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  1. Griff

    Getting Started Webpages

    For accuracy's sake it's a Marlin 1894. Winchester makes the 94. Which is also a legal rifle in a pistol caliber.
  2. Griff

    Whats the Best and Whyyy???

    Yep, it's turned into an equipment race. Best is a subjective intangible. My favorite guns are mine... no short-stokes to be found anywhere, but smooth action is mandatory.
  3. Griff

    Whats the Best and Whyyy???

    I'm sure you meant to say, "...short story long."
  4. Griff

    Loop 375 around El Paso

    West to east on 375 past hwy 54 is steep on the west side, but fairly easy grade, if much longer, on the east side. I only go over the Intermountain if I'm VERY light. BTW, if you have a smart phone, download an app call "Gas Guru"... it'll give you up to the minute (or so) pricing on all grades of gas & diesel for whatever area you might be in. I use it all the time in my p/u, (I have a specialized app for my work truck).
  5. Griff

    Loop 375 around El Paso

    Yep, Chicken George's route is what I do in my big truck... unless I hit E.P. in the middle of the night.
  6. Griff

    Would you shoot this match?

    Give me a couple of months to lose enough to get back in my chaps... Frontiersman...
  7. Griff


    Well there goes my plans... Of course if you hadn't cancelled... I might have found an excuse to not do the chores... now I have to!
  8. Griff

    Initial Cost of Reloading

    Don't need the expense of buying plastic containers for components... do you drink coffee... eat ice cream? That's just two products you already buy that comes in resealable containers that I've utilized for years, for keep dirty brass, then clean brass in.
  9. Griff

    How many of us actually had Cowboy guns before we got into CAS?

    I had to get rid of my "Shady Brady" hat band.
  10. Griff

    New Category

    Everything is a compromise... and compromise is a matter or degrees... We generally allow new folks to show up with less than the required number of guns to get introduced to the sport. Yes, we expect and encourage them to then acquire the necessary firearms, and not depend on our largess... Do we advertise that fact? No. Doing so would probably result in demand exceeding supply. If we then advertise that for new shooters, a new .22 category is available... And folks go to the expense of gearing up for that category... When do we require they graduate to centerfire guns and play like adults? Oh, snap! They already spent their gun budget for the next 3 years! (or whatever...) If they couldn't afford center-fires before, they certainly can't after! Say we (collectively), agree that for those shooters afflicted with this very common disease allow the use of .22 rimfire ammo and firearms... just how is it administered? Do we require a Doctor's certification that (insert your name here) has arthritis and thereby qualifies to shoot .22 rimfire in his chosen category? (Not exactly my idea of the "cowboy way"). And yet, my cynical lack of faith in the human nature is such that I envision rampant envelope stretching in the medical definition of "arthritis". And, at what point has the arthritis progressed beyond which, even that option is not really viable... My aunt had arthritis so bad that simply holding a firearm would have been a safety concern? And in a sense of fair play... my arthritis is pretty much regulated to my knees, (the result of a well-spent youth on wooden sticks behind a powerboat)... am I eligible? I find that, at the club level, great efforts are expended in order that those interested can be introduced to and actually play this game. 'Nough said.
  11. Griff

    Real BP or BP sub

    Whew... what a lot of hot air and smoke being expelled...
  12. Griff

    If you are interested in getting into CAS

    hmmm... two of the four times this alternative to "Gun" or "Firearm" was used was in your post and its quoted re-post.
  13. Griff

    If you are interested in getting into CAS

    Man, I have been preaching this since I first began encouraging people to try this thing called cowboy action shooting. In order of necessity: Go out to a few matches... don't be bashful, introduce yourself and express your interest. Whether there is one or ten clubs within a reasonable, (or even unreasonable) driving distance, get out and visit all of 'em! Remember this, every single one of us started somewhere, sometime... Even the founders of the game. Be open to try out several different models of each firearm. Sure, we all have our preferences... but just as there are Fords, Chevy's & Dodges (ok, maybe a couple foreign types), in the parking lot, you're likely to find S&W's, Colts and Remingtons in the hands of various competitors... along with Winchesters, Marlins and Henrys, (not so many), and let's not even get into the different makes and models of shotguns! NO, not all side-by-sides are created equal! For each firearm you try, ASK what modifications have been done... as in - "Why is that Cimarron SO much smoother than the Taylors I just tried...?" Gee, might the Cimarron have $300 worth of action job and Taylor's, none? Makes a night and day difference in how a particular gun "feels". Ask the owner what THEY like about the gun... then ask what they DON'T like about it. Do NOT get in an uproar about the "costuming" requirements... They are much simpler than is evident from looking at long term competitors. And even that is more a reflection on how much THAT PARTICULAR competitor is "into" the costuming, than any "standard". Recognize that each person's level of enthusiasm varies significantly. And, not everyone you'll meet at any given match is a long term participant. They have shot their first match just last month... and are almost as overwhelmed as you are... maybe even more so! And for you current shooters... be observant. If there's a spectator standing around just observing... 1st, make sure they have proper safety gear on, (safety glasses and hearing protection), if not, move 'em back until you can get them some! If they do, then get over whatever embarrassment or reluctance you might have, and introduce yourself.... ask them if they have any questions... AND, if you don't happen to know the answer, guide them to someone you think might! Make yourself an Ambassador for your Club. There's only one opportunity to make a first impression. You just might be it! And if you're more of a wall-flower than your pard, nudge him/her to do the introducing... and go with 'em to observe how it's done... your pard might not be there the next time a newbie shows up!
  14. Griff

    Nice TV story on CAS

    And on PBS of all places...
  15. I just can't help feeling that there's at least one other side to this story.

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