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  1. Diamond Curly SASS#57086

    Laser Engraving.

    Just had this grip done by Chuckeroo
  2. Diamond Curly SASS#57086

    Lyman Rifle Mould 45RN 500Gr

    Midway price is $85.00 plus shipping.
  3. Diamond Curly SASS#57086

    Lyman Rifle Mould 45RN 500Gr

    I have a Lyman Rifle Mould that was used for my trapdoor. My shoulder says no more 500 grain so I switched to a 405 & 320 and much better. $47.50 shipped CONUS. thanks, DC
  4. Diamond Curly SASS#57086

    Real BP or BP sub

    I am in the group that if you shoot black powder then it is fine by me. Real or subs doesn't change the facts that with the wind in our faces it is still fun trying to find that second target in a string of five! Whatever floats your boat just keep shooting the Black.
  5. Diamond Curly SASS#57086

    Real BP or BP sub

    Thank you
  6. Diamond Curly SASS#57086

    Real BP or BP sub

    I have tried Alliant Black-MZ in my 72 Open tops with no problem but after two stages the cylinder will hardly turn in my Remington Outlaw with the same load. Anyone else have this problem? I prefer real black but thought I would at least try the Black M-Z and see how it works. I have not tried it in my C&B guns yet so do not know how they react to the M-Z. At $10.00 a pound I had to try it in my cartridge guns.
  7. Diamond Curly SASS#57086

    My new Grips

    I shot the at the range and they felt fine to me. It was 35 degrees so only shot a few rounds before heading back to the ranch.
  8. Diamond Curly SASS#57086

    My new Grips

    Yes they are the factory grips.
  9. Diamond Curly SASS#57086

    My new Grips

    I had two sets of grips done by Chuckaroo and they both came out beautiful . This is my Richards Conversion. Great price and if you want to enhance your grip and look give him a try and you will not regret it. Only five more sets to go!
  10. Diamond Curly SASS#57086


    Rifle targets: Black, Pistol targets: Yellow and Shot gun targets: Red. This seems to be the norm at the shoots I attend.
  11. Diamond Curly SASS#57086

    Interesting Cowboy Print

    I like both of them. If you run out of room in your cowboy I would hang them in my cowboy room free of charge!
  12. Diamond Curly SASS#57086

    Triple 7 Crud?

    I tried triple 7 once and did not have the issue with build up. I carry a jug of Simple Green and water on my gun cart and after unloading my revolvers put the used brass in the solution. On my trip back home the bottle agitates the brass enough so when I get home I just rinse the brass a couple of times, lay out overnight and put in tumbler for about three hours and they are clean and shiny. I shoot real black most of the time but using APP I get the same results. I think the two plus hour trip home helps the cleaning process. The brass shooting Black MZ was good but the revolver was really dirty. I try to stay away from the subs but if I run low on real black I will use APP first and then Black MZ.
  13. Diamond Curly SASS#57086

    A couple of 1875, 1890 questions

    I run 45 Schofield through my 75 with no problems at all. I use the same holster for my open tops with no issues. Enjoy your new revolver, DC
  14. Diamond Curly SASS#57086

    Christmas guns

    Great choice for your first C&B. Be careful where you store it or it will multiply with many different C&B revolvers. DC
  15. Diamond Curly SASS#57086

    **ALL SOLD** ....38 Long Colt, $40 per 300+ includes shipping

    I will take one box of the 38 Long Colt for $40 shipped. I will send a message with address. Thanks, DC

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