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  1. Southpaw Gringo, SASS # 74217

    Best Dies for 38cal

    Good idea!
  2. Southpaw Gringo, SASS # 74217

    Best Dies for 38cal

    I like RCBS dies but I just dont like there lock collars with the set screw that tightens up into the threads of the dies. I change those out to locking collars from Hornady. I personnaly use Hornady with 38s but cant go wrong with RCBS.
  3. Southpaw Gringo, SASS # 74217

    Using two types of shotguns

    Good morning Pards. Just a question. Who here uses two different types of shotguns during a match? I personally am a 97 shooter but I like to carry my SKB with me and use it occasionally on certain shotgun sweeps. I want to be more proficient in the use of the SxS so I figured this is a good way of weening me into it without giving up the 97 completely and staying fast with them both. I pull the SxS from the cart when sweeps are split shotgun like two to the left and two to the right. Also with double tap swingers or when there's only two shotgun targets. I'm faster with the 97 right now so that's why I favor it. My only hiccup with the SxS is trying to load it smoothly. I will fumble on occasion with it and some practice is what its going to take. It is an SKB 200 from Johnny Meadows so it not a problem with the shotgun, its all me! My SG belt is set up for pulling 4 as well as pulling 2. Thanks!
  4. Southpaw Gringo, SASS # 74217

    Clean Match Pins

    If my local clubs handed out clean match pins, I know for a fact I would be shooting slower.
  5. Southpaw Gringo, SASS # 74217

    Jimmy Spurs

    I use Jimmy Spurs pistols and yes they work like there's ball bearings in them. I like how Jimmy incorporates his little touch into them so there reconcilable to other shooters who know. Its the jeweling job and the two grooves he cuts into the cylinder that makes them stand out. Brilliant marketing! Like Phantom said. While hes got a good product, I've felt other Vaqueros done by some good gunsmiths and they feel great also.
  6. Southpaw Gringo, SASS # 74217

    1911 Magazine Recommendation Wild Bunch

    I use to think Tripp Cobra mags were the cats meow until I seen what happens to well used Tripp mags. We got one shooter in our club and she shoots Wild Bunch frequently with Tripp mags. The spot welds on her mag bases were all breaking from lots of slamming when seating. Tripp tig welded the bases back on instead of full replacement. They look like hell but they wont break any more. I know anything can break but for the price of those things, I think Tripp should have done a full replacement.
  7. Southpaw Gringo, SASS # 74217

    Straight stock or Pistol grip??

    I like a "pistol grip" 73 solely because it more closely matches the feel of my shotguns be it a 97 or an SKB. That's pretty much it.
  8. Southpaw Gringo, SASS # 74217

    At what temperature will you not shoot?

    I shy away from no temperature but hey, this is California. I will stay away when its raining though. That makes it miserable! I like that our local club does two Paniolo shoots in the dog days of August. Shorts and Hawaiian shirts makes it fun.
  9. Southpaw Gringo, SASS # 74217

    Winchester AA Shotgun Hulls Old Style

    This Cowboy is looking for some. https://www.sassnet.com/forums/index.php?/topic/272204-wtb-12-ga-winchester-aa-compression-formed-hulls/
  10. Southpaw Gringo, SASS # 74217

    Clean Match Pins

  11. Southpaw Gringo, SASS # 74217

    People of Cowboy Action Shooting

    SASS Alias: Southpaw Gringo SASS #:74217 Where you are from: Tracy Ca. Home clubs are Two Rivers Posse in Manteca CA and Coyote Valley Cowboys in Morgan Hill Ca. How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting. 11 years
  12. Paul. My load was given to me by Curly Cole years ago and Ive been loading it ever since. Its a near duplicate of the Winchester featherlights. 


    Gray WAA12L wad

    7/8 shot

    15.0 grains of Clays

    any 209 primer

    With a Mec loader its bushing #28. This bushing will throw 15.2 grains but its close

    Next time we meet, Ill give ya some loads to try and compare

    P.S. You can load AAs and STS hulls without readjusting anything.


    1. San Joaquin Shootist
    2. Southpaw Gringo, SASS # 74217

      Southpaw Gringo, SASS # 74217

      I forgot you just got a 366 loader. The bushing for 15.0 grns of Clays will be #429. Somehow the bushing chart for your loader is showing that the 429 bushing is the smallest for Clays powder. They got it listed for throwing 16 grns of Clays. Of course your going to have to weight that one. 

    3. San Joaquin Shootist




    1. Southpaw Gringo, SASS # 74217

      Southpaw Gringo, SASS # 74217

      No problem. Its going to be 4.5grns of Trailboss with that 160grn bullet. 

    2. TUCO SASS #46748

      TUCO SASS #46748

      thanks for the info.

  14. Southpaw Gringo, SASS # 74217

    Anyone use HSM bullets?

    I got a couple of boxes of Bear Creek 255grn ,45 Colt bullets. Did they stop making them?
  15. Southpaw Gringo, SASS # 74217

    Keeping shiny brass shiny?

    I keep my brass sparkling clean by cleaning them again with SS pins. They get cleaned every time after firing. Yes I'm a stickler for clean brass. If they tarnish on me before I fire them then I'm not shooting enough.

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