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  1. Yul Lose

    How would you respond?

    Thanks for lunch, that was very kind of you.
  2. Yul Lose

    ELDORADO Battle of the States?

    I see Descanso is registered from Idaho but he hasn’t been gone from Kalifornia that long so are there residency requirements to be met? He could be a ringer for Kalifornia and bring home the trophy since there aren’t enough Idahoans to field a team, with or without him. I’m thinking about coming up for the match but after my performance at the Western Regional Kalifornia won’t let me be a team member, it was that bad.
  3. Yul Lose

    Redwing Trading Co

    Don’t eat the magnets either, Mongo.
  4. Yul Lose

    UPS delivery

    That Gabby Hayes look ain’t so bad. Pictures???
  5. Yul Lose

    Stealing An Airplane

    Yep, OLG, that’s what my son said, just about everything you need to know about getting one of them in the air is online if you know where to look. Along with his past flight training it probably wasn’t that much of a challenge.
  6. Yul Lose

    Stealing An Airplane

    Went out with a bang, that’s for sure.
  7. Yul Lose

    Stealing An Airplane

    I’ve been up at the SASS Western Regional and missed the story from Seattle about the ground crew worker taking the plane for a ride. How much knowledge of flying would someone need to fly one of those twin engine planes? My youngest son flies one and spent quite a bit of time in school learning how to fly it. Could someone with no knowledge of the flight systems do what the guy in Seattle did or was he just lucky? Some of the stunts he pulled, that I saw, seem to show a little more ability than someone flying one for the first time.
  8. Yul Lose

    SPF Winchester 1894 38-55 legendary frontiersman

    I used to have one of these and it was a great shooter.
  9. Yul Lose

    What age can a youngster start shooting cowboy action

    Who says they will be running a timer or moving an adult shooter safely through a stage? Smokestacks sons all started shooting CAS at around 10 years old and did just fine. Bonnie McFarland, who just won the women’s title at The Western Regional started out shooting CAS with her grandfather at about that age also. Different kids have different maturity levels and abilities.
  10. Yul Lose

    Arm Garter Widths?

    Be careful about using a credit card at Joanne’s, on two occasions after I used it there there were fraudulent charges at other stores and for online purchases. The last time it happened it was a new credit card and had only been used at Joanne’s and then the fraudulent charges appeared. It was a victimless crime, according to the police department so they wouldn’t investigate and they said it was between me and the card holder to settle it.
  11. Yul Lose

    Got Double Lucky, Won a set of Holsters

    I remember you winning that. Nick does excellent work. Congratulations.
  12. Yul Lose

    Shotgun belt number of loops??

    12 on the front and 12 on the back, it’s a bandoleer.
  13. Yul Lose

    new rifle--Oh my goodness!

    A LGS had one of the new Henry carbine Henry’s with the 20 barrel and I was really tempted until I saw the price, WOW!! They had an iron frame rifle as well and they both seemed to be fairly smooth, not SS, of course but pretty smooth actions.
  14. Yul Lose

    No bag scanning. Would you fly?

    I wouldn’t fly on those planes. How quickly we’ve forgotten.
  15. Yul Lose

    Snap Caps for Uberti 1873 Rifle

    I built some to use in my 44-40 Lightning’s using Amarillo Rattlers method but used a rubber o ring material in the primer pockets.

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