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  1. '97 Winchester solid frame safe queen

    Made in 1912. It's a 32" full choked solid frame Winchester 1897. It's in about 85%+ condition with some blue wear where it's been carried and on some of the sharp edges. I'm taking this to Winter Range to sell 'cause it's so big it's hard to ship. No work done to it. $800.00
  2. yo pilgrim try Briscoe Kid aka Joe Briscoe Oklahoma will be at winter range (580) 873-2663.


    Jackrabbit Joe

    1. Mudflat Mike, SASS #20904

      Mudflat Mike, SASS #20904

        I know him well, I'll contact him, thanx!


  3. Found One: Everybody seems to be back ordered on these. Anybody got a new style bolt they'd sell?
  4. Mudflat Mike.  Sonoma Steve here.  Just wanted to thank you for selling a great rifle.  I had more fun than ever with the Uberti 1866 I bought.  It was on from the first shot and has not missed the mark in any of the matches I have shot.  Thank You again.  I have recommended the SASSNET to the Lever Action Facebook Group as a safe and honest place to purchase quality rifles.


  5. SOLD Pair of original model Vaquero's in 357

    I'll send ya a PM
  6. F.S- Ruger Vaquero Barrels

    I'll take the Colt grips I'll send ya a PM
  7. SOLD Pair of original model Vaquero's in 357

    Original deal fell thru, back up for sale I can deliver 'em to Winter Range
  8. 2 Ruger fixed sight Old Army's blue W/conversion cyl

    OK, make me an offer
  9. 0420-0422 and 0425-0429 2018 CA State WBAS and SASS Matches

    A good shoot, put on by good folks at a great range! Let's fill 'er up!
  10. SOLD Pair of original model Vaquero's in 357

    SOLD 2 original model Vaquero's with 4 3/4" bbls, blue/case. Pretty stock guns with lighter springs and that's it. Aftermarket rosewood grips, no boxes nor paperwork $1,200.00 shipped to your FFL
  11. Anybody collect military mauser 98K's?

    There's Nazi "chickens" all over the stock, the serial # and a chicken over "WAA" behind the trigger guard, but I can't find the crest anywhere but the reciever bridge. The stock is banged up just enough so's it's hard to tell.
  12. Anybody collect military mauser 98K's?

    Well, I've got another one but don't have the slightest idea what it's worth. How come you were shooting at barns?
  13. Anybody collect military mauser 98K's?

    I've got a few questions about a Portuguse 98K I just got. If anybody is knowledgable could you pm me? Thanx!
  14. Traveling to CAS stage events

    You've got no problems in Wa state. so long as the guns are not loaded. Send me a PM and I'll suggest some good shoots while you're here Mudflat [email protected]
  15. 2 Ruger fixed sight Old Army's blue W/conversion cyl

    Can deliver to Winter Range