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  1. You make the call:

    Yes, I’ve had a 92 throw a live round out.
  2. Does SASS Help Keep You Young?

    Yes! I’ve seen some seasoned citizens that can out shoot Pards half their age.
  3. Logan's Ferry Regulators

    Gonna shoot some pumpkin rustlers
  4. 2 sets Ruger Ivorex grips $149

    More garage bench clean up. Two sets of Ruger Ivorex grips for large frame original Ruger Vaquero’s. $149 plus $7.15 Priority Mail shipping, US only. These were made by Lett Custom Grips. They were the grip supplier to Ruger until they closed their doors.
  5. Costume Question

    Looks good to me
  6. NRA Joint Statement relating to recent event in LV

    Folks, it was a stupid play by the NRA. The stocks DO NOT make it a machine gun by BATFE's own definition. This green light by the NRA is bad news. The opposition NEVER keeps their word. BATFE is now going to have to find an expert to negate what was already decided on by a previous BATFE expert. YOU DONT GIVE A MOUSE A COOKIE!!! HE WILL THEN ASK FOR A GLASS OF MILK. I DON'T SEE HOW SOME OF YOU TRUST THE LEFT TO KEEP THEIR WORD. The NRA has let us down and signaled this to the RINO's
  7. Can some lawyer explain this?

    I had an underage drinking citation come to a hearing 12 years after I issued it. The defendant never replied to the citation. When stopped for a traffic violation the warrant was discovered. At the hearing I asked the judge to dismiss the charge. He was now 32 married with kids. I think that getting picked up on a violation he should have delt with 12 years ago was lesson enough. I bet that was an evening of interesting explaining to the wife.
  8. Is there such a law?

    Jerry, George, Elaine, and Cosmo went to jail for not helping.
  9. Congrats: Baby Doll Blue & Hoolican Howes

    Welcome to the fold.
  10. Coyote Cap 1887

    They only come in 12ga
  11. Gunbroker reverses decision to ban Bump Stock auctions

    I just got an email from Gunbroker reversing its decision to ban bump stock listings.
  12. NRA Joint Statement relating to recent event in LV

    Watch them add hi cap mags to the bill
  13. Gunbroker just pulled all Bump fire stock auctions

    Just got an email from Gunbroker. They are pulling all bump fire stock auctions.
  14. What do y'all think about this bump stock business?

    Left will never honor any such “agreement” I’m livid with the NRA for caving.
  15. NRA Joint Statement relating to recent event in LV

    The NRA just gave a mouse a cookie, now he will want a glass of milk. A sad day indeed.