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  1. Looking for Colt Single action frame any generation

    Neches, I haven't talked with him in a while but the son took over for the father at the Colt Specialist or something like that. He had a lot of Colt parts and possibly had a frame for you. You may want to specify what generation frame unless it doesn't matter on the barrel threading in the frame. Hope that helps, Colt Forum would be another place on the web to look for a source. Good luck.
  2. Non CAS Glock Conversion Barrel 9mm

    Is a "conversion" barrel different than a regular Glock 9mm? If not I think CDNN was having a sale on Glock parts recently?
  3. John Wayne guns

    So Redwood, now all you need is "Betsy", or at least I think that is what name Duke gave the derringer in Big Jake!
  4. Browning 92 in 44mg, not Centenial model

    Thank you all for the advice. There another firearm I was trying to get funds for is no longer available so I am keeping the Brownong
  5. YouTube gun instructional Videos

    Do they? I was just thinking that in the state of FL it's now the law but in the other states where it is not, isn't like a Christian bakery not wanting to make and decorate a cake for a gay couple? Isn't what Dick's and now CitiBank doing discriminatory? Not trying to be political or get in trouble with moderators again. Just thinking out loud. In the states where there is no minimum age, the federal law of 18 stands and if an 18 year old goes into Dicks or WalMart and can't buy an AR15, isn't that discrimination?
  6. Browning 92 in 44mg, not Centenial model

    Not the best but in a rush this am. Better ones and the separate Browning lever over the weekend. No safety of any kind and no rebound hammer as on the newer Winchesters. Very smooth but I am sure what is smooth for me may be ruff for someone else.
  7. Browning 92 in 44mg, not Centenial model

    Ok, ok I said I would post pictures tonight. Hold your Horses! I was looking for a range. Thanks Dutch for your guess. The rifle is in great shape, gold plate still on trigger and in the Browning insignia. Thanks again
  8. Browning 92 in 44mg, not Centenial model

    Looking to create some cash to purchase a different rifle. Had this for a while, before any of my other Winchester rifles, and I am wondering the current market value. I have the original lever but had it replaced with a custom large loop lever. I will have pictures when I get home later tonight. How much should I be asking if I sell direct to a shooter? I may be going to a gun show or two down here in Fl and would take with me, but the ARs usually are what people are looking for instead. I may also list here on the vladsifieds. Thanks in advance.
  9. All sold Thanks.

    Doc saw your answer an obviously I wasn't clear. The Dillion C100 case counter is what I was referring to when I asked if it could be used on a SQD also by Dillon. You sent me a response that it was for a Lee reloader? Ok, but perhaps I mislead you with my original question? I guess Dillon could make parts for other loaders.
  10. All sold Thanks.

    Forgive my ignorance but can the counter be used on a Square Deal B?
  11. Colt Anaconda 44 mag for sale SOLD PF

    Rex, thank you for your reply, I checkout the web site. Colt was that the show where they made a custom SAA from scratch and was charging the shooter $13,000?
  12. Interarms Walther PP 380 for sale

    Ok guess the email request for pictures didn't get to you. Oh well.
  13. Colt Anaconda 44 mag for sale SOLD PF

    Damn! I was hoping you could tell me who the grip manufacturer was as I have an Anaconda with an 8" barrel that would look great with the grips you have on your model.
  14. Winchester 1887 wanted

    Where the heck are you guys finding 1887s cheap enough to have work done to them? Boy Christmas came early! Unfortunately on the east coast Ginbroker is about all we have for a source! Another reason to retire in AZ I guess.

    Well I am done! Seems I am damned if I use the grips that are not authorized and damned if I try to work with the others to get them reauthorized according to Miss Allie, do I get a permanent negative warning from her! So as they say gents you can't fight city hall though as a life member I would have thought I had paid for the privilege! So I will only haunt the classifieds as I don't think I can get in trouble there. Buenos suarte mi compadres on all your endeavors.

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