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  1. Jersey Kid, SASS #287

    2 Pair Uberti Stag 1 Piece Grips - Sold Thanks

    Ok I'll PM you details - thanks
  2. Jersey Kid, SASS #287

    2 Pair Uberti Stag 1 Piece Grips - Sold Thanks

    Sorry I do not know if they are for the brass or steel grip strap - I presume steel - no trades at this time thanks
  3. For sale - 2 pair of Elk Stag one piece grips made for a full size Uberti Single Action - dress up those six shooters! Never been on a gun - $300 shipped in the US, thanks for looking
  4. Jersey Kid, SASS #287

    F A Meanea Child's Cuffs

    Great Child's cuffs made by F A Meanea & Co - this is the company that bought the name of the wonderful saddle maker and made top notch leather goods in the 1990's. These measure 5" tall with wrist opening of 2" in diameter and 3" in diameter at the other end - wonderful for display in your cowboy room or for a youngster. Asking $75 plus &7.95 shipping, thanks for looking.
  5. Jersey Kid, SASS #287

    El Paso Saddlery Rig Sold thank you!!!

    Thanks Cayuse King - I will PM you, JK
  6. Jersey Kid, SASS #287

    El Paso Saddlery Rig Sold thank you!!!

    Added thanks
  7. Jersey Kid, SASS #287

    El Paso Saddlery Rig Sold thank you!!!

    Yes you normally add 3" to your pants size for the gun belt, thank you
  8. Jersey Kid, SASS #287

    El Paso Saddlery Rig Sold thank you!!!

    Sorry there are holes from 37 to 44”
  9. Jersey Kid, SASS #287

    El Paso Saddlery Rig Sold thank you!!!

    Great early rig for 4 3/4" or 5 1/2" Colt SAA's or clones. Early maker's mark on the beautiful money belt. These have an open toe so you could actually put 7 1/2" guns in them. Loops for 44/45. Asking $215 shipped to anywhere in the US ($350 new + shipping and a long wait) - thanks for looking. JK
  10. Jersey Kid, SASS #287

    Shoulder Holster 3 1/2" Sold Thank you

    Beautiful unused right hand shoulder holster for a Colt SAA 3 1/2" or clone. Maker Marked Texas Jack but I believe it was made by El Paso Saddlery - great quality. $125 shipped to anywhere in the US - thanks for looking. JK
  11. Jersey Kid, SASS #287

    El Paso Saddlery Spangenberger Belt and Holster Sold Thanks!

    Yes the holsters slide to any point you would like and it is certainly SASS legal - also worthy of "style" points! Appreciate the help Hillbilly!
  12. Jersey Kid, SASS #287

    El Paso Saddlery Spangenberger Belt and Holster Sold Thanks!

    Thanks for the help - don't forget that the holster belt should be about 3" larger than your pants size as it goes over top of everything you're wearing
  13. A "Wild Bill Original", holster, belt, and cap pouch, made by Bill Cleaver, Vashon Island Washington. Holster accepts a 7 1/2" barrel .36 caliber Percussion Colt Navy Revolver. Belt is 39" long, (approximately a size 30" waist), 2" wide. This rig was made by Bill in 1987, for an employee of Leupold & Stevens, Portland Oregon. It was acquired from the original purchaser in 1991, in Virginia City, Montana, at the annual Virginia City "Buffler" Runners Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Match. Condition is as new. Aged Nickel Silver buckle has the North & Judd "Anchor" logo on the back. These rigs are really expensive! Look at the price list (sorry I cannot seem to turn the photo). Asking $350 shipped anywhere in the US. Thanks for looking
  14. Here is a great collectible for you western buffs! This is avery rare and hard to find Spangenberg Gunsmith Holster and Belt. Tombstone ArizonaTerritory! This is a vintage since it is marked AT for Arizona Territory! It is#12 0f 25 of a limited set made to commemorate the 100th anniversaryof the most famous shootout at the OK Corral. It is for a pair of 7 ½” Coltswith loops for 44 or 45. The leather is in excellent condition and only showsminor wear. The belt has holes from 41” to 45” – the non-firing dummy fake gunsdo not go with it. This a very rare and limited set – thanks for looking!Spangenberg Gunsmith, Tombstone, Arizona Territory. GeorgeF. Spangenberg was a legendary Tombstone gunsmith whose shop on 4th Street alsosold ammunition and leather accessories. Sometime after the OK Corral gunfight,he closed up shop and move to Tucson, where he began working for a miningcompany. However, it seems he had made some enemies. One night Spangenberg hadan altercation in a local bar, and several days later four men came looking forhim and confronted him in a tool shed where he was working. The details are abit sketchy, but Spangenberg killed three of the men inside the toolshed, thefourth just outside, and grabbed the next stage out of town. Today a recreationof his gun shop operates as a tourist attraction on fourth, just across thestreet from its original location.Since 1889, El Paso Saddlery has been producing the world’sfinest holsters and gun belts. Whether your preference is cowboy actionshooting, authentic western, modern, concealment, or military, they offer thepremier holster to fit your need. All of their gun leather is made with premiumquality materials and age-old techniques that have been passed down from onesuperior leather artisan to another. They do things the old- fashioned way;handcrafting all of their goods from start to finish, just as they always have. $350 shipped to the US Thanks for looking
  15. Jersey Kid, SASS #287

    Do folks still shoot real Colts?

    A few years ago I won my category at EoT in mounted shooting using a pair of stag handled engraved 1st generation a Colt’s!

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