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  1. Do you mean, do we still have guns in Canada?  If that's what your asking, of course we do.  I can order a long gun or a handgun on the internet.  It's in my hands within 2 days by courier or 4 or 5 days by mail.  Handguns must be registered and can be done over the phone with the Provincial Firearms Officer's office.  Legal long guns have no restrictions and I can have one or more in my truck any time as long as it is unloaded. 


    To sell a long gun by mail, all that is required of the seller is that you have to verify that the buyer has a firearms license and, that is done by calling the Firearms Office to verify that the buyer has a valid one. 


    If you are buying or selling a long gun face to face the buyer just has to show the seller his/her Firearms License and the deal is done.  The only difference between Canada and the U.S. is that we cannot carry handguns, except to and from a range, gunsmith, gun show or a border crossing but, then, we don't have the crime rate that you do in the U.S.  I'm not afraid to walk anywhere in Canada unarmed.


    I can walk into Cabelas and walk out with more than one long gun or  registered handguns within 15/20 minutes (can't do that in California).


    Is that what you were asking? 

  2. S&W 45 Colt Mountain Gun Blued

    Thought about it...But my state is not to happy with that one.... Texas Lizard
  3. Do you wear stickers?

    Every time my grand daughter comes by...If she has new ones I'm wearing them.... Texas Lizard
  4. Free cats ain't cheap...

    "Free Cats Ain't Cheap." Of course they are....Just flatten them out and use a throw rugs...Nice and fury for them cold mornings... TL I might be dead meat...
  5. The future of SASS?

    Do you have anything left to put one on??? Texas Lizard
  6. Fire in the OC update Tuesday Evening

    Just got a phone call saying many roads are reopening...Not all, but enough for those that need to check out there homes... TL
  7. Fire in the OC update Tuesday Evening

    For those of us in Orange County area here in California...Keep an eye out for the fire....Starting to spread out and getting somewhat close to my area...If it hits here it has gone threw a lot of homes...Just smokey for now...All depends on the wind...If it shifts, I'm going remote and gone...Also taking black powder with me... Texas Lizard Winds shifted blowing smoke out of my area...At this time not sure if Santa Ana winds are coming back...Still a good size fire, just not coming my way...At this time...

    Yes there is...Make revolvers for left handed people... TL Could be waiting a long time...A very long time...

    Anyone that has gotten one...Are they better or easier to use?? Or do the local items work as well with some work on them?? Does it come down to practice... Texas Lizard And still learning on what works best for me...Biggest problem is left handed...And the right does work as well as it use to...
  10. Does Texas have its own time zone?

    Who cares...It's five o'clock somewhere... TL
  11. What do y'all think about this bump stock business?

    Outlaw them and a 3-D printer can make in hours...People are inventive...There will always be something out there...It's just the way we are... TL
  12. Black Powder shooters

    If you use a little dab at a time you could guide them right where want them... Texas Lizard Hope you knee caps aren't ticklish...
  13. Black Powder shooters

    If you shave the legs or higher...Use only on legs...Be aware, it might encourage someone.... Texas Lizard
  14. I got one damn brilliant idear

    My bank will send a check...Other wise everything 1s and 0s (digital)...Just do the odd ball stuff by my check book.... TL
  15. Retiring my Starline brass

    And a whole lot more...Can't even get that much out of my wife or girl friends.... TL