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  1. No Horse Hair, SASS #77464

    FS-Cimarron 72' Open Tops 44's

    Texas Red, Sent you a PM. No Horse Hair
  2. No Horse Hair, SASS #77464

    Pretty knives

    I spent a large part of my life in the oilfield working with service rigs (pulling machines). In a moment of carelessness I got my right hand wrapped up in the scope line as I was pulling It off the drum. The operator was quick to grab the brake and I ended up with mangled fingers. Down the road, the line was wore and removed from the rig. I sent 6' of it to Fred Durio in Louisiana, a custom maker I knew through my hobby/business of selling Randall and other handmade knives. He made up a set of 5 knives using the wire line , which he forge welded into bar stock and into finished blades. Four of them are in a display case above with a foot of the original wire line. The fifth knive is a bowie which I wear at SASS shoots occassionaly. I don't have the skill to post pictures, but I did write it up in a story which appeared in Blade Magazine back in the late 80's or so. The story included pictures of the knives and the x-ray of my crumpled fingers! Knives talk in much the same language as guns do....
  3. No Horse Hair, SASS #77464

    Plate rack in a bucket.

    I bought 2 sets of these targets for my home range. They work great- very lively movement and clang. I shoot them mostly with modern guns-9mm and 45 ACP. Have been giving them a workout with 9mm carbines and have even shot with 30 carbine. They are good stuff!!
  4. No Horse Hair, SASS #77464

    Issues with a 1911

    One of my 1911's has had a similar issue w/230 rn bullets. Don't remember if it was lead or plated, I just quite using 230's. Never liked em anyway.
  5. No Horse Hair, SASS #77464

    WTB Scary Black Gun in 9mm

    I'm shooting a Sig MPX and think it is a well built gun. But........it was big money and came with a crappy trigger! Take a look at Stern Defense MAG AD9 (getstern.com) . They supply a complete upper and mag adapter for a mil spec lower. Guns Magazine reviewed it in July issue.
  6. No Horse Hair, SASS #77464

    Need a Recommendation on hedge trimmer

    Go buy a very large Brahma bull.......put it on one side of bush and tell it not to cross the bush................
  7. No Horse Hair, SASS #77464


    Wilie, Sent you a PM.....If it's not there contact me at [email protected]
  8. No Horse Hair, SASS #77464

    Graduation Photo

    Pocket lint isn't a worry in that carry position..............
  9. No Horse Hair, SASS #77464


    Factory 5- 3/8" barrel w/rammer assembly and wedge screw (no wedge). Factory brass front sight blade. This may be one of my take offs, doesn't look like it's ever been fired. I think this also fits Pietta 1851 frames. Use it as is or make a Snubbie out of it (it's really easy to do!) $80.00 shipped CONUS 44 caliber
  10. No Horse Hair, SASS #77464


    I had to go thru the hoops to get a M1Carbine rebarreled by the CMP. I joined the Garand Collector Club. I've kept the subscription up even though I don't own a Garand. It's good reading and I've learned a lot. But if you are weak don't subscribe!
  11. No Horse Hair, SASS #77464

    NRA Ponderings

    I agree with UB, they're the best thing we've got going and have probably saved us from losing most or all of our gun rights. But don't overlook your state rifle/gun associations also. Illinois has a very active ILLINOIS RIFLE ASSOCIATION, and I think they were very effective in our gaining Conceal Carry. They see some of my money... For what my opinion is worth, I would feel guilty if I only owned one gun and didn't at least give a little support to the NRA.
  12. No Horse Hair, SASS #77464

    Non SASS - AR-15 kit includes Colt Expanse upper - $350 + shipping

    Agreed! Sent you PM
  13. Shootist, I'll get a MO out to you Monday.   Kent Harrison  PO Box 421, Mt. Carmel, Il 62863

    Thanks, NO HORSE HAIR

  14. No Horse Hair, SASS #77464

    Non SASS - AR-15 kit includes Colt Expanse upper - $350 + shipping

    Shootist, Assuming -it is .223 caliber and that the bolt is included, I WILL TAKE IT....No Horse Hair
  15. Horse Hair is 45 00 the price for all of them, if it is I will take them.where have you been lately?I ask some of you Pards (one) they said you were ducking me to get you confidence back. Cman

    1. No Horse Hair, SASS #77464

      No Horse Hair, SASS #77464

      I was called away to investigate graft and  corruption concerning Veterans affairs....your name came up....


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