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  1. No way

    Local guy walks into our small town lotto shop, hands his ticket over the counter to be checked & also with the money to buy next weeks..I mean he's thinking' never won anything in 15 years..bingo says the sales person..'we wondered whether someone would hand in the unregistered winning ticket..you mean I won he says..yep $3 million dollars !! Had it in his jeans back pocket for a week. And guess what.........................................................................................................................'It wasn't me !!!!!!!!!!!! Happened in Dalby Queensland..Austrlalia
  2. Tumbling Brass vs Lead Levels

    My lead levels have been at 20 but through a combination of changing how I do things it has come down to 9 at my last test on Jan 31..I have tests every 3 months..I tumble with pearl barley which hasn't been a problem. I'm pretty sure my high levels came from melting reclaimed shot into ingots to put through my Magma caster. Purchased 5 ton & melting is over a gas or timber flame so temperature is not controlled & hovering & working over the pot is not good..since I stopped that, the levels have gradually gone down.I have always washed often & wear appropriate protection but harder to do when the weather is hot For sure at least I won't have to buy shot for a loooooong time !......alas it does make good bullets.....
  3. Shotshell Press for Black Powder?

    For real BP I use a RCBS turret press ,taking the hull out for the powder using a Hornady BP powder thrower..slow yes but I like reloading.
  4. Lead Shot?

    Howdy Bought just over 5 ton of reclaimed shot a few years back..make bullets & use the shot once washed & graphited, mostly for us to use but do sell to pards , works great !
  5. How far do YOU go? Alias and Story

    Always liked coloured tattoos rather than just black so that's the PAINTED part...and the MOHAWK was because I had one when I started SASS = PAINTED MOHAWK
  6. Dodge Ram SRT 10 Viper engine Truck

    Awesome truck , love it ! You know that would fetch around $75,000US in Australia...which is approx $ 100,000 Aussie & then by law only left hand drive that are 30 or more years old can be left that way..so would have to be converted to right hand drive & that can set you back another $30,000 AU..not only our gun laws that suck !!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. How do you practice during the winter off season

    Same as summer..at matches & steel targets...cos' never gets cold enough to not shoot down-under, oh well maybe once in a blood moon in some states in the bottom areas of Australia., on the other hand 'Summer can be bloody hot !
  8. How often do you clean your guns?

    Clean & oil after every shoot..full strip about 4 times a year..either your a cleaner or not, each to their own !
  9. BJD's "Why I Don't Shoot Black Powder"?

    Great read !
  10. They don't write stages like this any more but, COOL to watch.

    Top stuff..loved it..thanks for posting. Are the CVV still the largest club ?
  11. Scarlett’s Gone DARK!

    Ah' yes the 'BOOM is much better than the bang !!
  12. Tumors...Yeehaw...Prayers Please!!!

    One tough hombre you are Jim, some prayers coming from underneath ya' . All the best mate.
  13. This Gal is a keeper!

    Yep sounds a lovely Gal & I got one of them too !!..Congrats
  14. Favorite Ice Creams

    Geez...and they reckon Aussies have a hard to understand slang / accent !!
  15. Sold ......... Browning BSS 28 inch

    Received & replied