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  1. Search for Texas bomber ends.

    Depends on how many pieces.... Texas Lizard
  2. school shooting shooter dead

    I have heard this also...But someone did engage him...Which ever way it comes out, it was stopped... Texas Lizard
  3. 1860 grips on SAA

    Same here...Just feels better... Texas Lizard
  4. ICE

    I drove on something like that once...It can scare the XXXX out of you... Texas Lizard
  5. Help me identify

    I see you have your beer can in hand...I hope you know the lady you are jumping with?? Texas Lizard
  6. Shotgun Round Count

    Whether we shoot 4 or 6, I'm in still at the bottom...Can be a lot of extra time or whole bunch of extra time...Still bottom 1%...But you know I'm still having fun... Texas Lizard
  7. SPF Original 1887 10 Gauge with Drop Two.

    Send me that info...I want impressive flames!....Sounds like something for night shoots...Or a whole lot of smoke to upset the the counters.... Texas Lizard
  8. Sometimes it gets lonely some weekends. :-(

    Think I will stay with a cup of coffee and hug from 3 year old grand daughter...Hugs are mostly when she wanting something...Then it's luby duby time...Knows how to butter me up for what she wants...Just a sucker I guess...But how do you turn down a 3 year old...A good hug goes a long way... Texas Lizard
  9. California...Just Enjoy this One

    That's kinda what I remember driving or riding with parents going Texas...Get into the state and spend the next day or two trying ge threw it or out... Texas Lizard Dad was born and raised in Crosby, Texas...
  10. Do you think these will be SASS legal

    I like the other meaning better...And looks a whole lot nicer... Texas Lizard
  11. SPF Original 1887 10 Gauge with Drop Two.

    Thank you...You saved me some money... Texas Lizard
  12. SPF Original 1887 10 Gauge with Drop Two.

    Started with two...They breed... Texas Lizard
  13. SPF Original 1887 10 Gauge with Drop Two.

    If I cut the gray hairs on this old soul, I would be bald... Texas Lizard
  14. SPF Original 1887 10 Gauge with Drop Two.

    If I did not have 5 1901s already I could think about it...Only looking... Texas Lizard
  15. California...Just Enjoy this One

    They also have rope... and Maybe a tall tree... Texas Lizard