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  1. Null N. Void

    '97 Ejector Springs

    Deuce Stevens mentioned German made '97 ejector springs in a different post. Where do you get them? How much do they help?
  2. Null N. Void

    WTC- Procedural

    I'll always ask " what did he/she do?" If the answers starts " I think" and absent any other input from the other spotters I'll go with a no call. If I missed something, and more than one spotter clearly saw it and agree, I will call the P. I concentrate on safety, then round count, then everything else. Hitting the first target wrong or the last target wrong are easy calls. Everything else in between is harder, particularly if it's one that has options like it's a round count stage. EVERYBODY IS TRYING TO DO THE BEST THEY CAN!!!!!! TO and spotting are, mentally, the hardest things to do. One thing to consider is that splatter or an edge hit can make two targets move at the same time. I've had spotters see the wrong target move and think there was a hit when I saw the primary hit on the correct target.
  3. Null N. Void

    Missfires mania

    You will always get a deep dent on primers in cartridges that go off. The recoil drives the primer back on the firing pin and will generally leave a good dent. You said the ones that didn't go off had light hits. That would go with a weak hammer spring, a drag, dirt or riding the hammer. You can check the actual hit with a USED primer. ONLY DO THIS WITH AND EXPENDED PRIMER! Pull the anvil out of the inside of the primer using needle nose pliers or a dental pick. Then take a punch an flatten out the dent. Put this primer in a shell and cycle it. You will see exactly how hard the firing pin is by the size of the dent.
  4. Null N. Void

    Finding the holster

    Per the Shooter's handbook, page 17. NOTE: An obvious exception to this rule exists, where the shooter is given the ability to draw and holster revolvers from approved, legal holsters without penalty. Further exception is given when retrieving and returning vertically staged double barrel shotguns without penalty.
  5. Null N. Void


    The "insurance company says you must do this" came up when I was the Secretary/Treasurer of a club. I decided to check the source document as opposed to hearsay. When I went through the policy paragraph by paragraph, there was not a word about you must plant and poke or you can't load on the move. I just suggest that you check the insurance policy. When I checked, there was general liability wording but nothing specific to shooting styles. There actually wasn't much about shooting. Just check what you have. What I found is it wasn't what I assumed. NNV
  6. Null N. Void

    Finding the holster

    If you miss going straight down, you pull it back up and do it again. Holstering a straight hang holster is the one of the exceptions to the 170 rule. You can do it again. Just don't get it away from being vertical to get it in the holster.
  7. Null N. Void

    One legged Ruger trigger spring

    Mine all have one leg and have worked fine for years. NNV
  8. Null N. Void

    Non-SASS Sanctioned Categories at Local Matches?

    For shooters that are short a gun or two, the seasoned shooters around here will offer a gun so that the newcomer can shoot the whole match with the right guns. They usually give them the ammo too. There are not any special categories around here. The only special items are relaxing the dress code when it is very hot and humid. For the match I run, I have a whole spare set of guns and holsters so I can cover any new people that want to shoot.
  9. Null N. Void


    I shot a couple of three gun stages with modern firearms that basically required you to shoot on the move. For me, even though it was the first time with a AR-15, a 9MM cocked on the move, and a race SG cocked on the move, and, it wasn't a problem. If you have good gun handling techniques, they will carry over. It was a bit odd, at first, to move with firearms having a live round in the chamber and the gun cocked, but we've been trained to keep the firearm pointed down range. It wasn't a problem, with those guns, to wait to a target was visible and then move the trigger finger to the target and shoot it. For the plant, then shoot clubs, it not a problem for me. I have the shells in my hand and as you get to the position drop them in on the last step as opposed to dropping them in earlier. Sometimes it's faster for me to drop it in earlier but I can live with a "Plant and Then Shoot" rule so long as I can have my shells in hand as I move. Most times, I wait till a step before the next position. In my opinion, you can have a problem at any time and it's no different on when a SG could be dropped. You can load and drop a SG anywhere. It's how much you practice that determines how fast you can get and how well you handle the SG. It is Action Shooting!
  10. Null N. Void

    Shopping for '97...educate me please!

    Deuce, How much did the German ejector spring help? Where did you get it? Thanks, NNV
  11. Null N. Void


    I remember being at matches where they say you must plant then load. However, I don't remember exactly what the penalties were. It probably varies according to local club rules. I just remember don't do it.
  12. Null N. Void

    Clarifications on dropped rounds

    We have a couple of clubs in the area that have specific local rules that differ from SASS rules. They are usually that you cannot pick a dropped round off the ground and/or you can't load a SG on the move. They do announce them prior to the match so that everyone understands that this is a variation from SASS standard rules. So long as it's covered in the Safety Briefing, I'm OK with it.
  13. Null N. Void

    Finding the holster

    A peek doesn't slow you down. Staring at the holster will slow you down. Missing the holster will really slow you down.
  14. Null N. Void

    Finding the holster

    For Cowboy, get a video of Santa Fe River Stan or Red River Ray and do it the way they do it.
  15. Null N. Void

    J.M.BROWN [ North Carolina ]

    A video of JM shooting a double would be good. It hasn't been seen since I've been shooting!

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