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  1. Church Key, SASS # 33713

    My new toy

    Jim - Whatever you do: "Don't slam the doors." Church Key
  2. Church Key, SASS # 33713

    Reloading 12 guage

    If you get the shells for nothing (aka trash barrel diving on the trap range) it costs me about $5.00 a box to reload with new shot. I now load only STS's and once fired cost 5 to 10 cents each. I've used MEC Jr's, Grabbers and 9000 hydraulics. The Jr's are foolproof and what I recommend for most folks. That said, I currently use a Grabber (2nd one as 1st was a POS). It's usually cheaper in the long run just to buy shells in bulk when they are on sale. That said, I load and shoot 3/4 oz. for CAS/WB, and 7/8 oz. for trap, so I reload. It takes me a day or so to load a 6 month supply of shells with the Grabber, plus lots of foul words. A cookie sheet under the press is your friend. The MEC 9000 GN is the handle-pull model; the 9000 E is designed to use their Automate system which is electronicly-driven. I've never had one, but if I was just starting out and was really serious, its what I'd get, or if I hit the jackpot then a Spolar which is the Ferrari of presses. Had the 9000 hydraulic model, worked great, but took up too much space to use just several times a year. It loaded 4-5 boxes an hour and required extreme concentration. Got real boring after several hours. Church Key
  3. Church Key, SASS # 33713

    SOLD - Robert E. Lee and His High Command DVD Set

    Tis sold. Church Key
  4. This is a mint boxed DVD set prepared by the Great Courses, consisting of 24 lectures by Professor Gary Gallagher of the UVA. I need to start clearing out my DVD collection. It consists of a course guidebook and four DVD's. These cover Lee and then 13 of his generals, many good and some not so. I watched it one time and still have a bunch of different Great Courses to review. Will ship vis USPS flat rate for $25 and accept PayPay, check, MO or whatever. First "I'll take it" gets the package. Church Key
  5. Church Key, SASS # 33713

    TSA Compliant Drivers License

    In my experience getting a passport is much easier than dealing with the DMV. Check with your local library as the one in Martinsburg, WV has a person who handles passport processing including the photos and dealing with the US State Dept. If at all possible, avoid the USPS as they are typical Govt. employees who, in my opinion, could care less about customer service. Church Key
  6. Church Key, SASS # 33713

    TSA Compliant Drivers License

    I learned the name on your birth certificate has to completely match your social security card. I'm a "Jr", however my birth certificate does not say so, even though my fathers name is the same as mine on the certificate. Was told that I'd have to legally change my name. Checked with the court and found out it was a $200 process, would require several court appearances and a $50 ad in my local newspaper. My passport (which states Jr) had expired, so I renewed it for $125. Then got my real ID. The WV DMV is a real PIA, but no illegals will ever get a real ID through them. A passport is a good document to have. Church Key
  7. Church Key, SASS # 33713

    Why do rebates take so damn long?

    Checked on the status of my Blazer rebate. Now 10 to 12 weeks from submission. Expect it as a daylight savings surprise or perhaps by Memorial Day or whenever. Church Key
  8. Church Key, SASS # 33713

    Why do rebates take so damn long?

    Email from Outdoor Promotions for a CCI Blazer 9mm $20 promotion dated 11/20/18. "Allow approx. 8 weeks for reward to ship"; pure BS, never again. Still waiting. I can go to Wally World and get Remington for $16 per 100. After the rebate, the CCI's were $15 per 100. Considering I only shoot about 1K a year of 9mm in carbine matches, the $10 a tear savings is not worth the aggravation of waiting for the rebate. I also don't bother reloading 9mm because its too cheap. Church Key
  9. Church Key, SASS # 33713

    Gun safe combination change

    I have a Zannotti safe (custom made in CO) that started acting funky when closing the dial; called them and they mailed me a tool w/instructions to fix/change the combo. Worked fine. Call the safe manufacturer and explain the matter. They will send you the change tool. Church Key
  10. Church Key, SASS # 33713

    158 to 125 grain bullet

    As mentioned several times above, 2.5 grs. is well bellow the Clays minimum, as Lyman shows 2.9 as a starting load and an OAL of 1.450. I load 3.0 Clays at 1.440. Cody told me to use between 125-158 gr. bullets in my Codymatic 73. Has worked fine for 12 years. Recoil is not noticeable to me. Church Key
  11. Church Key, SASS # 33713

    Dillon 550B Cartridge Spring Question

    Slide it back a bit toward you. It does not need to touch anything with any force. Also rotate it a bit until the case slides in easily. If all else fails, call Dillon. Church Key
  12. Church Key, SASS # 33713

    North Jersey auction to include rare Civil War Gatling gun

    My local gun shop has one of the new Colt models as you enter the store for just $59,999. It's been on sale for a while. Church Key
  13. Church Key, SASS # 33713

    Reloading supplies...

    I think Chief Rick has nailed it. Only difference is I use 125 gr in .38 for everything. I'm lucky to have a full service gun shop several miles from my house that carries plenty of reloading supplies: Fed primers and lots of powder. Have a total of 6 gun shops within an 8 mile radius. Sometimes too tempting! Church Key
  14. Church Key, SASS # 33713

    Dillon Charge Bar w/ Trail Boss

    I load 6.2 grs for my .44 mag on a 550 using the large charge bar. The small one does not work for me. Church Key
  15. Church Key, SASS # 33713

    Blown Guns During SASS Matches?

    One in 19 years - A pard had an ejected .38 shell land in the open port of his 97 (was on table facing up), then boom when loaded and fired. No one was hurt. Church Key

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