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  1. Texas Lizard

    Baby, Just GO Outside

    You can have it.... Texas Lizard
  2. Texas Lizard


    Maybe a difference of opinion...And yes I remember that gun...One on each... Texas Lizard
  3. Texas Lizard

    Daughter Is driving to Seattle need advice

    Here in California watch arrival times going into some of the bigger cities...Depending on time of day they can be a mess to get threw... Texas Lizard Have good trip and be safe... Coming into California...Fill up with gas first....It is not cheap...
  4. Texas Lizard

    3.7 cm Revolver Kannone

    They can call it what ever they want...I still would not like to be hit by one....Could ruin your whole day... Texas Lizard
  5. https://www.foxnews.com/us/santa-takes-a-knee-to-thanks-wwii-veteran-for-his-service-in-heartwarming-viral-photo Texas Lizard
  6. Texas Lizard

    Torrential Rains

    An extra water damn for the farmers would nice...But someone wants to save some snails or gold fish somewhere... Texas Lizard
  7. Texas Lizard

    Gun parts

    Would you do a study on this and let us know if you have had problems...Say a 30 or 60 days study and keep good notes...This good be very important study...I for one would like to know how many times they jump out and try to shoot you....Don't forget to put some ammo boxes in there too... Texas Lizard
  8. Texas Lizard

    12 Gauge Brass Shotshells - NEW - SOLD

    You are not the only one learning off this thread...I too are picking up some great ideas and learning... Texas Lizard
  9. Texas Lizard

    Riddle me this

    I am sure glad I stayed out of this one.... Texas Lizard
  10. Texas Lizard


    It will be there in the morning just waiting for you... Texas Lizard
  11. Texas Lizard


    You need a back up...It is waiting for you... Texas Lizard
  12. Texas Lizard

    Your Birds

    Never had or no longer have... Texas Lizard
  13. Texas Lizard

    12 Gauge Brass Shotshells - NEW - SOLD

    Did you put in a primer?? Texas Lizard
  14. Texas Lizard

    Black Velvet

    Thanks I will remember that... Texas Lizard
  15. Texas Lizard

    Black Velvet

    Yes the drinking kind...Was at the base doing monthly shopping over the weekend...Stopped by the package store to replace a dry bottle of Black Velvet...The store clerk got the bottle for me and ran it and the beer to my truck...I did not want to break anything...When I got home I was checking the bottle and discovered that it was plastic...When did they start putting booze in plastic bottles??? Am I behind the times.... Texas Lizard

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