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  1. Texas Lizard

    Praise for BP shooter

    If it is a double...A little longer if not... Texas Lizard
  2. Texas Lizard

    Non SASS H&k USP 40

    Doing any trading??? Texas Lizard
  3. Give it a ride...Someone must need this very nice set up...I would, just plane running out of room... Texas Lizard
  4. Texas Lizard

    For those with more money than sense...

    If you can eat that stuff you are better man than me... Texas Lizard
  5. Texas Lizard

    For those with more money than sense...

    How soon are you going to put in your bid?? Or doing the buy now...Keep us informed how it shoots... Texas Lizard
  6. What about old model Ruger 45s???? Texas Lizard These thing look like SS...Might be better to keep them in case of another over wet period...Pull them out of the water rise and dry and be ready to use...
  7. Texas Lizard

    Every time I want out.

    You could always buy two more...That might help....Or get four more and get a nice girl to load them for you...Then you would always ready to go... Texas Lizard
  8. Texas Lizard

    Ruger GP100 10mm

    I still have a hard time with use of moon clip in a revolver...It seems very slow reload and lost of trouble...But that is me...Am I missing something??? Texas Lizard
  9. Texas Lizard

    Concealed Carry - I Think He's Doing It Wrong

    As long as he does not grab it wrong...Could end up with small mistake... Texas Lizard
  10. Texas Lizard

    Mexican Jugs

    Well they looked good... Sure fit the title of the thread... Texas Lizard
  11. Texas Lizard

    So guys aren't the only ones...

    Sure glad she wasn't counting in pairs...She be off... Texas Lizard
  12. Texas Lizard

    For my Aussie Pards

    Must be still looking to find it... Texas Lizard
  13. Texas Lizard

    Gonna be at EMF from Pietta

    They do look nice...And just a 30 minutes or less drive down the road...Too close, I buy to much... Texas Lizard
  14. Texas Lizard

    Rained out

    Check the rain forest...I think they got most of it... Texas Lizard
  15. Texas Lizard

    WTB 45-60 stuff, including an 1876 carbine

    Made a score on gunbroker a while back...Might, if I can where I put them, be able let go of about 100 rounds...But that is about it...Like you want to keep some for me...Got three lever gun rifles...45-60, 45-70, and a 45-90...Plus some single shots... Texas Lizard

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