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  1. Light 12 gauge reloads

    PM sent.
  2. Paul. My load was given to me by Curly Cole years ago and Ive been loading it ever since. Its a near duplicate of the Winchester featherlights. 


    Gray WAA12L wad

    7/8 shot

    15.0 grains of Clays

    any 209 primer

    With a Mec loader its bushing #28. This bushing will throw 15.2 grains but its close

    Next time we meet, Ill give ya some loads to try and compare

    P.S. You can load AAs and STS hulls without readjusting anything.


    1. San Joaquin Shootist
    2. Southpaw Gringo, SASS # 74217

      Southpaw Gringo, SASS # 74217

      I forgot you just got a 366 loader. The bushing for 15.0 grns of Clays will be #429. Somehow the bushing chart for your loader is showing that the 429 bushing is the smallest for Clays powder. They got it listed for throwing 16 grns of Clays. Of course your going to have to weight that one. 

    3. San Joaquin Shootist
  3. Links to facebook discussions on SASS topics

    SASS guns and AMMO is a good one with 2,225 members. Somethings not allowing me to paste the link here for some reason. Search for it on FB. Its a good one!
  4. S&B Primers all sizes - UPDATE 1st post

    They are most defiantly harder than Federals. Examining the primer hits under magnification they look like there a hardness of Winchesters. My results are like what Yusta B stated. My Jimmy Spur Vaqueros and lightened 73 have no problem setting them off. I would recommend them...
  5. Look what followed me home

    DANG IT! How come I cant find deals like that!! I paid double the price for mine "but" It was completely slicked up by Johnny Meadows. He does great work on those SKBs. Congrats on the great find!
  6. Ruger Front Site

    I think now would be a good time to have some nice solid brass sights put on. Mine were done by "The Gun Shop" out of Sapulpa Ok. Great people to work with. I could send you the info if you like.
  7. What bullet do you reload

    My rifle load also but uncoated. Feeds excellent at that lenght.
  8. My new Winchester 97

    Chop on there Cowboy! Save the cut off for a walking stick. FyI. The 32 inch barrel was a special order at the time. Doesn't make it any more valuable. Just hard to find them.
  9. My new Winchester 97

    Looks like a 32 inch barrel. If it is, I would have trouble cutting it down. You don't see very many at that lenght. I got one and its exclusively used for Cowboy trap.
  10. Goex powder out of Business?

    Got a jug of it in my hand right now and it is correct. Made by Schutzen and yes this stuff works good.
  11. Tell me about the 97 I just bought

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I think "Trench Gun" 97s were only solid frames.They would be hard to it break down if it was a take down. I think someone attempted on making one out of this 97 but failed. By the pictures it doesn't seem to be shot much. Probably was an old Police gun that just rode around in a patrol car and didn't see much action. It looks like a great shooter!
  12. Where to get a titanium firing pin extension for an 1873

    After breaking my light weight FP extension, I decided to try a titanium one from Long Hunter. The thing basically sucked! It caused a major hitch in the action because it would stick on top of the hammer. An Email was sent to Long Hunter and they said that titanium doesn't have a good lubricity with steel and sticking was sometimes a problem. They said return it If I liked and I did. I ended up getting a standard tool steel one from Cowboys and Indian store. Problem solved and it works great. I think the lightened ones and the titanium ones are just a gimmick.
  13. Where to get a titanium firing pin extension for an 1873

    They brake!I broke the plugged end on mine and it shut the rifle down now! My brother also broke his during the Ca State Championships. I would advise not using one.
  14. Short Stroke for Pistols

    Boogie SS kits are excellent. I know many shooters who use them and they really enjoy them. There not rewelded hammers but are hammers that Boogie fully designed and they come in two different hammer spur profiles. There not cheap at 500 bucks a pistol though. Another good smith is Jimmy Spurs at Cowboy Gun Works. I rave about the Vaqueros I got from him "but" there not short stroked.

    If its brass, It should be lightened by milling out material. Not a must but it helps. I know shooters who just like the feel and click of the action with brass carriers. I for one run an aluminum carrier. It shows some wear at some areas but after thousands of rounds through it, It keeps on ticking.