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  1. No Horse Hair, SASS #77464

    FS Galco 1911 "Jackass" shoulder holster rig SOLD PENDING FUNDS

    I'll take it. PM the details,,,,No Horse Hair
  2. No Horse Hair, SASS #77464

    Richards-Mason conversion/transition v. open top

    I would love to add a pair of Open top or RM conversions to my Cowboy shooters. But my hesitation is to the "innards". I have experience with Pietta/Uberti cap guns and also shoot a pair of Pietta cartridge guns . The internal parts of the cap guns are what you expect for the price they sell for, as others have said , they are kit guns and you better keep a few spares. What about the open Top, R-M conversions? Are the inside parts comparable to the '73 colt clone guns? I personally know of a cylinder split on a 45 caliber open top (fired only with cowboy loads).
  3. No Horse Hair, SASS #77464

    FS-Cimarron 72' Open Tops 44's

    Texas Red, Sent you a PM. No Horse Hair
  4. No Horse Hair, SASS #77464

    Pretty knives

    I spent a large part of my life in the oilfield working with service rigs (pulling machines). In a moment of carelessness I got my right hand wrapped up in the scope line as I was pulling It off the drum. The operator was quick to grab the brake and I ended up with mangled fingers. Down the road, the line was wore and removed from the rig. I sent 6' of it to Fred Durio in Louisiana, a custom maker I knew through my hobby/business of selling Randall and other handmade knives. He made up a set of 5 knives using the wire line , which he forge welded into bar stock and into finished blades. Four of them are in a display case above with a foot of the original wire line. The fifth knive is a bowie which I wear at SASS shoots occassionaly. I don't have the skill to post pictures, but I did write it up in a story which appeared in Blade Magazine back in the late 80's or so. The story included pictures of the knives and the x-ray of my crumpled fingers! Knives talk in much the same language as guns do....
  5. No Horse Hair, SASS #77464

    Plate rack in a bucket.

    I bought 2 sets of these targets for my home range. They work great- very lively movement and clang. I shoot them mostly with modern guns-9mm and 45 ACP. Have been giving them a workout with 9mm carbines and have even shot with 30 carbine. They are good stuff!!
  6. No Horse Hair, SASS #77464

    Issues with a 1911

    One of my 1911's has had a similar issue w/230 rn bullets. Don't remember if it was lead or plated, I just quite using 230's. Never liked em anyway.
  7. No Horse Hair, SASS #77464

    WTB Scary Black Gun in 9mm

    I'm shooting a Sig MPX and think it is a well built gun. But........it was big money and came with a crappy trigger! Take a look at Stern Defense MAG AD9 (getstern.com) . They supply a complete upper and mag adapter for a mil spec lower. Guns Magazine reviewed it in July issue.
  8. Shootist, I'll get a MO out to you Monday.   Kent Harrison  PO Box 421, Mt. Carmel, Il 62863

    Thanks, NO HORSE HAIR

  9. Horse Hair is 45 00 the price for all of them, if it is I will take them.where have you been lately?I ask some of you Pards (one) they said you were ducking me to get you confidence back. Cman

    1. No Horse Hair, SASS #77464

      No Horse Hair, SASS #77464

      I was called away to investigate graft and  corruption concerning Veterans affairs....your name came up....

  10. No Horse Hair, SASS #77464

    Pietta C&B Parts

    "I'll take the cylinder". Send details- NO HORSE HAIR
  11. No Horse Hair, SASS #77464

    Dawg's new knee

    I would have like to do some gun trading with tha Dawg before the anathesia wore off!! Hang in there Dawg, I've had both knees done( partials) and I'm still clumsy and can't dance, but I can shoot just as slow and miss just as many.....
  12. No Horse Hair, SASS #77464

    NONN SASS-FN/FAL RIFLES- inch or metric

    Thanks for the replies, now I can study up some. Those DS rifles look like the ultimate of the type. I actually owned an FN/FAL for a brief while, but only shot it a little. Also had some HK 91's- sold the last one like new in the box for $800.00. Been awhile back....
  13. No Horse Hair, SASS #77464

    NONN SASS-FN/FAL RIFLES- inch or metric

    I've got a little bug started about these rifles. I knew years ago which was most desirable inch or metric, but have forgotten. Can anybody "edjicate" me? And anybody have one to sell or trade off?
  14. No Horse Hair, SASS #77464

    For Sale -- 2nd Generation Colt 1851, Slicked Up & Cap Rake Installed

    Somebody needs this pistola!!!!!!
  15. No Horse Hair, SASS #77464

    For Sale -- 2nd Generation Colt 1851, Slicked Up & Cap Rake Installed


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