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    Hunter/ Tracker/ Fisherman/ Christian/ Grandpa/ Soldier/ Philosopher/ .44 Aficionado

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  1. WTB Bond Barrels & Stuff

  2. WTB Bond Barrels & Stuff

  3. WTB Bond Barrels & Stuff

  4. WTB Bond Barrels & Stuff

    No more govs or judges for me, I find them both big unnecessary clunkers for my purpose. No more looking around for pistol shotshells when a AA#8 is available everywhere. The forty to the 45 shotshell ain’t bad even on “real” snakes. Many folk have never encountered a large snake. The kinda snake that makes one want for a bigger gun than a 22 or 38. I hunt 400lb Boars with a 410 Mossberg and Brenneke slugs for entertainment. My choice for snakes, is Bond...Thanks
  5. WTB Bond Barrels & Stuff

  6. WTB Bond Barrels & Stuff

  7. WTB Bond Barrels & Stuff

  8. WTB Bond Barrels & Stuff

    I guess I can keep calling until they block my number but they won’t sell me a 6” I got out of Bonds a few years back after I fired a 454 and got my hand surgery but since I have a short memory, I’m back on them again for snake gun. I’ve wrung out the Taurus Judges and they suck. All the plastic capsul shotshells seem to wiggle loose on me or primers come out backward jamming my pistol caliber revolvers, the only shotshells worth a crap are .40 and 45 when you can find them. The 410 AA #8 is always on the shelf and the Bond Don’t lock up.
  9. WTB Bond Barrels & Stuff

  10. WTB Bond Barrels & Stuff

    I’m looking for some Bond Stuff: 4.25” 45/410 barrel (I’m also interested in the 6” Texan Barrel) Holsters 44 Special or Magnum Barrel. (Bond is releasing a 6” 44 mag soon but no seperate barrel) Slim or special grips Thanks
  11. Would you complain?

    My blood pressure is 116/75, cholesterol is 117 HDL 93, TriG’s 52 Its your health brother
  12. Little known fact II

    I like FortyRods fact thread. I’ve heard this term “porch monkey” thrown around all my life and while somewhat derogatory, the origins and meaning are different than what folk associate it with. I’m from a family of “Poarch Monkies”. It when members of the Poarch Creek Indian tribe started mixing with the blacks and french. The most politically correct description would be “creole”. I’m anxious to hear y’alls facts
  13. Would you complain?

  14. WTB Lever Wrap

    This is for my huntin 44 but I think I gots it covered with the snap man
  15. WTB Lever Wrap

    Anyone make a Lever Wrap with velcro attachment on the ends of the leather instead of a lace?

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