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  1. Dirty Low Down sass 23492

    32 Cal Rifles

    Still kicking my self about Marlin in 32 H&R-------several years ago the wife tried cowboy shooting------bought her a pair of baby Vaqueros---( short grip frame--.32 H&R--glossy stainless-white grips-------)---was gonna have to wait 4 to 6 weeks for dealer to order a Marlin in 32 H&R------So I just went on & bought a Marlin 94 c in 357/38-------she decided after about shooting 6 matches-shotgun was too much for her so she backed outa cowboy shooting!!------The little 94 c is a great little rifle in excellent shape & worth more now than what I paid new--------but oh my gosh the Marlin 32 H&R's value went thru the roof!!! Shoulda bought both 94c & 32 ----kick my butt kick my butt!!!
  2. Dirty Low Down sass 23492

    Looking for any BF/Cyber Monday clothing and/or rig deals! New shooter :)

    what brand & caliber of pistols you looking for holsters to fit??--I got a bunch of em I need to sell & likewise the classifieds forum here has several for sale!-----Dirty Low Down
  3. Dirty Low Down sass 23492

    Jessie May Belle--shotgun posting

  4. Dirty Low Down sass 23492

    Brand New Stoger Coach Supreme Double Barrel 20 Ga 20 in never shot

    Miss Jessie Belle------don't think my puter is sending the P.M.'s W/ picts. of holsters----check in saloon forum--posted a few picts in there for ya---so we won't crowd up ya post here !!---Dirty
  5. Dirty Low Down sass 23492

    Jessie May Belle--shotgun posting

    Don't think my P.M.'s w/ holster picts. going thru----don't wanna crowd up ya listing for gun sale -so gonna try posting picts. here-----
  6. Dirty Low Down sass 23492

    Brand New Stoger Coach Supreme Double Barrel 20 Ga 20 in never shot

    Madam---what barrel length pistols is your husband gonna be needing holsters for??---I got 3 sets that are 34 in. to middle buckling hole-----will fit a 32 in. waist real good-----1 set brown use but in great shape--right hand strong side --left cross draw-cartg. loops 45------$130 shipped------1 set brown custom made-fast draw double set (-both sides strong)-very pretty flashy & ornate----excellent shape ---34 in.-loops are 45--$320 shipped & 1 new black double strong sides -loops are .38----$320 shipped. All of these were made for 5&1/2 in. vaqueros. Don't wanna side track ya post to sell shotgun so if ya interested P.M. me & I can get ya some pictures! Thank you---Dirty Low Down
  7. Dirty Low Down sass 23492

    New guy getting new guns needing new leather

    They telling ya true!!! These things may be big boys toys but they can get to big$$$---Go to a local match first---lota folks there will be glad to let ya try the fit & feel of their gear---There usually is lots o holsters for sale here in classifieds---I got 3 sets o custom made ones for sale myself here-----but try things out first before ya start buying things-------so easy to get what ya think ya want -then a little later on realize " OH GEE I SHOULDA GOTTEN THE OTHER ONE INSTEAD"-----had to find that one out the hard way!!!
  8. Dirty Low Down sass 23492

    Long Range Rifle Side Match Rigs

    It's one of those things that is to each his own-------I got hung up on .38/55 calib. Marlin 336 cb & H&R 1871 target model---bought em used---put a little fine tuning on em --(Tang sights & globe front sight)------we re limited at club range here 300 yds is far as we can go------both of em will give a 8 in. target a hard way to go----(once I found correct load)---& using shooting sticks--------my vote is for 38/55 !!! Hee Hee!!
  9. Dirty Low Down sass 23492

    Has This happened to You

    Yall-- move over & make room for one more old dog at this campfire-----been cleaning &remodeling my shop thru out this summer-----amazing how many times I have had to say---"darn when did I buy this & why??"
  10. Dirty Low Down sass 23492

    looking for a cheap but quality gun

    Someone orta tell the store owners if .22 ammo has gotten cheap again --it ain't showing up here just got thru giving $8.50 for a box of 50 CCI Stingers--was extremely happy to get them--hadn't seen Stingers in stores for a long while!!!!!--------O.K. so w/ my luck next month they'll be $4 a box !!------- Alpo I Shoulda said ALMOST cheaper than .22's--------forgot to figure in I get my supplies thru vendor @ yearly match here--members make up a bulk order---last time I got 2000 55gr fmj .224 "s for $150----darn that's been 4 yrs this month dang darn!!
  11. Dirty Low Down sass 23492

    Waiting for someone to Knock on the door

    We had total of 6 kids ----that's 2 more than we been having last 3 yrs or so----afraid trick or treat becoming a thing of the past----kids were 6 oclock or so at 7 oclock thunder lighting & rain came in end of that-------anyone wanna trade Kit-Kats for Snickers???
  12. Dirty Low Down sass 23492

    looking for a cheap but quality gun

    Whole lots o stores offering the scoped Savage Axis around $200 --bought one in .223 rem. a few years back -----darn thing is extremely accurate----very little to no recoil---& as crazy as .22 ammo is its not too much more $$ to do .223 rem-----if ya reload its cheaper than .22
  13. Dirty Low Down sass 23492

    WTB/ISO original model Vaquero holsters, 12 gauge belt slide

    What waist size do ya need the cart. belt for holsters to be ???? Got several custom made holster & belt sets ---O.M. Vaqueros--cart loops for .45s -----belts are 36 in. to middle notch---!!
  14. Dirty Low Down sass 23492

    Holsters that display trigger or hide trigger

    I got several sets of holsters that are of the fast draw type & just like Widder said bout the run & bump ------IF pistol is not fastened down real good stooping to pick up brass can cause problem----don't ask how I know!!!
  15. Dirty Low Down sass 23492

    38 Special Nickel Brass

    Hmmmmmm-----here I am sitting on top of 3 to 4 thousand mixed nickel plated .38 spec brass--(bought em from someone on wire years ago)-----like the lead monger I've lost far more in grass at matches than from splitting-----lazy brass pickers I suppose !!!

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