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  1. Gateway Kid SASS# 70038 Life

    WTC Inertial trigger reset

    This would be a good preferred option IF the mechanism is stock. Some conversions to mechanical reset disable the selector ( in which case you should not have a failure to switch in the first place) Regards Gateway Kid
  2. Gateway Kid SASS# 70038 Life

    How to describe a string?

    Outside - outside - inside - inside - center - inside - inside - outside - outside - center Better would be 1-5-2-4-3, 3-2-4-1-5 ( o-o-i-i-c-c-i-i-o-o) and let your shooters take the shortcut as far as left or right for each of the pairs Regards Gateway Kid
  3. Gateway Kid SASS# 70038 Life

    How Do You Store/Transport Your Gunbelt(s)?

    Loop them over the hanger rod in the closet and buckle them in place. Leather conditioner on the belt once a year, holsters get KG9 regularly to keep them from getting sticky, in winter when I am not shooting on a regular basis use a small (emphasize small) tennis ball from the pet store in the holster mouth to keep them fully open. Tried the full size tennis balls and had a holster become so loose that gun retention during movement became a problem. Regards Gateway Kid
  4. Gateway Kid SASS# 70038 Life

    Speed Events

    Different at every match but in general something like this SG 4-8 kd’s Any order gun on table or sometimes in hand Rifle 10 rounds on table or sometimes in hand with a defined pattern (double tap sweep or Nevada sweep etc) pistol same as rifle most places allow multiple runs some only first run counts some best run counts some only one run per shooter just depends regardless they will tell you at the venue so all compete under the same rules Best of luck Gateway Kid
  5. Gateway Kid SASS# 70038 Life

    Primer explosion

    Well that explains the LOOK I got after cleaning up the man cave the other day Figured newer was more better! Regards Gateway Kid
  6. Gateway Kid SASS# 70038 Life

    Another bout with the Big C

    Prayers up for the both of you! The world is a better place with people like you in it. Respectfully Gateway Kid
  7. Gateway Kid SASS# 70038 Life

    Help with 73

    Good for you!! now you will need to correct a bit of a timing error to prevent it from happening again. I am not very computer literate but if you ask Father KCGG he can probably find the recent link on how it is done or direct you to one of the many excellent gunsmiths who can correct the issue. Regards Gateway Kid
  8. Gateway Kid SASS# 70038 Life

    Help with 73

    Takes “to the point” to a whole new level!!! hows it going 4? Gateway
  9. Gateway Kid SASS# 70038 Life

    Help with 73

    I have a couple sets, brand new, that look like that. More likely If you move the bolt all the way to the rear and your “bind” occurs just as the bolt begins to move into the area where the carrier moves (front of the receiver) most likely the tab is bent down, needs repair and retimed. I have also seen the screw that holds the loading ladle in place loosen and the links will sporadically hit it and bind momentarily, not a stopping bind but definitely noticeable. good luck and regards Gateway Kid
  10. Gateway Kid SASS# 70038 Life

    Initial Cost of Reloading

    Michigan Slim.... Same for me!!! but it does lead to some interesting conversations As a shooting buddy once told me, repeat this prayer regularly .... Dear Lord, when I die please do not let her sell my guns and reloading stuff for what I told her I paid for it! Regards Gateway Kid
  11. Gateway Kid SASS# 70038 Life

    How many of us actually had Cowboy guns before we got into CAS?

    Only lever gun - Win model 88 in 308 Revolvers - S&W 686, 657, 629 and a Taurus 22 Pump SG - Browning BPS, no sxs or lever That has all changed of course !!! Regards Gateway Kid
  12. Gateway Kid SASS# 70038 Life

    Hello from a new guy!

    Welcome aboard !!! Sounds to me like you already have everything you need, guns, reloading stuff, western clothes, and holsters on the way. Now all you need is to get a little time off and come play. Regards Gateway Kid
  13. Gateway Kid SASS# 70038 Life

    What is "quilting fabric"?

    If yours are like ours you mean the one the dogs let you share Regards Gateway Kid
  14. Gateway Kid SASS# 70038 Life

    Knee Replacement

    Recovery time can vary so widely between patients for so many reasons that there is no "typical" recovery time table. patient age, overall health at time of surgery, pain tolerance both during PT and daily use, technique by the surgeon, tolerance of pain meds, how diligent the patient is in doing their PT ... I ran a water sprinkler head into my left knee in 1977 while in college. Through the patella, knee cap and cut into both the tibia and femur. State of the art back then was remove damaged pieces and sew everything up. Was told I would need a knee replacement in 10 years or so. In 1997 was diagnosed with bone on bone wear into both sides of the knee joint and severe arthritis. In 2014 MRI showed near crippling damage. To many cortisone shots to remember, 3 SynVisc shots, 2 stem cell injections, daily wear of braces and 16 OTC ibuprofen a day for the last 12 years, time for replacement. Full knee replacement surgery on December 10, 2018, spent 1 night in hospital, began PT the first afternoon before release, did the obligatory walk around the hospital floor that day, only went to PT twice for instruction but used a chart with 12 home exercises daily, pain meds for 2 weeks (oxycodone and Tramadol) switched to 2 OTC Tylenol morning and night (no more prescription meds since). Could have walked out on my own but rules said had to use a wheel chair. Went to my clubs Christmas party that Friday with my walker. Bone on bone pain is gone completely, there is a burning sensation as the nerves and muscles reknit, top of knee has no real feeling and still somewhat stiff. Expect all to improve. Shot my first match January 19 and my second January 20 of 2019. no aftereffects and knee actually felt better afterwards with very minimal swelling. Not up to my expectations as far as the shooting part (really out of practice) but every day is a little better and both mental and physical outlook have dramatically improved. Just my experience but I would do it again in a heartbeat and should have done it years ago. Respectfully Gateway Kid
  15. Gateway Kid SASS# 70038 Life

    Those darn hung-up shotshells...%#s*@

    I tend to agree with GJ. I have a routine that I stick to so that by the time I reach the firing line all of the little things have been done the same as they were done at the last stage, last match, last year etc. and that includes a check of my SG shells. Those get checked at the reloader, boxed, then checked again at the cart before they are put in the belt. As has been said once they stick in practice (no matter how little) they go into the trash bin as it is not worth it to save and get one more reload out of them. If they fail a check at any point in their life.... history file, like doritos I will make more. I have had shells swell on particularly hot days (even once fired) and fail the check, those go to practice bucket and then tossed. Every one has their own system and most of them work well, for me, I had my first stuck hull in a match (last weekend) that was the first in nearly 3 years. Regards Gateway Kid

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