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  1. Null N. Void

    '73 bolt repair?

    Three Cut in North Carolina.
  2. Null N. Void

    Shotgun Primer Hardness

    The Winchesters are flatter across. If the firing pins are a bit off center and the spring tension is lighter, they may not go off with Federals because of the depth in the pocket they have and a bit of an arch in them. My main match SG is a Chichester '97 that throws shells out beautifully but has a slightly off center firing pin strike. It will ignite Winchesters all day, but when I used some Federals, I had about a 20% FTF rate with nothing else changed on the SG. When I went back to Winchester, the problem went away.
  3. Null N. Void

    Missouri Bullet

    I use "bluepress". It's the Dillon discount. Just typing in SASS may also work.
  4. Null N. Void

    IJAFG ( or is it?)

    I tell new shooters you get to play the game the way you want to. If once a month in minimal clothes is your thing, you're welcome to come out. If clothes are your thing, you're welcome to come out. If you like to make smoke and flame, you're welcome to come out. If you want to go fast, and get faster, you're welcome to come out. If you want to shoot every week and take what you get, you're welcome to come out. Any combination of the above is welcome. We're here to have fun, in whatever form that takes. Regardless of how you play the game, enjoying the sport and the people who play it is as important as anything else.
  5. Null N. Void

    Ejection Problem

    My aluminum carrier looks just like this and works fine. Ugly, but works fine!
  6. Null N. Void

    Shooting with tennis elbow?

    When I was new, I overdid the practice. Actually, my tendency is to overdo practice at any time and I have to back off. I've got tendinitis in my right arm and shoulder and left elbow. And let's not talk about my knee and left foot. It's a royal pain to work through. I have a whole stable of wraps and braces. There's a balance between doing enough to keep the sharpness you need vs. having to quit for some time to allow stuff to heal. I've avoided surgery and shots, but at times it's marginal. I don't like backing off of practice, but it's better than the surgery and shots. As you get older, sometimes you just have to take what you can get. It's amazing how fast you can get if you think easy and smooth. If you're working at about 75% of your capability, it generally, from my experience, won't hurt stuff badly you're only a second or two off of your best times. Work with your health care providers to get what you need. Keep coming out, even if it's not as fast as you want. NNV
  7. Null N. Void


    When the OP states a miss on the bonus is a miss, and then the ruling is that it's a procedural, not a miss, there's lots of room to be confused.
  8. Null N. Void


    I avoid this because it always causes problems. It doesn't matter what PWB says, we always get into the discussion on whether it's a miss, a procedural or a miss and a procedural with good reasoning on all sides and it can really slow a stage down. I'll write the stage to put 9 rounds on the first three targets, and, if the shooter chooses, shoot the 10'th round on any of the first 3 targets or on the 4'th target for a bonus. That way, if the shooter doesn't want to engage a hard target for any reason, they can shoot the first three rifle targets. If a shooter gets confused and shoots 10 on 3, it's not a problem. If the Stage Writer wants to force a hard shot, I suggest you do something like 3-3-3-1 and don't say anything about a bonus. It's just 10 rifle shots. If you miss, or hit out of sequence, it's clear what you did.
  9. Null N. Void


    The call from some previous theads, as I remember, will be a miss (10'th shot missed the correct target) and a P for shooting the other rifle targets out of sequence. But, that 10'th shot could hit the pistol targets, hit the ground, hit the berm and it's only a miss. However, if it hits a rifle target, it's a additional P. I think it should only be a miss. The shooter missed the bonus target.
  10. Null N. Void

    Blown Guns During SASS Matches?

    Two out of battery discharges where the rifle round didn't chamber and the shooter was looking down into the action while trying to lever the round into the chamber. One didn't get hurt. The other resulted in a concussion and fall. That's why I tell shooters to put it down if there is a jam or squib. I'd rather give them a re-shoot if the gun was clear than risk an OOB.
  11. Null N. Void

    What’s The Call ?

    No round downrange means you have not started the stage. The shooter can restart. However, after the second squib, there's a safety issue. I'd ask the shooter to get a different lot of ammo or lend him guns and ammo. I'd do whatever I can so that the shooter can finish the stage, but not cause an issue with multiple squibs. NNV
  12. Null N. Void

    Is Cabelas following Dicks sporting goods policy?

    Around here, my aggravation with the Dicks, Cabelas and Gander Mountain is they ask me for my birth date to buy ammunition or a knife. They give a BS explanation that ATF requires them to ask. They may not be able to sell to someone under 21, but there's not an ATF requirement that they ask my birth date. I sure look way over 21. That's personal information they don't need and I don't like them putting it in their computer. I get my firearms, ammunition and reloading supplies from smaller gun stores wherever possible.
  13. Null N. Void

    Interpolation of Velocities is it OK

    If you are looking to get a load for cowboy shooting it should be good enough if you're not pushing either the minimum Power Factor of 60 or the maximum velocity of 1000 feet per second for the pistol or 1400 feet per second for the rifle. Now that we can post loads, you can probably post the caliber/powder/bullet combination and somebody has probably checked the speed and will let you know. Your particular guns will vary, but so long as you are not near the limits, you'll be fine.
  14. Null N. Void

    Stainless steel, zippers, belt loops, etc.

    I'm working on my club to get SASS/Cowboy re-established. The concerns I get are pretty much what the thread from the non SASS group said. I don't want to look silly The rules are stupid It's too expensive. I think, as a group, we can address 1 and 2. 3 is what it is depending on how competitive one wants to be. Go fast people will get the best stuff. Getting in is not that bad. State of the art doubles or triples the expense but the shooter makes that decision. I tell all the new shooters that you play this game the way you want to. If you go fast, go fast. If you go smoky, go smoky. If you want to look cowboy/cowgirl that's great. If you want to wander out, shoot the match at your own pace, come out and join me. The same timer runs on everybody and we all have a good time! In my view, we need to be going after the segment that wants to beat me, Cowboy Junky and Miss Jewel, to name a few. That's the younger shooters that will carry the sport forward. And, we are a sport, that's why we have a timer. I don't care that they look better or more cowboy than me, I want them to try to shoot faster than me. This is a competitive sport. We compete. New shooters shouldn't look at our website or literature and think it's a costume contest. NNV
  15. Null N. Void

    Large Brass sight for Shotgun

    Had the big one, it fell off and got lost, put the smaller one back on and never noticed the difference.
  16. Null N. Void

    Seeing a miss

    Some of the wide impacts on a berm are because the shot went below the target, hit the dirt there and ricocheted unpredictably into the berm. If you are behind the shooter and target, you may not see the ground impact but see the wide berm impact. Because it's wide, doesn't mean it's an edge hit. That's why spotters should spread out. I look for the target to move, a noise off of the target and the impact of the bullet on the target first and miss impact second. If I'm off to to one side, I may not be able to see a miss impact because a prop or the targets hide it. If I get one of the three, that's a hit. I run my ear plugs a bit loose so I can hear impacts better. They are not that loose to damage my hearing and I'm away from the gun. So if I don't hear a clang, don't see the target move or the impact on the target, it's a miss. If it's a light load, I'll be especially attentive. I've been at matches where the ball hit the target dead center and three spotters called a miss. That's not fair to the shooter. When I run the timer, I appreciate that if the shooter has light loads that he/she tell me when they come to the line. That's lets me inform the spotters. As far as hits on the stand, I'll only call that a miss when I see the impact was on the stand. If I hear something but don't see the stand impact, it's a hit. I may think it hit the stand, but if my mind starts the sentence with "I think" it's a hit. If I do see a stand hit, I'll call the miss and say it hit the stand. That's what happened. I'm not insulting the other spotters and if they call it a hit, that's fine with me. NNV
  17. Null N. Void

    Seeing a miss

    If the light is right and the bullet is slow enough, it's clearly visible. It's pretty neat. NNV
  18. Null N. Void

    WTC, Are These Boots Legal?

    I can't find anything that says these are illegal for age related categories. The look similar to Brogans used in the 1800's. http://www.ushist.com/19th-century_mens_boots_shoes.shtml#item8 Null N. Void
  19. Null N. Void

    Staging a long gun vertically.

    Please, stay on topic.
  20. Null N. Void


    I've been following this, and I, as a pretty good competitor, have a problem with a good shooter, or any shooter, not stopping when they have a squib. I haven't had many, but I KNOW when I have a squib. I stop and put the gun down. It's not safe to the other people near the firing line, nor do I want to risk blowing up my firearm three feet in front of my face. When I'm running the timer, if I suspect a squib, I'll scream "squib, put it down." Everybody I've ever timed has a pause if the shot doesn't go off right. That give the timer a brief window to intervene. If the shooter is hard of hearing I'll put a hand on their shooter and repeat. If they persist, it's a MDQ. I've also had a very light powder load which sounded like a squib to me from a shooter bounce along the ground, but did exit the gun. A very good spotter yelled, "It cleared", so I didn't stop the shooter. He did get the miss, but did finish the run. However, if I yelled " Squib, put it down" and the shooter persisted, I would MDQ them. If the firearm is clear after the stage is over, it's a reshoot, probably saving a miss and everbody is safe. NNV
  21. Null N. Void

    Staging a long gun vertically.

    There are some that trap the long gun at waist level with a pad with a raised lip that lean the long gun forward and have a v at the top to trap the barrel. Those I don't mind and can see them being very useful in setting up stages. The one's I don't like are the ones that you have to lean over to put the long gun in and don't trap the barrel so it can't fall over.
  22. Null N. Void

    WTC, Are These Boots Legal?

    Here's a pic of them being worn.
  23. Null N. Void

    WTC, Are These Boots Legal?

    Thank you!
  24. Null N. Void

    WTC, Are These Boots Legal?

    PWB, What do you think? NNV
  25. Null N. Void

    WTC, Are These Boots Legal?

    The boots are casual hiking boots. They are not combat or athletic wear. https://www.ganderoutdoors.com/product/details?pdesc=Columbia-Mens-Waterproof-Bahama-PFG-Boot&i=261287 NNV

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