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  1. N.A. Custer 70498

    Straight triggers

    My finger feels a lot better since I put one on my Marlin cbc
  2. N.A. Custer 70498

    Brown Township Regulators Day-Night Shoot

    We had him under control until he lost his phone.
  3. N.A. Custer 70498

    Logan’ s Ferry

    That tunnel is a hoot now especially when you shoot black powder .
  4. N.A. Custer 70498

    Marlin Phantom Trigger concerns

    Been using Slicks phantom trigger for 3 years now has worked great. I have not had finger bite since.
  5. N.A. Custer 70498

    Powder for .45-70

    Accurate 5744
  6. N.A. Custer 70498

    Indoor CAS in Niles, Ohio Saturday

    Hooligan and I will be there.
  7. N.A. Custer 70498

    Indoor CAS in Niles this Thursday

    This was a great shoot at Niles Ohio. Thanks Slow MO Dern for writing the fun stages. It was interesting to find out Santa had to get a flu shot.

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