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  1. Tang Sights

    Hoss----gotta pass on $60--the thing cost me $130----Marbles is higher $$ than Lyman---also if ya 95 is already drilled for Lyman the Marbles won't work in the same holes--it's about a 1/2 in. shorter-ya 'd have to drill&tap another hole in tang---had to find that out the hard way on my 94 cowboy !---Dirty
  2. Tang Sights

    Hoss---the 009805 is the standard Marbles sight-----this one is the improved Marbles tang sight----(elevation post is removeable to be swapped out for greater changes in distances--when ya buy em new ya pick the parts ya want & buy em separate-)----short post---100 yds or less----standard 1 to 200 yds---tall 300 yds or more-------The base on this one fits same rifles as the 009805--goes directly on tang-----mounting screws are included!!------Dirty
  3. Eagle Grips

  4. Coffee and the Military

    Yeah I guess some things from back then still hang around----I'm 74 now & sitting here at 2 pm looking at puter with a cup o coffee in my hand
  5. Tang Sights

    Lets try this again
  6. Eagle Grips

    Crooked----sent ya picts. & a P.M.-----Dirty
  7. Electronic Safe Lock - Trust one?

    Dang-Darn here we go again----Lumpy ya gonna get an ego problem if I keep on agreeing w/ ya-----I spent over 40 yrs. as an electronics tech.---all the way from days o vacume tubes to computerized chips------one thing I know for shure is if it's electronic & can fail sooner or later it's gonna fail-------THATS what made me a living all those years-------if it don't have a back-up way to make it function when electrical don't work ya in a mess!! My safes are mechanical yes they can mess up also but not nearly as often!!!-----Dial-(tumbler locks ) can get messed up during transit by safe being laid on its back & door closed & locked----tumblers can fall outa position---if ya ever have to move one around it's something to remember & take precauction about!!
  8. Eagle Grips

    yeah---forgot about that fact---thanks Al
  9. Rock Island 1911 in 22 magnum

    Dang it once again I gonna have to agree w/Lumpy----(getting to be a habit)----any type o .22 cartridge has gone sky high $$$ wise & hard to get hold of-----got a little Davis .22 mag derringer----haven't seen .22 mag cartgs in stores in yrs.----the few I got stay in it when its in my pocket-------plinking & playing my little baby Vaqueros in .32 mag & my reloads--lot less $$ for play time!!
  10. Eagle Grips

    2 pair of Eagle checkered rosewood grips-(not gunfighter)----fit old model Vaquero Beasley---some beautiful looking grips----can't do picts thru my puter--but if ya interested pm me & can send some to ya phone-----$140 shipped to ya------------------------------------------------ 2 pair o Vintage brand-black checkered polymyer grips ----fit old model vaquero--$40 shipped -------Vintage grips sold ---------------------------------------------
  11. Which Way????

    come right in or be left out!!
  12. Tang Sights

    New Marbles-Improved tang sight---#991001---fits 73's--92's--Buffalo Classic & many more---standard elevation post-(200 yards)-medium sized eye piece------no mounting screws-(ya'll have to order correct ones--$6 @ Midway)-------$90 shipped -----------------------------------------Slightly used marbles improved tang sight---fits Marlins---standard elevation post---medium sized eye piece--mounting screws--$90 shipped------SOLD PENDING FUNDS---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------used Lyman #2 tang sight-- fits Marlins---standard post----3 sizes o eye pieces-----mounting screws--- $70 shipped Lyman SOLD
  13. Pulling lead bullets - update 1-28

    Right in the middle o doing the same thing myself!!!--------Found out that----(I got Lee Turret press)---if I remove one o the dies from Turret plate-----use a pair o needle nose vice grips---------raise round in question----grip it w/ v grips---lower bullet w/ press arm & bullets pop right out easy as snuff----pulled about 200 of em last night in about 1 hour---got bunch more of em to go----(So much so about trusting someone elses reloading sheeeshe)
  14. Buscadero holster rigs

  15. A day at K-Mart

    Yeah all that makes me remember that Tennessee has got it's bright & sunny side!!!