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  1. Yul Lose

    Who’s Goin To EOT?????

    I’m skipping the festivities at the big tent up at the ranch tonight, I’m plumb tuckered out. Today was very busy with the final three waves of shooters and a fairly large crowd of public spectators. Tomorrow is the shoot offs and awards and EOT 2018 will be in the books. From my biased viewpoint I think this was the smoothest one of the 9 that I have participated in. Up at the gate you usually run in to a few folks that don’t want to do things to help the traffic flow like displaying the parking pass that’s in your package so that on Saturday, the busiest day, you can be waved through to the lower parking areas and be on time to shoot your stages. Out of the hundreds of vehicles that came through the gate I had one (1) individual that did not want to take the pass out of his package and display it, but after a friendly visit yesterday morning he had it on display when he came through today. He even smiled and waved at me. Very nice guy. I don't know if everyone is getting used to the system or not but it sure went smoothly. Usually if people have had a problem, issue or complaint I’m the guy that hears it when they leave and this year I didn’t hear one negative word or complaint and that’s the first time that’s happened since I’ve been manning the gate. I did get a very snide chewing out by a couple of women that turned right when they left the ranch instead of turning left but they were not shooters so that doesn’t count. The vendors that I visited with all said that business was very good and from what I observed when I was around town people were buying. The move from the Bell Union to the big air conditioned tent for the welcoming ceremony and the awards and dancing was a brilliant idea and everyone that I saw at the Opening Ceremony were very appreciative of the cool environment. Thank you SASS!! Staying in Albuquerque in a air BnB condo has been particularly nice and the drive to the ranch is only about 35 minutes, mostly freeway miles, very convenient. If you are thinking of attending next year get together with some of your pards and check into an air BnB because it is really economical and you can split the bill 4 or 5 or 6 or more ways. My part of the bill for 7 nights was $250.00 total and it was much better than a motel and our condo was in a very nice neighborhood. We had 5 people in our group and sat around the dining table and living room talking and telling stories just like we would have if we’d been camping and we were probably a lot more comfortable. We even had room for two more but couldn’t find anyone to take advantage of it. The best part of my job as a greeter at the front gate is getting to talk to everyone and help get their EOT off on the right foot. If they can leave my little empire up there with a smile on their face, my work is done. On my ride back home to California I’ll think back on my 8 days at EOT and know that we pulled it off again and hopefully everyone involved from the front office to the Waddies to all of the other workers and especially all of the shooters will feel the same way. If you ever get the urge to Waddie at EOT it’s a very rewarding endeavor and every shooter there will really appreciate what you’ve done to make their EOT the best one yet. So think about it and maybe next year you’ll be part of the machine that makes EOT what it is.
  2. Yul Lose

    EOT 2018 visit

    Looking forward to meeting you. I’ll be at the gate from 5:30 until 7:00 and then again from 11:00 until 3:00.
  3. Yul Lose

    Who’s Goin To EOT?????

    Assassin sent some beatle killed pine with Pick who is camping with your son, I believe, and when I found Pick in camp this morning everyone there pitched in to load it up. I would say that everyone of them are pretty fine individuals. If you get the chance thank him for me again. I met your son up at the gate earlier in the week, nice guy.
  4. Yul Lose

    Who’s Goin To EOT?????

    I believe he helped load some lumber in my truck this morning. I ran over a snake that was on the road Monday morning when I was coming up the hill from town.
  5. Yul Lose

    Who’s Goin To EOT?????

    I’ll keep that in mind for tomorrow. I have spare batteries now but my radio will not transmit so I dropped it off at the Waddie shack. As far as the irate women went they turned the right way the last time I saw them. Thanks.
  6. Yul Lose

    Who’s Goin To EOT?????

    Today was the first day that the public was allowed in and there were quite a few of them. Most of them followed directions pretty well but some of them don’t listen. Early this afternoon two women came in and directed them down to the public parking lot and about two hours later they came back up to my post and wanted to know how to get back to I40 so I told them to turn left at the gate and then right and right again onto the highway down to Old Route 66 that borders I40. Well I watched and instead of turning left they turned right on to the unpaved Barton road section and I knew immediately that they were in for a rocky ride in their little car. Sure enough about 10 minutes later here they came back south on Barton road and they turned and came though the gate and let me have it for giving them the wrong directions (which I didn’t). My radio was on the blink so I couldn’t get ahold of security or anyone else so I handled it the best that I could. I finally ended up drawing them a little map on the back of a napkin. They left and turned left and I never saw them again. If we have large numbers of public tomorrow it’s going to be a very busy day.
  7. Yul Lose

    Who’s Goin To EOT?????

    I’ve been pretty busy at the EOT front gate and haven’t been able to post. At the opening ceremony Wednesday night there were some very special pards and pardetts recognized as new SASS Regulators. When they get back to their home clubs be sure and congratulate them on this achievement, it is special and well deserved. I do believe that dust is New Mexico’s number one crop. The water truck comes through and wets down the road in front of my post and 15 minutes later it’s dry as a bone. Early yesterday morning it was 44 when I got to the gate so I wore my buffalo coat until about 9:30, I don’t get to do that much where I live so it was nice. All of the the vendors are up and running and the ones that I visit with say business is very good. I got a good deal on a sleeve of Federal LP primers from Cowboy Shooters Supply, what great folks Joe and his wife are, they’re special. Took my two sets of Ruger ROAs to Boomstick Jay to have him do a little work on them and really enjoyed visiting with him. I can’t wait to get them back. I got relieved from 7:00 until 11:00 today and tomorrow so I plan to do a little more visiting and shopping. The Longhorns and stagecoach showed up yesterday evening and it’s always fun to watch them ride the Longhorns through town.
  8. Yul Lose

    changing alias

    It’s easy to do but not this week or maybe the first few days of next week. Misty and crew are working long hours and aren’t in the office. It will cost $15.00, I’ve done it a couple of times.
  9. Yul Lose

    Prioritizing Primers

    S&B work well for me.
  10. Yul Lose

    New SASS Regulators - Six Gun Seamus and Cayenne Kay

    I’ve met these two over the last few days and what a great representation of our sport they are. Two very deserving SASS Regulators. Congratulations.
  11. Yul Lose

    EOT 2018 visit

    Come on down. Things have changed a LOT since you were here last and for the BETTER. There are more than 600 participants signed up with a large number of sign ups just today. I’m taking a wild guess here and saying it will top 700!!! Looking at the stages I’d say Deuce Stevens and Lassiter have crafted an excellent match, it should be a lot of fun and challenging for sure.
  12. Yul Lose

    Good Luck at EOT

    You folks have some new SASS Regulators to be proud of.
  13. Yul Lose

    Mystery Item

    Speed powder loader?
  14. Yul Lose

    New EOT Side Match

    New this year on side match day at EOT is Speed Dipping and I guess it’s sponsored by Copenhagen and Skoal. There’s a red sign along the road just as you pass my station that advertises it so if you’re coming to EOT next year you better start practicing for the EOT Speed Dipping Side match. This is a joke folks, relax.
  15. Yul Lose

    Who’s Goin To EOT?????

    There was a lot of traffic through the gate today. There were a lot of cars in the lot when I got there at 9:00, my assigned time. Tomorrow we’re going to be there before 6:00 to greet the early side match shooters. Thursday through Saturday we’ll be there at 5:30 to greet the early shift of shooters. Those three days are the really long ones but they’re worth it. I got to meet many more new people and say hello to lots of old friends. Misty had her construction crew hang shade screens on the east and west sides of the hut that they built up at the gate a few years ago and it has made so much difference. Instead of chasing the shade all day you can stay right there in the front of the hut and not have to move around to stay in the shade. IMHO, the RV park is as full as it’s ever been. Long Swede, Ruby Jewel, Stubby Pete, AA and I all rented an air B and B in Albuquerque and it sure is working out well. If any of you are considering attending EOT in the future this is a very economical way to go. One group of shooters from Texas has 15 in its group renting a big air B and B house. Our place is about 35 minutes from the ranch and the freeway that we use is not busy early or late. It’s really nice cooking in a real kitchen and sitting in a real living room and having a nice bedroom to sleep in let alone a nice shower. I drove my RV to EOT many years and enjoyed the nightly commeraderie, but we still have that to a lesser degree with our group renting the B and B. More news tomorrow.

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