because women actually listen & try out the things people say or do men just get hung up in their macho-he man image & don't wanna listen ???? Any way ya on ya way give it a few months then look back & compare----ya'll be amazed in difference------LOTS o GOOD SHOOTING to YA!!!!!
  12. Dirty Low Down sass 23492

    Wtb 32 holsters

    I got 3 different sets o double holsters for those baby Vaqueros---- all-belts are 40 inch---1 used but in great shape light brown holsters w/ kinda swede looking belt--loops are for 22 tho- $115 shipped---1 never used store bought--triple K brown rig-- .38 cal loops--$165-shipped --1. locally custom made black w/ .32 cal loops--almost new-------$265 shipped-=----- Stupid computer won't let me post picts but if ya got a cell phone that will receive picts---pm me ya number & I'll send ya some!!
  13. Dirty Low Down sass 23492

    Cylinder Issues With New Vaqueros

    Gonna be right there with Catlow-J Bar and Lumpy----several times when cleaning a match pair I got cylinders mixed & sometimes makes a lot o difference!!
  14. Dirty Low Down sass 23492

    Marlin carrier fix

    O.K.-so to keep an old codger straight--I know the groove in carrier will cause 2 cartridges to get into action area & lock up ---but does it also bind up lever & bolt when rifle is empty of cartriges???-(336 in 38/55)????

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