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  1. Jersey Kid, SASS #287

    Fabulous Jack (JC) Stewart Holsters

    Bottom holster sold thanks
  2. Jersey Kid, SASS #287

    Sold Thanks

    Sorry cowrustler was the first to message me - thank you
  3. Jersey Kid, SASS #287

    Sold Thanks

    Beautiful beaded unused holster for & 7 1/2" Colt SAA - asking $90 shipped to all 50 states - thanks for looking
  4. Jersey Kid, SASS #287

    Fabulous Jack (JC) Stewart Holsters

    J C Stewart Holsters Jack Stewart was one of the first saddle makers to recreate old west leather and he painstakingly researched and built some of the finest tack available (I have one of his saddles) – each piece is handmade and hand stitched and made to last. The list price on these holsters is around $200 each – they are truly one of the finest holsters you can buy. I am selling because quite frankly I have too many (probably would not admit that to my wife). All prices include shipping in the lower 48. BTW Jack is still in business - Thanks for looking. Fully flower carved right strong side holster for a 7 ½” Colt SAA or Ruger New Model Vaquero, asking $125 - Bottom Images Sold thanks Slim Jim cross draw holster for a 7 ½” Colt SAA or Ruger New Model Vaquero, nicely carved asking $95 Top Two Images Slim Jim Cross strong side RH for a 7 ½” Colt SAA or Ruger New Model Vaquero, asking $95 Middle Two Images
  5. Jersey Kid, SASS #287

    New production Winchester 1873

    Glad you guys got together - you're two of my favorite people
  6. Jersey Kid, SASS #287

    Wanted To Buy Back

    I believe that is the rig I purchased on the wire for my brother who as you might expect will not part with it - sorry
  7. Jersey Kid, SASS #287

    FS Original 1887 Winchester SPF

    Well said. Enjoy
  8. Jersey Kid, SASS #287

    FS Original 1887 Winchester SPF

    I’ll take it if the deal doesn’t go through thanks
  9. Jersey Kid, SASS #287

    Engraved Henry .45 - Sold Thanks

    Charcoal blued Henry in .45 LC from the mid 90's factory engraved, slick action, antiqued brass - you can be like Woodrow Call and guard the river, also period correct for the Civil War. Asking $2500 plus $50 shipping, sorry no trades. Thanks for looking
  10. Jersey Kid, SASS #287

    Hair on Hide Child's or Display Bat Wing Chaps Sold Thanks

    Priced reduced - these were over $200 for the chaps and stand when new - thanks again for looking
  11. Jersey Kid, SASS #287

    Angel & The Badman Rig Sold thanks

    That’s why I ended up buying it in the first place. Thanks for the bumps. JK
  12. Jersey Kid, SASS #287

    Angel & The Badman Rig Sold thanks

    Tentatively sold
  13. Jersey Kid, SASS #287

    Angel & The Badman Rig Sold thanks

    Sorry forgot to add the photos - thanks for the "not so gentle" reminder! haha
  14. Jersey Kid, SASS #287

    Angel & The Badman Rig Sold thanks

    Thanks - the belt measures 46" with holes from 36" - 43"
  15. Jersey Kid, SASS #287

    Angel & The Badman Rig Sold thanks

    Unworn Angel & The Badman rig for a Colt SAA by Jim Lockwood Legends in Leather - new this is $1400 - real sterling hardware http://www.legendsinleather.com/ Angel and the Badman Even before John Wayne achieved international stardom in John Ford’s Stage Coach, he’d been slowly developing a distinctive style, a look, that he felt was not only more authentic than many of the "B" western stars, but also suited him personally. By the time he began filming the Three Mesquiteers’ series December 1938 release, Santa Fe Stampede, he’d abandoned his traditional Hollywood buscadero rig, last seen in Winds of the Wasteland (1936), and began wearing a medium brown gunbelt with over-the-belt holster and narrow tapered billet. The fully carved and lined high-ride holster, with slight rearward cant and full skirt, featured a throat design that later became, with slight modifications, famous as Hollywood fast draw. The 2 1/2" wide straight belt was fully carved and lined, and featured 30 bullet loops and distinctive tapered billet. The solid sterling silver buckle and tip demonstrate Wayne’s desire for authenticity. The engraved 1 1/2" clipped corner rectangular buckle is the famous #18 made by Ed Bohlin. The engraved sterling silver tip is similar to a Bohlin #358. There has been much speculation concerning the origin of the holster and belt, including the possibility that they were made by the Bohlin Company. There is very good evidence the holster is actually a #714 third generation H. H. Heiser, and the belt, embellished with Bohlin silver, is a modified #40 series, also from Heiser. Although most western stars or studios of the time relied on the famous Hollywood leather crafters like Bohlin, Hamley or Ed Gilmore for their fancy leather outfits, it would be in keeping with Wayne’s sense of authenticity that he would go to one of the 19th century’s most famous leather companies for the true look of the Old West. With this information in mind, the Angel and the Badman has tried to replicate the original Wayne rig, including silver design and engraving pattern, holster and belt design, and original carving pattern. Using old Heiser and Bohlin catalogues, Wayne movie histories, photographs, lobby cards and old videos, the Angel and the Badman evolved. Using computer-enhanced blowups of Wayne wearing the original rig, exacting two-dimensional patterns were produced, carefully recreating the carving pattern. These were then cross checked with a Heiser catalogue of that era. A three-dimensional holster pattern was then created. Leather, carefully duplicating the type and weight used in the 1930s was selected, including the light-weight lining favored by Heiser for that special option. The cutting, carving, dyeing, finishing and sewing of the outfit was done completely by hand, with no mechanical or electrical tools being used. The silver was carefully researched, again using computer enlargements and carefully comparing the work to a Bohlin catalogue of the era. The buckle and tip were then created by hand using sheet sterling silver, and exquisitely engraved, duplicating the original pattern. Thanks for looking - the belt measures 46" with holes from 36" - 43" $600 shipped to lower 48

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