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  1. Von Dutch, SASS # 7995

    WTC Inertial trigger reset

    For the people with a SKB why would you want to slam the butt of the gun on anything? and risk damage and any safety call? all you have to do is push the selector button on the trigger over! I'm right handed so I keep mine on the right barrel first then if it does not switch all I have to do is push the button to the left. My SKB in ten years has only failed to switch one time and that worked great. V.D.
  2. Von Dutch, SASS # 7995

    SASS, The Early Days

    This was my first end of trail, those were great times! I know some of these pards but forgot the names except the cowboy on the bottom left that's Mike Shellhart! There sure were some fun stages back then. Von Dutch
  3. Von Dutch, SASS # 7995

    Does anyone use Bear Creek Bullets?

    I have been using them for more than eighteen years never had a problem I load 32, 38-357, 45acp 45 colt 40 S&W 45-70 and .223
  4. Von Dutch, SASS # 7995

    Gun Cart by Yul Lose for sale

    Thanks Yul for posting the pics, you could not find a better pard than Buck to deal with on his cart,
  5. Von Dutch, SASS # 7995

    Gun Cart by Yul Lose for sale

    Yul built mine Feb. 2010 # 27 they don't only look good they are very well made, they are worth every penny. I have had 2 back surgeries and I have no problems loading or unloading mine. This is a great deal for this cart and you wont be sorry if you buy it, if taken care of it will last you a life time. V.D.
  6. Von Dutch, SASS # 7995

    Stopping rust in a rifle magazine

    After doing this for 25+ years I found this is what worked best for me too!
  7. Von Dutch, SASS # 7995

    Pleasant Surprise at Cabela's

    Hoarder when it comes to reloading is another word for being smart, I got 8 # Winchester AA Lite powder when you could and now its no longer offered to reloaders, and I still have 16#, and when you could not get primers I always had them, so hoarding worked out for me!
  8. Von Dutch, SASS # 7995

    Pioneer Coil mainspring conversion

    Boogies is not just a coilspring set up, you have to buy his hammer too!
  9. Von Dutch, SASS # 7995


    the way I do mine is a 15 min. soak in a bowl of boiling water, you can go longer than 15 min. and it does not hurt.
  10. Von Dutch, SASS # 7995

    Pioneer Coil mainspring conversion

    The Pionner Gun Works Coil mainspring conversion kit, If you have installed this kit what do you think? was it worth the money ? V.D.
  11. Von Dutch, SASS # 7995

    SKB help needed

    That's a great price for the springs if they are good, the new stock springs from SKB are $40.00 EA. Do you send instructions so he can install him self? V.D.
  12. Von Dutch, SASS # 7995

    SKB help needed

    Sounds like a hammer spring, and they are kind of a pain to install Colt McAlister I think is close to your area don't know if he still works on SKBs he's good, or Call Johnny He will take care of you! V.D.
  13. Von Dutch, SASS # 7995

    SASS- The Organization

    Sorry Marauder I did not see the lead part, went back and read your post and it slipped by me. V.D.
  14. Von Dutch, SASS # 7995

    SASS- The Organization

    That is just not true ! A friend of mine had a Ammunition company called Western ammunition service and in 1976 he was selling a 125 gr 357 mag JHP ammo. the bullet was made by Winchester.
  15. Von Dutch, SASS # 7995

    American select

    Long Colt A.Select is $152.00 for 8 # at Phillips but he's not open on Monday if that's who you go with Von Dutch

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