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  1. Yul Lose

    My next planned trip to the theater

    Looks good.
  2. Yul Lose

    WR Not Going Update

    You did have the birds and the bees talk with him didn’t you?
  3. Yul Lose

    Hats for sale

    Yer melons to tiny. I like the last two but they’re to small by a bunch.
  4. Yul Lose

    WR Not Going Update

    You old softy!! You made the right decision. There is no love like grandparents love. Start shooting at The Cowboys on posse 2 and I’ll help you with your guns.
  5. Yul Lose

    Gun Sleeves/Covers?

    I’ve got some I’ll send you if you PM me your address. For some reason I can’t PM folks this morning.
  6. Yul Lose

    Spelling contest 3

  7. Yul Lose

    Spelling contest 1

  8. Yul Lose

    Loading the shotgun from a bandolier?

    Blastaway Pablo does on occasion.
  9. Yul Lose

    Wire Slowdown update

    Spell cat, Tyrel. Pat, you spell Dog.
  10. Yul Lose

    Wire Slowdown update

    So are you trying to tell us that the SASS office doesn’t know what’s going on with the WIRE? I find that hard to believe. At a time of year when participants are preparing for big matches like WR and prepping to send in applications for EOT the best way of communicating information about SASS and the sport is poorly performing and they don’t know there is a problem? Come on.
  11. Yul Lose

    Wire Slowdown update

    Obviously competent, knowledgeable I.T. help is hard to find in New Mexico.
  12. Yul Lose

    Final Preperation for Winter Range 2019

  13. Yul Lose

    Loading the shotgun from a bandolier?

    Nick at Tombstone Leather has designed the Tupelo Bandoleer so that you tip the shells out you don’t pull them. You just kind of flick your wrist and hand forward and the shells are in your hand out of the loops, no pulling involved. It’s pretty much the same action with the elastic loops. I wear mine on the shoulder my rifle and SG mount on and it works fine, the SG shells are lower on the bandoleer and won’t interfere with mounting the long guns.
  14. Yul Lose

    Loading the shotgun from a bandolier?

    Double Diamond did mine, he does all of the leather work on my carts and does holsters and gun belts too. PM him he visits the Wire or better yet if you need his contact info PM me.
  15. Yul Lose

    Loading the shotgun from a bandolier?

    I had my leather loops on the front of my Tupelo Bando replaced with elastic and am glad I did. It’s really easy to pull four for the 1897 and pulling two for a SxS is a breeze. Keep shells loaded in the back loops also or like SB said it will slide around on you and you’ll always be adjusting it during a match. Remember it can’t be tied down. Good luck and once you get used to not going to a horizontal belt or slide it’s much faster loading them from a bandoleer.

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