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  1. Nimble Fingers SASS# 25439

    Winchester 73

    Love ya Irish Pat! Hate it when someone tells me my new Winchester 1873 & 1866 are not Winchesters because they were made in a factory with a different name! Betcha all those Colt pistol owners didn’t care that Eli Whitney’s factory made them before Colt started in house manufacturing. I don’t shoot either enough to know better but they feel smooth to me out of the box as due my Browning & Winchester 92s! Who knows, maybe with all the manufacturing jobs coming back we may see some being built in the USA again as well. Wish Colt would let someone build their Python for them!
  2. Nimble Fingers SASS# 25439

    Markings on Colt SAA cylinders?

    I am looking for a class on Colt cylinders. Have pistols in both New Frontier and fixed site models in 44spcl and 44-40. In every case my pistols’ cylinders are “branded” on the back end with the calibers, is this always the case for 3rd gen pistols as mine are? I have seen cylinders for sale but have not bought ones unless they had the branding, even if the seller said the cylinder was 3rd gen Colt. Is it the same or different for 1st and 2nd gens? Thanks in advance.
  3. Nimble Fingers SASS# 25439

    1875 Outlaw (Remington) new Cowboy toy

    He had it at a museum in what we call the Treasure Coast back in 2012 and they were printing a “show guide”., but never happened. He has two places where he had his collections, his home in WPB and a ski chalet hotel in Colorado overlooking an old Western town that he moved bldg by bldg to the valley the chalet overlooked and that was where he was going to create a western museum. That was the plan. Perhaps looking for it in Google might work but with his last name, Google may not like him because of his brothers Charles & David. I will try to see if I can dig it up historically.
  4. Nimble Fingers SASS# 25439

    1875 Outlaw (Remington) new Cowboy toy

    Then that must be the one that Bill Koch has as I read there is another in the Autrey museum. I know he is a stickler for authenticity as he sued Chrstys for those bottles of wine supposedly fro Thomas Jefferson. His collection is unbelievable! He had a partial showing right after he bought the Billy the Kid tintype, can you imagine Colt 1873 SAA. Serial #1? It was there! Remember Winchester 73 and one of a thousand? How about both a 1873 and 1876! And the Volcanic Arms collection, all was mind blowing! And it wasn’t his total collection!
  5. Nimble Fingers SASS# 25439

    cataract surgery lens options

    Allie, not knowing how’s yours is shape let me advise you to talk to both the doctor who did it and your regular eye doctor about detached retinas. My right eye is shaped like a football. They didn’t tell me that I could be prone to the retina detaching. If you start to see a veil or shadow starting in the corner of your eye coming down like a shade in a window, run back to the place that did your cataracts! If you don’t get to them within 12-24 hours you may lose sight in that eye because they didn’t reattach it. I don’t mean to scare you but my right eye had 2! The first one health ng caused the second one. Please talk to your two doctors for their opinion on the possibility of it happening to you.
  6. Nimble Fingers SASS# 25439

    1875 Outlaw (Remington) new Cowboy toy

    Am I correct in assuming this is the same model Frank James had? If so I need to get one as well to commemorate my great Gramd Dad who was kidnapped one night from his home in Ohio and taken to the James gang hideout to remove a bullet from Frank being a dr of course. I can remember my Grandfather telling me the story one Sunday when we were visiting and I told him how I watched the Jesse James movie with Tyrone Power & Henry Fonda. I didn’t believe him and darn if he didnt pull out a newspaper with his fathers name on the front page declaring he had died and detailing the story of his kidnapping! When I worked for Oxbow in WPB a few years back I was able to meet Bill Koch and talk about his collection of western firearms, he has Franks Remington and Bob Fords Colt. So that’s why I have to get this Remington too!
  7. Nimble Fingers SASS# 25439

    cataract surgery lens options

    If you would let me make aware of the situation that cost me more money. I unfortunately did one eye before end of year and one eye after the first of the new year, with each year having a $3,000 deductible that had to be met. Not knowing your insurance benefits and deductibles, you may want to consider this when planning to get the other eye done so both operations fall within the same policy year and save you money in not having to meet another deductible amount? Just a suggestion.
  8. Nimble Fingers SASS# 25439

    1860 Henry movie scenes

    I’ll try, Never Say Never Again? Sean Connery’s last appearance as 007?
  9. Nimble Fingers SASS# 25439

    1860 Henry movie scenes

    I believe that Danny Glover has an 1866 without a forearm, but I could be wrong. His Father did have a Henry beautifully engraved as we can see when Scott Glenn is shooting the cactus needles. Wish there could have been a sequel to that one, Kevin teasing all of us at the end with “we’ll be back”!
  10. Nimble Fingers SASS# 25439

    Winchester Miroku 92's

    I have never owned a Marlin, but I have a Browning 92 & a Winchester 92 both in .44 mag and I have the latest JW comm 92 in 44-40. All are smooth, to me, and are quick . I would highly recommend them.
  11. Nimble Fingers SASS# 25439

    Henry Big Boy Rifle Use?

    Sorry I guess I can’t, though I am turning 63 tomorrow and thought I had a pretty grasp of writing in English, I haven’t been able to convince you. What my interpretation of what you said was that the rifle is not competitive don’t use it. My mistake. So if I offended my apologies, if I am still not clear, again my apologies. I like telling people to go ahead and use what equipment gives them satisfaction and they don’t have to worry about being competitive. I hope I am back in your good graces and you accept my apologies, if not then make any comment/reply you want and know that I done on my side giving you the last word. Fair enough?
  12. Nimble Fingers SASS# 25439

    Henry Big Boy Rifle Use?

    Because everyone says the Big Boy is not a “fast” rifle. One or two of the earlier posts mentioned that the B.B. user got fast but for the most part the shooter will be slower.
  13. Nimble Fingers SASS# 25439

    Henry Big Boy Rifle Use?

    Phantom I understand you completely you compete and have fun doing it. Don’t begrudge the cowpoke his choice of a Big Boy was all I was trying to get across. I agree with you on it being a bad choice if the man wants to compete! He should then shoot a Marlin in .38, as well as a couple of SAAs also in .38 and a sxs in 12 gauge at least that seemed to be the best competitive package for a long time! But if he is not into competing and just shooting for sh_ts & grins, then he can go wit whatever he wants, yes? We on the same page? Hope so.
  14. Nimble Fingers SASS# 25439

    Henry Big Boy Rifle Use?

    Yes Phantom you compete and have fun doing it. I am sure that your rifle is short stroked, your shotgun honed to perfection and your pistols have all had action jobs done to them. I don’t have any of that and do not fault you becuz you do. But I have fun walking around my range heeled. I have fun dressing up like John Wayne in his style with his guns, yes I shoot a large loop(OMG) and the only way I win my category is if I am the only one in it! I don’t practice, and I don’t care how badly I shoot. But by God I have a smile on my face when others are complaining about the targets too close or someone else using underpowered 38s. Thats my point! I shoot what I want how I want to be dressed and don’t give a dang about my score! And I leave kind of sad though at the end because I have to go home and can’t “play” anymore. But there is always next month or another club a different weekend day during the month. Let the man shoot what he wants!
  15. Nimble Fingers SASS# 25439

    Henry Big Boy Rifle Use?

    If you are looking to be competitive in your participation then I would suggest you follow what the others have said to you with a Marlin or 1873. I was like you in the beginning and started Winthrop a Winchester 94 with a Duke loop lever. But I wanted to have fun. And I still do. I like Winchester 92s the most but have both the new 1866 & 1873 Moriku models. So if you want to have fun and shooting a Big Boy would be fun to you then go for it! You can always get another rifle later.

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