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  1. John Barleycorn, SASS #76982


    Pm sent
  2. John Barleycorn, SASS #76982

    ISO Winchester 1897 slick and ready

    Check with Outlaw Gambler at Classic Old West Arms. He's a fine man to do business with.
  3. John Barleycorn, SASS #76982

    Very Nice IAC 12 ga. Model 87 Lever Shotgun

    If pp finds out they freeze both accounts for 90 days. You’ll spend hours on the phone pleading with 5 different people trying to get your money out and then close your account. All some buyer has to say is he didn’t get his gun or something else and bam the jig is up.
  4. John Barleycorn, SASS #76982

    WTB Norinco/IAC 97 mystery wood stock

    That would be great! Thanks OG, I sent you an email
  5. John Barleycorn, SASS #76982

    WTB Norinco/IAC 97 mystery wood stock

    I’m looking for a replacement stock for an Norinco 97 don’t need walnut. I was just wondering if any one had a factory take off. They were cheap mystery wood usually dyed red.
  6. John Barleycorn, SASS #76982

    Selling guns at WR

    When did this happen?
  7. John Barleycorn, SASS #76982

    Laser Engraving.

    Chuckaroo’s Laser Engraving
  8. John Barleycorn, SASS #76982

    For Sale: Uberti 1866 (Short Stroked) 45 LC (SPF)

    Are those Vaqueros or Single Sixes?
  9. John Barleycorn, SASS #76982

    Northeast Regional Happening

    Great news! See yinz there.
  10. John Barleycorn, SASS #76982

    Are there guns to avoid

    Taurus Lightning rifle JW-2000 SxS Plinkster .22 Cimarron/Polytech 1897 PW-87
  11. John Barleycorn, SASS #76982

    The Offical 2019 Mason Dixon Stampede Thread

    The Stampede is a great match and looking forward to the new date too.
  12. John Barleycorn, SASS #76982

    SPF Spare Parts Clean Up

    All SOLD 2 Belt Mountain Locking Base Pins fits Ruger Vaquero and New Vaquero: $50 shipped Slick Magic 1894 Sure Claw Extractor with free Mag tube spring and follower: $27 shipped Take them all for $75 shipped
  13. John Barleycorn, SASS #76982


    I have done business with Levi. He is a good Pard to deal with. Knows his USFA’s and 1911’s.
  14. John Barleycorn, SASS #76982

    Question for other LEO's

    I call it a cruiser. I’ve been know to draw a map to the gas station on the squad room dry erase board.
  15. John Barleycorn, SASS #76982

    Two Rifles for sale Uberti 1873 Sharps 1874

    Ill take the 73 if the action work included Long Hunter short stroking work.

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