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  1. Marlin 1894

    I saw on the News last week that Remington filed for bankruptcy ! I wonder what that will do to the Marlin line? I just sold a JM 1894 Cowboy 38/357 and still have a JM 1894 Cowboy 45LC that I was going to sell.
  2. Dillon 650XL shaving bullets?

    Call Redding and tell them your problem and tell them your missing that stem ! I have some Redding dies and when I have had contact with them they are as good as Dillon and the others.
  3. Dillon 650XL shaving bullets?

    Who is the Die Maker? it should have come both seating stems, one for round nose and one for wadcutters, Most do!
  4. Dillon 38/357 Dies

    Sold to Michigan Slims Daughter ! Thank you Von Dutch
  5. Dillon 38/357 Dies

    Lower price !
  6. Dillon 38/357 Dies

    These Dies are $67.95 + $ 11.95 Shipping from Dillon!
  7. Dillon 38/357 Dies

    These are new never used in the box, they are not compatible with Square Deal B Asking $ 60.00 shipped SOLD
  8. Coated Bullets?

    I have been shooting SASS for over 22 years and I was loading coated bullets 8 years before that so I don't think they are a gimmick for are game ! Coated is all I use even in some Rifles like 223 45-70 and 30-30 for me I will never go back to lube bullets.
  9. Where to get a titanium firing pin extension for an 1873

    I have one in each of my 73s for about six years now and no problem yet? V.D.
  10. a new ammo head scratcher!

    Did you leave your powder in the hopper? Powder makers say that when you are finished you should put the powder back in the can. powder is affected by moisture in the air and dry air. V.D.
  11. Your best all-around 45 LC load that works for both rifle and handgun??

    For 18 years I have been using Bear Creek 165gr bullet and Clays powder in my 45 colt loads for Rifle and pistol and it has worked great its a minimum load printed in the Hodgdon Cowboy Action Data book for Clays and a Fed. Primer,on the Chrono. its runs 705 FPS Pistol and short rifle is 935 FPS
  12. SKB and light loads

    Well your not the only one that doesn't know what that button is for ! some think you have to slam the butt stock down on something solid to get it to change? at least you had the respect for the SKB not to do that! Von Dutch
  13. SKB and light loads

    Why Did have to open and reload ? you can reset the trigger by pushing the manual barrel select button over to the left barrel if you have it set for the right barrel first. I have practiced doing it but I have been shooting SKBs for about 8 or 9 years and it has only failed one time to set the left barrel ?
  14. Cleaning bores after using poly,moly, or tef use

    Hi Billy Boots, been using and selling Bear Creek bullets for about 18 years and the cleaning procedure is the same, I go till I get a clean patch or slight gray that's the left over moly.
  15. For CLAYS users

    If you aren't sure call Hodgdon they are great, I opened up a new Clays last week and it looks the same as the old one! V.D.