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  1. Nimble Fingers SASS# 25439

    Thank you for fixing the SASS Forum

    Everything is likety split fast again! Thanks
  2. Nimble Fingers SASS# 25439

    OT: Opinions on a Colt Signature Series 1861 Special Model

    You know it’s like art, it is only valued at what other people will pay for it and since there are a lot of people who value Colt Signature guns more than Uberti of the same model pistol or in this case rifle, they kind of are entitled to their opinion. I got you, you don’t value it hirer but don’t criticize the ones whe enjoy collecting 2nd & 3rd generation Colt pistols. I started with the 3rd gen Signature models assembled by the father of the man running Henry rifles and they were beautiful and well put together!! I sold those to afford the 2nd gen ones and then bought the cases and accessories( some Signature kits) to go with the 2nd gen pistols and other than the “signature” on the bullet mold or nipple wrench you can’t tell the difference! So I appreciate your opinion on there not being any difference between Ubertis and the “Colts” but if others disagree and do value them more, respect their opinion as well. I would love to get a Colt 1861 musket for my collection and to represent my great, great grandfather’s service in the 1st Ohio volunteer infantry, even though they supposedly used 1842 muskets. I am happy with the 2nd gen pistols I have and do value them more. They will be a legacy to my son and his heirs to follow
  3. Nimble Fingers SASS# 25439

    Old Tucson, AZ worth vsiting

    Yes my parents did that the first time we went. My 24 year old son was 8 at the time and the guide for the B-17 inside was a “side” gunner and took him into the it! My son leaned out with the machine barrel by his head and waved to us with the guide. Best picture ever!
  4. Nimble Fingers SASS# 25439

    Old Tucson, AZ worth vsiting

    Haven't been there for about ten years, but when did go, and I have gone three different times, They allowed you to go "healed" but unloaded. I loved remembering the various locations in all the movies I have watched that were made there, even though an early nineties' fire took a lot of structures. I would still go and plan to when my next trip to Tucson happens. Would also suggest Tombstone and the PIMA air museum! Nimble Fingers
  5. Nimble Fingers SASS# 25439

    Are there guns to avoid

    Please follow anyone’s advice that told you to go to your local club(s) shoots. Then determine if you want to be very competitive or just want to have fun! If competitive choose .38 spcl for a caliber and you will find that the competitors like either 1873 or Marlins, prior to the Remington purchase. If you would rather have fun then choose whatever guns will make you happy. I had a 94 large loop in .44 mag as my first rifle. It was a Winchester, could shoot the .44 specials my Colt New Frontier was chambered for and only cost me $300. I have a friend who loves the Big Boy. Don’t worry about the gun snobs that are here, go with what you can afford at the time and you will enjoy. Whatever you get will not be your only one, part of the gun is getting others that hit your fancy. But if you are getting into the game to win matches and tournaments, then listen to them getting the rifles short stroked, the pistols honed and smooth and the shotguns “smithed” as well. Nimble Fingers
  6. Nimble Fingers SASS# 25439

    WTB Rossi 92 lever

    Gentlemen he is looking for he lever only, Rossi 92 Lever, not Rossi 92 Lever Rifle! Perfectly clear in the title. He goes on to say large loop. In the post. Too many fast draws here.
  7. Nimble Fingers SASS# 25439

    Browning B92 vs Winchester Model 1892 125th Anniversary Sporter

    The only rifle that Nelson made the modification on is a Winchester JW92 Commemorative. The B92 in .44 mag can shoot .44 spcl. If memory serves me the B92’s were only in .44 mag & .357 mag, but you seem to be the “authority” on the subject so I will bow to your expertise on whether there is a Browning 92 in .44-40 made. I am assuming that you have no problem with me shooting .44 specials in the .44 magnum model? Oh and the B92 is not for sale either. None of my current guns are for sale! Nimble Fingers
  8. Nimble Fingers SASS# 25439

    Need to buy some .44-40 cartridges 200-300, who has the best price?

    Just want to apologize for not responding to you, had to walk away from the “Wire” for a while to cool down. But it looks like it worked out for you anyway thanks to all who posted. I will check out vendors suggested. Nimble Fingers
  9. Nimble Fingers SASS# 25439

    Converting a Uberti 1860 Henry from 44-40 to 44 special, how?

    Wow last place in any category or shooting a match still in last place and being disqualified. Not a big difference to me.
  10. Nimble Fingers SASS# 25439

    Converting a Uberti 1860 Henry from 44-40 to 44 special, how?

    Gees Jabez I already said I wasn’t! Did you miss that? I said I was giving it to my son or being buried with it! If I did sell it I would put a new barrel on it and sell it with the modified barrel. Please pay attention before you “wish” for something!
  11. Nimble Fingers SASS# 25439

    Converting a Uberti 1860 Henry from 44-40 to 44 special, how?

    There’s Lumpy! You are late to the party? I expected you to make a comment like you do to most of the post here on the first page! Thanks for the “factoid” but I didn’t say he didn’t get hurt, for the second time. I said he might not have been “breaking the law” by putting more powder in the case than he should. That was the what the other poster was applying, I was breaking the law and going to lose my fingers. Wrong on both counts. And if Elmer hadn’t pushed the envelope I would have a Colt Anaconda, Ruger OMV or a Desert Eagle to shoot in .44 mag. And I am sure that the same steel barrel is on both my JW 92 in .44-40 and my regular 92 in .44 mag so nothing is going to happen to my fingers.
  12. Nimble Fingers SASS# 25439

    Need to buy some .44-40 cartridges 200-300, who has the best price?

    Thanks meant cartridges not just the bullets.
  13. Nimble Fingers SASS# 25439

    Converting a Uberti 1860 Henry from 44-40 to 44 special, how?

    Is driving drunk against the law or not? And I am sure that it is against the law to sell a gun not properly marked, who is selling? I told Nelson that I was either going to be buried with it or give it to my son and he won't mind. If I have to sell I will have the barrel replaced and give the modified one to the buyer. Can't blow up the barrel too little pressure, 100 hundred rounds thru it, not one incident. Didn't say that Elmer didn't injure himself said he was breaking the law "driving drunk" by putting more powder in a cartridge that was against the rules? So Boggus am I done or is there more you want to accuse me of?
  14. Can't find a source so who do I get them from? Midway, Brownells? I want a factory brand, MagTech, Winchester, Fiocchi(I like their box), who is better priced? Thanks Nimble Fingers
  15. Nimble Fingers SASS# 25439

    Converting a Uberti 1860 Henry from 44-40 to 44 special, how?

    I have a Dillon(dsp?) SDB and no die set up is cheaper than $60! and 200 rounds of new brass is probably about 60.00 unless I start with and can find some used brass, but I would rather shoot new and reload from my used stock. If I was using my other Winchester 92 or B92 rifles I woulodn't care, again the loads for .44 special we shoot or reload are no where near the pressure created in magnums so again I would be safe. But I would indeed be careful with the Colts, the Ruger I shoot is an OMV in .44 mag, again no worries. So again not a feasible solution, but again thanks for your advice. Nimble Fingers

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