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  1. facebook data

    You don’t vote and don’t pay taxes? No car to register and insure? Keep your gold buried under a rock?
  2. facebook data

    The times they are a changing and like it or not anonymity is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. I’ve often thought of leaving everything behind and disappearing into the wilderness, but I aint that tough.

    The Padres will win it all.
  4. Polish Capper

    Another nice thing about the Polish Capper is that you can seat the caps with the capper, it’s that well built.
  5. WTS MINT Browning B78 in 45-70

    That’s still a nice rifle at a very good price.
  6. WTS MINT Browning B78 in 45-70

    Dutch, does it have a full length tang for a tang sight?
  7. Polish Capper

    It took exactly 10 days from the time it was ordered to receive mine and with a little file work and polishing it works very well capping Ruger Old Armies.
  8. Leather rifle butt cover

    Double Diamond does all of the leather work for my gun carts. I was over at his shop this morning and he has just finished three stock covers that are absolutely outstanding. The carved, embossed, tooled and painted bison skulls are three dimensional and the associated leatherwork that finishes them off is exceptional. I’ll try to post some pictures a little later of the stock covers but until then here are s9me leather medallions that he’s done for my gun carts.
  9. Parts found

    Sorry pard, they are not Bisley hammers.
  10. if you have it that bad why not quit

    Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner and it’s only going to get worse.
  11. Search for Texas bomber ends.

    Glad it’s over.
  12. Parts found

    I’ll look first thing in the morning, I think I have what you want.
  13. The only SG’s I’ve ever used in CAS are 16 gauge and I have 13 97’s and three SxS’s. My grand dad gave me a 97 many years ago and I just have some kind of wierd attachment to them. I’ve never owned a 12 gauge for our game, I do have a Mossberg for home defense but that’s it. There is a little gun shop in San Marcos that a neighbor works at and when they get a 97 in that’s for sale he’ll tell me about it, I’ve bought two or three from them. I need another 97 in 16 gauge like I need another hole in the head.
  14. How Many Marlin Rifles Have You Owned

    I’ve never owned a Marlin.
  15. Incoming...Part 3

    Southern Kalifornia may have its problems but that white stuff ain’t one of them. Hope you folks get through this okay. I’ve got a couple of extra bedrooms and a RV if you have to evacuate. I’ve never entertained a lawyer before but I’ll try.