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  1. Hells Comin

    Are there guns to avoid

    I want him to know that I have 3 race ready Winchesters 97's for Winter range( 1st time ever) and I'm coming for him. Lol
  2. Hells Comin

    Winter range # of shooters

    Hey Rattlesnake Slim - Thanks for your hard work and dedication. Hc.
  3. Hells Comin

    Winter range # of shooters

    Ok here's how I got the fuzzy math. 16 pages x 48 shooters = 768 + 33 on page 17 = 801. Where did I go wrong? I haven't started drinking yet, maybe that's the problem.
  4. Hells Comin

    Winter range # of shooters

    Unless my math is fuzzy there are over 800 shooters this year. WOW Going to be a Blast!
  5. Hells Comin

    Are there guns to avoid

    Last year at winter range Deuce saw be dragging around 2 broken Chinese 97's and you know he didn't say a word yeah right.
  6. Hells Comin

    Are there guns to avoid

    This is an example of why u should know the folks you're getting advice from!!!!! (Like Phantom said above). And it was also to get Deuce to respond.
  7. Hells Comin

    Are there guns to avoid

    Avoid: Marlins and side by sides.
  8. Hells Comin

    Need Uberti 73 lever safety parts

    I'm not a gun Smith and don't pretend to be but if you can wiggle the trigger I wouldn't think it was welded to The Seer.
  9. Hells Comin

    '73 bolt repair?

    Yup Lassiter he's in Ohio.
  10. Hells Comin

    Shotgun Recoil Pad / New shotguns

    Hi Viz recoil pads have them on all my shotguns. Super soft !
  11. Hells Comin

    Need Uberti 73 lever safety parts

    I have the lever safety bar and the Pioneer spring. If your interested- I live here and will be at fire & ice and WR. Hells Comin
  12. Hells Comin

    Contact info for Lassiter?

    He will be at cowtown this Friday so I imagine he's a busy bee !
  13. Hells Comin

    Shot shells

    I've only seen the chrome looking ones. (Federal )
  14. Hells Comin

    Shot shells

    Why does federal shot shell low recoil have a copper looking primer?
  15. Hells Comin

    73 spring expert

    Yes I did thanks for asking. What I ended up doing was grind 1/8" off of the end cap and applied a small amount of blue Loctite on the threads. Ole#4 replaced the stainless steel spring and adjusted to get the last round to feed with force. Now I can load to 1.480 with room to spare. After WR I'll see how much longer AOL I can get.

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