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  1. Johnny Loco

    why won't CCI shot shell work in charter arms pitbull

    I always have problems with the capsules. They slide foward because they get loose or jump crimp. Also, many times I’ve had the primers back out after firing ever so slightly getting hung on any bumps and stuff rearward. For caplsul rounds, I only load one and twist the plastic capsul while pushing down to seat it before loading. I’ve even put a couple spots of superglue to stop the capsul from moving. Some lots are much worse than others. I’ve found forty and forty five are the best. The Pitbul 40 and 45 are the best at dual purpose. Its the sole reason I went to a Bond for a dedicated snake pistol, the Taurus Judge and Governor both suck and suffer binding cylinder issues when you need the gun most.
  2. Johnny Loco

    Linux Vs Windows question

    I don’t like any of them but I’d run a solo machine for the purpose of the OP and transfer stuff over from a thumb drive or something. Life is too short to be fiddling around for no reason. A choice to use a unix flavor, android, or google is a personal one, but to jump right in and expect things to work is optimistic at best and for what end goal, to keep a word processor, printer, and sewing machine operating. Things have to be in perspective. I only use Apple stuff now because I have other things to occupy myself with. They ain’t erfect but the pluses outweigh the negatives.
  3. Johnny Loco

    Linux Vs Windows question

    Sir, I recommend you get a computer that runs your software, the last office that wasn’t (360) or cloud based, install a new printer, then yank the cord from the internet after its all working. It should type and print letters and run your sewing machine for years to come. Buy another computer for online stuff. Folks expect miracles from Linux which is entrenched with King Absul Henriki type catfishers from Umabuntu Kenya.
  4. Johnny Loco

    Linux Vs Windows question

    Its an awful leap for someone asking these questions. Go Apple.
  5. Johnny Loco

    3 Californias in the future?

    I’ll be take the geomorphic provience of the “Sierras” by force when that happens. Make America Great Again!
  6. Johnny Loco

    judge verses governor

    I sold off my last two Judges because I had problems with both. Some kinda binding cyl issue and developing slop. Went to a Bond Texan 6”, it goes bang every time for snakes.

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