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  1. Yul Lose

    SOLD. SOLD Uberti 1858s for sale--Lay away?

    Way to stick with it, PBT. Those were nice pistols and someone got a great deal.
  2. Yul Lose

    Butt pad/extender for the Winchester 1873 Shot Show Rifle

    PM Double Diamond, he makes custom butt pad covers and can build it with the extension in it. It will look like it came with the rifle when he’s finished.
  3. Yul Lose

    Rugged gear carts bearings/bushing

    PM me the outside dimension (probably 1 1/8” or 1 3/8”) and inside dimension (probably 1/2” or 5/8”) and I’ll send you a set. I’ll need your address.
  4. Yul Lose

    Huntsman Senior Games CAS Woman's Shoot Off

    Nice job, WW!!!
  5. Yul Lose

    Kanye West in the Oval Office

    I’m glad he’s still there too, just wish he wasn’t such a jackass a lot of times when he doesn’t have to be a jackass to get his point across.
  6. Yul Lose

    Kanye West in the Oval Office

    Guess he’s got about as much right to be there as anyone. I voted for POTUS and he can be a real jackass at times also, misery loves company, I guess.
  7. Yul Lose

    Traded a truck for a hybrid minivan.....

    My wife had a Toyota Prius hybrid and the only problem we had with it was the start battery went out after about 6 years. The dealer wanted a bunch of money to replace it so I did it myself and saved about $300.00. I wasn’t aware Chrysler made a plug in hybrid.
  8. Yul Lose

    Drinks and ceegars all around!

    Congratulations!! There’s no love like a grandparents love.
  9. Yul Lose

    NEW JEDI's: Angie Oakley and Praire Dawg

  10. Yul Lose

    Bazeball quote of the day

    That’s what they all say.
  11. Yul Lose

    CA DMV

    I did in September but when I went in to do the transfer they wouldn’t let me because the registration and stickers was only good until September. So now it’s registered for 5 years.
  12. Yul Lose

    Bazeball quote of the day

    The Yankees lose, the Yankees lose, the Yankees lose!!!!
  13. Yul Lose

    Cautionary Note about Posting Loading Data

    We can only hope.
  14. Yul Lose

    Cautionary Note about Posting Loading Data

    I’m bettin 8 pages.
  15. Yul Lose

    CA DMV

    Yeah, Pat old buddy are you in for a SURPRISE when you go to register all of those vehicles. Chances are the S10 won’t pass the smog test and the registration fees have gone through the roof. I bought a 11 year old travel trailer in June and did the transfer and paid the sales tax and that total was $1,400.00 and then paid another $276.00 in September to register it for a year. The PRK screws you every way they can unless of course you’re an illegal alien.

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