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  1. Old Model Vaquero's .44 Mag

    5&1/2 in barrels--stainless---.44 mag----eagle checkered rosewood grips--(almost same as gunfighter grips but no smooth thumb rest)--&factory wood grips-----action smoothed by mother nature--flitz & being used-----they are smooth & slick---wolff hammersprings---appearance & fit of em like new-----darned accurate-----------$1180 shipped my FFL to your FFL----Sorry my puter can't post pictures but if ya interested & got a smarter than I am cell phone p.m. me ya number & I'll send ya picts that way !-------Dirty Low Down
  2. Buscadero holster rigs

  3. Flyover freeze

    Well its the next day---J-Bar did ya survive the LONG COLD night???---It dropped to minus 3 w/chill factor of minus 9 here in nw Tn.----its generally colder over in Mo. we supposed to have a heat wave Thur aft. & Fri. get up to 40 --that'll get rid o this dang ice & snow!!
  4. Generator pondering

    There are up's & down's --good points & bad about all of em-----not best way going to provide elect. to house but way better than none at all when power goes out-----definetly ya need to check into local laws & rulings --see if they have any conditions ya have to comply with-------ONE BIG THING----about any of them is what Lumpy was pointing out is a whole lotta of brands don't have equipt. in them to insure the output is a full sine wave-- most put out a square wave--(about all Honda generators have it--that's why the $$$ for them is higher)---no matter which central heat & ac unit ya got if its been made within past 25 years or so--the control panel boards in it can't handle being on elect. source that is not full sine wave!!
  5. Buscadero holster rigs

    1 black double holster buscadero rig---black--tooled & lined leather---.45 cal cart. loops-chrome buckels---for 7&1/2 in. old model vaqueros- --40 in. from center of buckle to center of notches----not super fancy but put a few conchos on em & ya got Paladin in have gun will travel--------$150 shipped!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------1 reddish brown--double buscadero rig--tooled & lined leather---.45 cal loops----for 5&!/2 in. old model vaqueros--.45 cal loops---one really nice rig--bought it new myself when I started in sass---gave a lot more $$ than I'm asking---it's used but well taken care of--------40 in. from center of buckle to center of notches------$250 shipped------- Picture capacity on my computer don't work any more ---if ya interested P.M. me w/telephone number that I can use smarter than I am telephone to send ya some picts!!------Dirty Low Down
  6. Gun Cleaning - NON-SASS Firearms

    Sounds & looks like a good way to start the day!!
  7. Gun Cleaning - NON-SASS Firearms

    Ya also need to factor in these were ya wife's fathers guns------no gun price listing anywhere has that added to guns value----KEEP EM!!! & she'll probably fix ya some extra bacon & eggs in the mornings!!!!!
  8. Gun Cleaning - NON-SASS Firearms

    Clean em lust like ya do w/ ya sass guns-----Check w/ a gun dealer about prices & condition -- NOT A PAWNSHOP---pawnshops are in business o getting things @ rock bottom prices-----for those that still favor revolvers--the Charter .38 is a great little inexpensive carry gun-- (carry one myself)- The S&W needs more of a on duty kinda carry--( armed security guard kinda use)---but it's a great house gun for self defense! The Armi .22 was a very inexpensive little S/A revolver--might be useful to some o the young ones starting to shoot Buckaroo here on SASS wire!----The Casull .22 was inexpensive--but is of interest to sass shooters as a pocket pistol!---Don't know if it's my computer but blueing on S&W apperars a little rough---if it is rough -to have it reblued just for sale value would probably not raise price enough to cover cost of blueing!
  9. would this Hat be ok for cowboy shooting

    Yeah--it'll work got about the same hat---store called mine a outbacker--(supposed to be Australian)--wear it a lot when working in pastures or yard or wherever---in cool to cold weather its pretty good---COLD weather it's great on my old bald head----rain runs off the hat it stays dry-----warm to hot weather it'll make ya head sweat like an old dog!!
  10. Rossi 92

    Ya got it----Sold to Preacher Clint----pending funds!!!!
  11. Rossi 92

    Rifle is 20 in. round barrel----factory blue---yall that sent me ya phone numbers-soon as grandkids come over-I'll get them to use their smarter than I am phones & send ya some picts.!!---Dirty
  12. Rossi 92

    Pre safety Rossi 92 in .44 mag----GREAT condition-----bought it new years ago---always been my first to go to rifle-----action slicked up by Steves Guns in Tx. years ago--still smooth---all metal finish & workability great---action also was perked to also feed .44 specials good!--Tang has been drilled & tapped for a Marbles Tang Sight so ya got little hole there-----stock has got some cart dings & marks _(nothing big or really noticeable)--------$500 plus shipping to ya FFL!!--------Computer won't let me enter pictures--so if ya interested & got a smarter than me telephone ---pm me & I'll send picts that way!-----Dirty Low Down
  13. Ruger Grips

    This will probably be hard w/out picts.--but(my puter broke about pics.)---anyway I found some OMV grips I didn't know I had---no brand name on em----checkered black w/circle w/a eagle w/spread wings&extended claws on em!----Anybody got any idea what they are???? Gathering up things to post for sale it helps to know what ya got!!
  14. New grips problem

    Ya saying one o them is about 1/2 in too big------if ya talking about only one pair-----compare it to the other grip----if they don't match up ---then somebody goofed up-----send em back-----Eagle grips are too expensive to not be a good fit!!
  15. old model Vaquero stainless Beasleys .45 colt

    John----man ya answered faster than I could type!-----Dirty