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  1. Texas Lizard

    Kitty's last selfie!

    Is that when the dogs get out of the hospital... Texas Lizard
  2. Texas Lizard

    HK .45

    I have the HK 45 Expert...Daughter gave it to me as a birthday present a few years back...I enjoy it... Texas Lizard
  3. Texas Lizard

    Tragedy in Kentucky

    It's only bourbon...Why worry... Texas Lizard Only one day if we have too....
  4. Texas Lizard

    Cooking 101 - For us guys.

    First problem it was a he...Should have been a she....Better lessons...In everything....Much nicer feeling after... Texas Lizard
  5. Texas Lizard

    Cooking 101 - For us guys.

    I think you all have it wrong...A phone book and telephone...And a trash can for the left overs... Texas Lizard
  6. Texas Lizard


    If you can make it to Colorado, I'm sure they have many different brands.... Texas Lizard
  7. Texas Lizard

    Mystery Item

    Kinda target you hang up on front door....Inside, so daughters dates know what you can do...Under it "25 yards moving target"...
  8. Texas Lizard

    I must not be a good conductor

    I bet the next posting will be about the fire department and how well they do there job... Texas Lizard
  9. Texas Lizard

    Baby Kitties

    Unless you are Chinese...They anything is eatable with right seasoning... Texas Lizard
  10. Texas Lizard

    Issues with a 1911

    You may done it or some has said something...Have you checked inside the grip where the magazines slide into...Any burrs or bumps to hang it up??? I say this from a trouble shooting stand point...If may different magazines do the same thing, then I'm lead back the 1911...The common factor.. No practice or gun smithing back ground...Just my electronics back ground coming into play...Trouble shot and look for the common factor... Texas Lizard It will be interesting to see where it ends up as the problem...Might be a good training tool for the next person with the same problem...
  11. Texas Lizard

    Baby Kitties

    Kinda like kids...Fun to watch at early years...Then they grow up...The money in your wallet goes bye bye faster...The car run out of gas sooner...And the food bill is higher...Glad mine moved out... Texas Lizard
  12. Texas Lizard

    Baby Kitties

    I'm thrilled to have them. I've never had kittens. Was it painful??? Texas Lizard Had them when growing up...They are fun to watch...
  13. Texas Lizard

    Words Being Used Today

    The use of some words today in the news by some people...I thought those words were used in locker rooms or private talk...Most of the time done quietly...Today it seems some use them any where and any time...Have some sunk that low in the use of the words...What has changed...Was I taught differently...Maybe some were never taught... Texas Lizard
  14. Texas Lizard

    The Pig War of 1859

    Bet it was a McCoys pig.... Texas Lizard

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