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  1. Null N. Void

    New forum member - couple of questions

    I occasionally use a gun cart that I can hide easily while I'm travelling. It's a Northern Tool fold down dolly, a wood box and bungee cords to hold it together. Less than $35 and perfectly serviceable. I have a Rugged Gear cart for most matches, but use the smaller one when I'm travelling as all my shooting stuff is hidden.
  2. Null N. Void

    Sealand shipping container for .22 RF indoor range?

    A ND/AD not going directly to the trap is going to bounce around unpredictably off of the steel. I could come back at you.
  3. Null N. Void

    Pistol Front Sights

    I filed down my Rugers so that they are dead on at 10 yards. This is for knockdowns. For normal stages, I shoot somewhere below center on the targets. It's fuzzy at speed, but that works for me on normal target arrays and being able to zero in on small knockdowns.
  4. Null N. Void


    Three Cut will tell you the only way to go fast is to try and go fast!
  5. Null N. Void

    In need of load advise for 45 acp

    If it's for a 1911 used for WB, any of the published loads are fine. You have to meet the 150 power factor and also reliably cycle the pistol. If it's for 45 ACP used for cowboy in a revolver, let me know and I'll PM you some reduced loads with 160 grain bullets.
  6. Null N. Void

    Baikal shotgun work

    Three Cut in NC. 980-581-6992.
  7. Null N. Void


    My suggestion, YMMV. To get fast requires practice more than anything else. Any shooter in the 20 second range can give you the suggestions you need. Once you get to that point, you can talk it over with other good shooters on the best way to handle a stage. Sometimes it's clear what to do. Other times it's personal preference. Get an app that is dry fire compatible for your phone. You may have to try a couple and work out the adjustments. Then look at the videos available on line. Concentrate on the transitions. The timer will tell the story. The basic way to get faster is doing as many things at once as is possible. You can shoot a pistol, holster, move, stop, un-holster and shoot the other pistol. Or, you can shoot, holster on the move, un-holster on the move and shoot. Then practice with the timer. Set up a basic two move stage (rifle to revolvers to SG, for example) and practice putting the rife down as you move, getting the first revolver out and ready to shoot as you come to the position, putting the first revolver away at the same time the second revolver is coming out, shoot, holster on the move, pull SG shells while moving and have them going into the SG as you pick up the SG at the position. Enjoy!
  8. Null N. Void

    Clay targets for practice sessions?

    Check with your club on variances. My club will allow a variance to shoot steel targets with lower velocity lead bullets. I used the SASS regulations as a basis to shoot steel targets for our board and did not have any issues. If they won't give you a variance, I'd get small paper plates and staple up a bunch and shoot them.
  9. Null N. Void

    Clay targets for practice sessions?

    You can buy small circle AR500 steel targets cheaply from Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Shooting-Target-Single-Bullseye-Metals/dp/B00LTDPDHW/ref=sr_1_28?s=sports-and-fitness&ie=UTF8&qid=1527448438&sr=1-28&keywords=ar500+steel+targets. It's much easier to practice with the steel targets. Some paint will let you know where you're hitting.
  10. Null N. Void

    Winchester 1897 action slide lock gone

    If you have a 97 that you want to dry fire practice, taking the slide lock off makes it much easier. I have taken them off all 4 of my 97's and don't miss them either in practice or in a match. It also allows you to clear a DNF round easily. Just rack it and it's out.
  11. Null N. Void

    2018 Ga State Match

    Enjoyed it! Stages were well written and were fair for every shooter. I'll be back next year!
  12. Null N. Void

    Spotters and the .36

    Just to remind everyone, many of our members are hard of hearing. They are not being lazy. BP shooters also throw up a smoke cloud that make visual sighting of a hit difficult. I've had spotters tell me after, I let them know that a light load is coming, to please get another spotter because they can't hear the hit. With a little communication, we can work it out!
  13. Null N. Void

    Spotters and the .36

    It's always a help to the TO if you point out that you're shooting .36 revolvers. If I know, I can alert the spotters and point out that sometimes the balls hitting in the middle of the target don't make much noise and remind them that if they are not sure, it's a hit. This also applies to some of the .32 revolvers with light loads as well as 38 special short cartridges.
  14. Null N. Void

    Help new shooters, don't hinder them!!

    I had a "safe queen" Rossi '92 that was a great running rifle, just not as fast as a '73. For a new shooter, it's a great starter and I sold it for $400 to a new shooter. I also had some leather that fit and was able to sell it to him at a third of the price of new leather. I also told him that when it was time to move on, selling the Rossi for a down payment on a '73 wouldn't be an issue for me, whether it was next week, or years from now. There's nothing wrong with a Rossi rifle, used Rugers and a Stoger SxS. That's probable the cheapest way to start and is very reliable with a little work.
  15. Null N. Void

    Uberti 1873 rifle Bolt

    Three Cut in NC does this repair. I like having a bolt repaired with a good lower tab. I've had 3 lower tabs break on original bolts and don't trust the original construction for the stress we put on the metal.

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