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  1. Von Dutch, SASS # 7995

    Pioneer Coil mainspring conversion

    Boogies is not just a coilspring set up, you have to buy his hammer too!
  2. Von Dutch, SASS # 7995


    the way I do mine is a 15 min. soak in a bowl of boiling water, you can go longer than 15 min. and it does not hurt.
  3. Von Dutch, SASS # 7995

    Pioneer Coil mainspring conversion

    The Pionner Gun Works Coil mainspring conversion kit, If you have installed this kit what do you think? was it worth the money ? V.D.
  4. Von Dutch, SASS # 7995

    39 Marlin hammer spring

    Wolff Springs
  5. Von Dutch, SASS # 7995

    39 Matlin hammer spring

    Wolff Springs
  6. Von Dutch, SASS # 7995

    WTB RCBS 5-10 scale

    I have a Friend looking for a old RCBS 5-10 scale in good cond. Thanks for looking
  7. Von Dutch, SASS # 7995

    Loads for C45S

    I load the C 45 S with 3.0 gr Clays, Fed primer and a 165 gr Bear Creek RN bullet and a Lee Factory Crimp Die Heavy Crimp, it chronographs at 480fps average I use it in pistol only
  8. Von Dutch, SASS # 7995

    SKB help needed

    That's a great price for the springs if they are good, the new stock springs from SKB are $40.00 EA. Do you send instructions so he can install him self? V.D.
  9. Von Dutch, SASS # 7995

    SKB help needed

    Sounds like a hammer spring, and they are kind of a pain to install Colt McAlister I think is close to your area don't know if he still works on SKBs he's good, or Call Johnny He will take care of you! V.D.
  10. Von Dutch, SASS # 7995

    Anyone having issues reloading the "NEW" Remington Hulls ????

    The STS hulls Don't all have the same OAL either !
  11. Von Dutch, SASS # 7995

    What smokeless powder do you prefer for 45-70

    You need a heavy crimp with 5744!
  12. Von Dutch, SASS # 7995

    SASS- The Organization

    Sorry Marauder I did not see the lead part, went back and read your post and it slipped by me. V.D.
  13. Von Dutch, SASS # 7995

    SASS- The Organization

    That is just not true ! A friend of mine had a Ammunition company called Western ammunition service and in 1976 he was selling a 125 gr 357 mag JHP ammo. the bullet was made by Winchester.
  14. Von Dutch, SASS # 7995

    American select

    Long Colt A.Select is $152.00 for 8 # at Phillips but he's not open on Monday if that's who you go with Von Dutch
  15. Von Dutch, SASS # 7995

    MEC now has a metallic press

    RCBS Rock Chucker is still Iron! been loading on mine for over 40 years and RCBS is a great company to deal with. Von Dutch

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