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  1. Thank you Johnny Meadows!

    Johnny lent me his personal SKB when my stock broke at Winter Range a few years ago. Things like that are not forgotten.
  2. New Shotgun

    In PA there are several areas you can only deer hunt with a shotgun, this will fill that niche.
  3. WTB Colt 3rd Gen SAA Barrel

    Call Navy Arms, they bought out a large lot of Colt custom shop parts. They had them at the Great American Outdoor show last week.
  4. WTB No. 3 2nd Model Schofield 45 Colt 3.5” barrel

    If your not stuck on a Schofield, look into an original large frame Sheriff model Vaquero. 3x's the revolver at 2/3 the price.
  5. WTB 1897

    Norinco 97 yes, 93-97 no, WB only
  6. WTB 1897

    Numrich (gunpartscorp) is the seller. It is listed as a Norinco.
  7. WTB 1897

    Numrich on Gunbroker has them for $299
  8. Marlin 1894CB

    Grass Range, Please contact me. I would like to make payment arrangements. thanks, JB
  9. RV Trader? Other options?

    Has anyone used RV Trader so sell your RV? Did it work? Was it worth the fee? Did it sell quickly? Other options? We have quickly out grown our Winnebago 2101DS travel trailer and we want to move up but the Minnie has to sell first. Thanks, JB & Bdoc, and little John
  10. Two Fallen Officers in Ohio

    A sad day for sure.
  11. Navy Arms 1873 ?

    Very good for Cowboy Action, collectible not really, investment no.
  12. Nutria..

  13. Marlin 1894CB

    I’ll take it.
  14. Knife and screw knife set

    Very nice!
  15. crawdads?

    Who knew crayfish would end world hunger.